I Am Calling THEM Out!!

I don’t know how it is where you live or come from, but the land of my birth, preachers (pregethwr in welsh- sometimes pronounced in South Wales as ‘pre-geth-ar’)  particularly in the Methodists or Baptist churches had a pretty formidable reputation for letting rip upon Injustice and attendant Sins

There are times when you just have to let rip….

2 Dead in Fort Meyers

3 Dead in Baton Rogue

94 Dead in Nice

9 Dead in Munich Bavaria

17 Injured in Ansbach, Bavaria

1 killed 3 Injured in Retulingen, Bavaria

1 priest killed at Mass in Rouen

In Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan they are dying in scores every week.

Hate crime rose in the UK after the EU referendum

Losers arrested in the UK for death and racist threats against MPs

Hate is stalking the lands and in words of an old Credence Clearwater Revival song ‘The Devil is on the Loose’

Well the perpetrators are mostly dead or are being hunted down, and the evidence is that most of them were not stone-cold killers but disturbed and warped by Hate-Mongers. (Oh yeh the losers are moping into court wishing their mummy was with them)

Yes, The Hate-Mongers, those who rage and live off of the hate vibes they can generate from others.

ISIS is beyond redemption; it is locked into its fanatical blinkered view and would only be satisfied when all have bowed to its ideology. It has bought into the War Logic, and the War Logic will consume it, for that is The Logic of War, you start one and it will finish you.

So this is not directed to ISIS or the others who peddle the fanatical ideologies of the nihilistic totalitarians. Maybe higher powers beyond mortals will open their eyes before they are consumed.

No, I’m calling out others, who sit in the democratic arena and fulminate, insulating themselves in a sanctimonious little bubble of self-righteous hypocrisy, who would be outraged at the plain simple assertions you are either forging hate or you are appeasing its smiths.

I am calling out the UK Labour Party:

You have failed to rein in the prejudiced and the blinkered who have been allowed to nurture anti-Semitic views under the fashionable guise of apparently being concerned about Palestinians, as if a jolly little protest march, a holier-than-thou petition or expressions of outrage on Facebook is going to help anyone. You have allowed this to fester. You have failed to control your more fanatical ground soldiers who see any view that is not in line with the current leadership as being targets for abuse. You have allowed the right-wing media to have a field day and reduce the public view of the Labour Party to rabble status. You have let hate loose. Get your troops under control. It’s not the thousands of followers you have to convince, it’s the millions. And MPs, you don’t get off lightly either, you have failed to foster an atmosphere where it is not US vs Them, you’ve played your part inthe regular Labour Party civil war. As a socialist I will tell you this You are on the track of condemning the British people to a perpetual Tory way of doing things and no system in perpetuity is a good system; that’s where stagnation sets in.

I am calling out you Republican Party Chiefs.

Your rabble rousing pseudo-charge sheets against Hilary Clinton might have been sweet music to the incensed and the disaffected, but you have failed to think this through. You are professional politicians; you should know particularly in this year that feelings are a way-beyond fever pitch. Sure Mrs Clinton was irresponsible for using a private server for official business. So why did you not just argue in a simple, calm and sober way, questioning her judgement? Planting seeds of doubt is fair enough tactic. AND please stop going about business deals, like any of you have clean hands? Getting folk wired and burning, is pouring out gasoline into a very hot environment. And how do you think the Clinton supporters might react? Has it occurred to you that there is someone out there tooling up? I tell you you’d better pray no one takes a shot at either Don or Hilary, because I will be holding you as one factor. And don’t try hiding behind Trump, you know he is the amateur, you know he’s the chief barker and you’ve reckoned he has a shot at the White House. If it goes wrong, you are just as culpable. BY all means speak for millions of folk who feel disaffected and let down but harness that in a dignified fashion, take the heat out.

I am calling out France’s National Front.

France is hurting and France is bleeding. And your solution is to turn on 15% of the national population? What you going to do then with 9,000,000 people? Do you really think you can box them in, pack them up and shuffle them off in who knows where? What happens if, say 0.005% decide they will not go quietly (that’s 45,000 by the way), are you ready for that kind of urban war. Have you not seen enough blood and slaughter yet? Are you willing for one more child to lie on a street, dead? By all means say you want a France which is safe, and with a stronger security system and law & order policy; fine I’m with you (Dear reader you don’t want to know about my ideas), but it has to be equal, it has to protect all and deal with all law breakers. Get your thugs under control and sell-out those affiliated groups you know about whose only idea is to go around in mobs and with odds on 10 to 1 in their favour attack women and children.

I am calling out…..

Do I really need to go on?

If you’ve not been mentioned, don’t think I’ve missed you out. I have my list and it is sadly a very long one. Quite frankly I don’t care what is your skin colour, your national affiliation, your social grouping, your orientation, your belief system, your political views, if you have been subscribing to hating any other group, then you had better get ready for The Hells now, because they will come knocking on your door and drag you down!!

Has everyone got the message?





OK, I’ve had my say


17 thoughts on “I Am Calling THEM Out!!

  1. Oh WOW!!!!
    Tell it brother! Call them out! Well said!
    You know, I have been wondering where the clergy is too? Like you said, these were the folks who were at the forefront of injustice.
    Here, in the U.S., Dr. Martin Luther King took on a whole system of bigotry and racism; other clergymen of various denominations followed suit. Well before Dr. King, the Quakers decided that they just couldn’t stand by and accept the institution of slavery. They were well-known abolitionists. Look at what they accomplished!
    I do have to say, as a fellow Roman Catholic, that I appreciate Pope Francis for speaking up; he certainly is speaking up more than old Pope what’s his face–you know–the one who quit 😦
    Excuse me if I offended you or any other Catholic on that one.
    Anyway, Roger, this is a wonderful post! It needed to be said 🙂 and you said it!

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    1. Hi again Gwin (it’s my catch-up time 10:35pm UK time, probably work on for an hour then continue tomorrow)
      Again Thank you.
      It was bad enough people being slaughtered every which way, without the verbal versions- I just blew my stack today.
      Yes the Quakers have a long and noble tradition and while risking their own lives too. Then Dr King…well!!
      That would have been Pope Benedict. I guess we knew more of him in Europe; bit of a stay-at-home. He came to the UK and was well received. But a bit more of a theologian, I think he preferred the quiet bookish life, so he knew when to quit, which is always an admirable quality. But true, not the preacher as John-Paul or Francis (apparently the secret Marxist…lol)
      Thanks again for your comments, after I’d posted it I thought- err…should that be deleted old chap? Feeling better about it now.
      Good night/afternoon.
      More best wishes

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    1. Thanks very much Lennon.
      I was just saying to Gwin, blew my stack today! Too much death, too much anger of the stupid sort.
      Calming down now
      Might watch a bit of Wreck-it-Ralph or an episode of ‘Mom’ before I shuffle off to bed.
      Best wishes to you

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    1. Thanks Lisa.
      I would have preferred to be in a world where I only have to rant about fashion trends, text-speak and such.
      It was either that or snap pencils and rulers in half and I promised my darling girl I would stop doing that.
      Take care

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  2. I love your passion. We need proper dialogue between groups. I like that you call out both sides and not just one. Being of a more conservative nature, I don’t agree with all of your ideas, but I love to discuss them.

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    1. Thank you sincerely
      Your comments mean a great deal to me and prove dialogue is the true and only way.
      Although I am very interested in US politics I try to keep out of voicing opinions as I probably miss out on some of the nuances, though sometimes when the issue cuts across the values we should all share then I find myself drawn in.
      I am always happy to listen to other people explain their views, learn more that way.
      My own side of the political divide came in for the first swipe because they have betrayed the socialist values of comradeship, solidarity and acceptance of all irrespective…I do feel very much betrayed by them.
      To repeat thank you again for stopping by and your comments.
      It would be great to meet and chat and exchange views.
      Best wishes

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      1. You are quite welcome. Dialogue is always welcome and we could always agree to disagree on some issues. We just don’t need to be at each others’ throats because of the disagreement.

        Where I have a problem is when the government forces me to do things that are completely against my principles (like forcing Catholic nuns to pay premiums for birth control). To me, that is unconscionable.

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      2. Quite. There will always be different ways of doing things. No need to think the other way is wrong. There is always more than one way.
        Catholic nuns to pay premiums for birth control? That has my old UK Civil Service instincts screaming ‘What?’ (Back in the 1960s our very senior managers would often warn us that the books we used when referencing our work at UK HM Inspector of Taxes, were for ‘the guidance of the wise and the adherence of the fool’ or ‘use these for advice and all will be well, always following them to the letter is the way to misery’ ).
        Nice to be exchanging views with you.
        Best wishes

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    1. Good choice!
      I take slivers of comfort from having read much military and political history. Actually, there’s nothing new going on here, but the weaponry is more efficient these days (both military and propaganda).
      We keep on hoping and trying to do the opposite of the Hate-Mongers


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