Performances that just don’t grow old!

So I was just sitting back and thinking about music and moves. These are ones which do not grow old or stale

Fox on The Run- Girlschool

Initially a hit for Glam-rock band Sweet. UK all-women metal band took hold of it and whipped around and around. Now I know videos don’t compare to Live, but there again, you just have to sense this outfit were having a lot of fun doing this, and what’s more just didn’t care. They weren’t pretty-pretty, they played the guys at their own game and rocked. Interspersed with shots from their live act, this just lives and breathes the spirit of a band full of life and vigour. Off the Album Hit & Run 1981.



Candles in The Rain – Melaine

To the uninformed and shallow Melaine had something of a cutsey-lil’ girl with a gee-tar reputation. Which of course was dreng (see ‘Farscape’). This is she, live with the formidable Edwin Hawkins’ singers striding out with a 6+ minute version of this Woodstock anthem. Starts off quite slow(ish) but by 3mins 25 secs she lets it rip and her voice shakes the roof. The most important fact is to bear in mind this was live before a 1970s Dutch audience; back in that time Dutch audiences were selected for being staid and sober (the Dutch had a reputation for it in Europe- the hippies in Amsterdam didn’t count), but take a look at this video towards the end and see she’s got them clapping, swaying (a bit) and smiling. Here’s a performer owning the whole show and 40+ years down the line….. she still does!! 



Rubberband Man – The Spinners

Back in the mid/late 1970s I could grumble at a record at the drop of an empty cigarette packet. However, for some reason I could stand the Spinners (or Detroit Spinners in the UK, on account of our own folk-based Spinners), and this song hung in the back of my memory for many decades and a while back I decided to view it on Youtube. Anndd got it live on a 1970s TV show. Well! this is such a fun song. Philippe Wynne just singing out as clear as spring water and not only are supporting vocalists Bobbie Smith (tenor), Henry Fambrough (baritone), Billy Henderson (tenor/baritone) and Pervis Jackson (bass) bringing in their own wall of sound, but look at those moves! The girls adding the cool layer being the Sigma Sweethearts. The whole just builds up to one glorious joyous interlude; you just have to love the rubberband dance; how they worked that out! This is toe-tapping, head-nodding, sing-a-long time. Happy music at its best



Enjoy folks!


6 thoughts on “Performances that just don’t grow old!

  1. So cool!
    In thinking about your comment regarding Melanie’s performance, I have noticed that European audiences are much more quiet. Is that true in the UK?
    I was watching this video of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” by Yes; the band was really grooving, they were killing it and the audience was largely quiet–barely a sway. Here in the US, that same performance would have have had the audience out of their seats.
    Anyway, Melanie is very soulful so I can see why the Dutch broke with tradition and started moving a bit.
    Oh yeah… Rubberband Man? YAAASSSSS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that European audiences are more lively in these days, though still a few steps behind yourselves. It probably depends on the music. ‘Metallers’ just ‘metal’ away of course. Younger audiences tend to do whatever is fashionable at the time, but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, US audiences just gloriously let go!!
      Rubberband Man? Guaranteed to blow your mind….dam’ straight!! I think it is my favourite music YouTube video. If I was ever in convivial and jolly company that is the one I think I could be persuaded to Karaoke to (bad dance moves though).
      Hope your day goes ok Gwin

      Liked by 1 person

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