‘Being Awake – Being Free – Being One’ by Tiffany Belle Harper (plus video …)

Read and hold these words close for the next time some ‘well-known’ person makes a crass remark which hurts you

Tiffany Belle Harper

A person of ‘primarily’ ego once said, ‘people who reveal their lives like an open wound want to be famous.’

This is such a cruel and ignorant remark. There are folk all around the world that feel isolated some ‘literally’ incarceration.

If we did not share our true ‘self’ with words, art, imagery etc, what would we have?

That’s what I love about the blogging community. It’s a place to find support, confidence and even new friendships. Life here is very short, we should never fear hiding our inhibitions, dreams, fears and goals. ‘We are one’ and I believe it’s a brave move to open our hearts and contribute our fears, thoughts, hopes and aspirations. During these uncertain times – it’s not about ‘faking’ the reality of how tough life can be with a conceited smugness and bravado.

I know the current state of animal abuse and acts of hatred…

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