Wham!..Bam!!…Rock!!… and… Roll!!…’67 & ’68

Just before  I slipped off into gloomy introspective angst ridden How-Not-To-Attract-Girls-music, Good Fortune and Happenstance sent some of the following my and they have stayed forever.

The Electric Flag

Killing Floor was a Howlin’ Wolf gritty blues song and many were the 1960s bands who could trace their inspiration back to old blues songs. The Electric Flag should have been somewhat immense considering the talent brought together, but the sad old story of egos and substances took them down before their time. This is them at their best  (the opening lines are taken from a speech by ‘LBJ’ at the time of the Vietnam war- never figured out why)


The Chambers Brothers

The Time Has Come Today: OK, like there is, man truly no other so powerful rockin’ sockin’ shakin’ commentary song, like ever man! That tick-tock drumming, singing guitar;  the amazing poetry of the lyrics, shouting out of ‘Time!’ and that final ‘Yyyeah!! C’mon be fair; one listen and I’m 17 again (it was recorded in late 1966, but so what!)


The Good Rats

The Hobo- One of the little known bands which are still out there and blasting . This came out in 1969 and is all about freewheelin’ and runnin’. Listen to this with earphones at full blast, or in your car; like it has to be the best driving song ever!


The MC5

Ramblin’ Rose- Now there are many fine live albums; but there has never been a finer opening wild track on any one them Well the MC5 are fairly well known so you don’t need me to waffle on…..so….brothers and sisters (uncles & aunts too)…..testify!!


The Velvet Underground

White Light/White Heat- Now it was a truth that VU could also rock and roll and get the feet tapping (as well as hand clapping). The title track off of their second album (no Nico or Andy Warhol by the way) (and let’s just talk music and leave out druggy references)




Enjoy folks


3 thoughts on “Wham!..Bam!!…Rock!!… and… Roll!!…’67 & ’68

  1. YAAASSS! “…ego and substance…” Two evils that have ruined many a group.

    Roger, I am loving listening to these jams of yore! LOL!
    I can definitely hear the old blues influence in “The Electric Flags”—Howling Wolf-esque for sure.
    “Time has come..” reminds me a bit of Jimi–just a little bit-LOL! This one is a go to when you want to create an immediate ’60’s vibe.
    “Rambling Rose”…..TESTIFY! LOL!
    “White light/White heat”….Homeboy is talking all slick! Love it!

    Roger, I really like these posts because they are a reminder for some and an introduction to others. I hope you’ll consider posting more like these whenever the urge hits you.
    They are a treasure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to supply good vibes from the 60s Gwin!
      A BBC DJ Alan Freeman who had very wide tastes did a four week visit to the US in 1966 and …Oh my the sounds I was treated to… Chambers Brothers was one of the first; in fact they may have just pre-dated Jimi Hendrix’s first hits; but he’d been playing in other bands for a while, so they may have crossed; not to sure.
      And as you wish dear lady, I will seek out some more of the Not Screamingly Famous bands, or lesser known songs; though I’ll leave the agnsty out. Let’s have Music with Fun!
      See you around tomorrow Gwin.
      All the best

      Liked by 1 person

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