Writing and Reading

Now here are some pearls of wisdom.

Postcard from a Pigeon

Read and write, write and read. These are the only words of advice I would ever offer anyone who wants to write. Read, so you learn how other writers go about telling stories.

Not a day goes by without encountering at least half a dozen blogs offering advice or links to books that will tell you, how to write. These frustrate me so much. Every writer is wracked by self doubt. Believe me, everything written could be written another way because, well, every written thing can be written in a different way.

Start small, learn the basic skill of writing and telling a story. It’s called communicating. Don’t just describe something to a reader, tell it so they can feel it. That’s writing.

The right way is often measured in dollars, pounds, euros, yen, roubles or whatever currency you can imagine. It is measured in readers, too. So people who…

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4 thoughts on “Writing and Reading

  1. This is the advice I give to my own writing students – I tutor kids and college students.
    I write. I just published a short story collection and everyday I read to keep building my experience with words.
    Great post. I’m going to follow you now.

    Liked by 1 person

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