A writer’s reflection

Always bear this in mind folks.
This post says it all


Photo on 02-07-2016 at 19.54To be an author is interesting – for one thing I feel shy with publicity and, for another, you have to get out there to promote, promote and PROMOTE your book. But I don’t want to rub my books in people’s faces. I don’t want that to be the only thing I ever talk about. Often my stories are so personal, I don’t feel the need to discuss the plot and action – for me it takes the magic away. I’ve known some people for years who still don’t know I’ve written books. Why? Because it’s not something I talk about much.

The fact is I simply love writing and see it as a form of therapy, which almost gets me into a hypnotic/meditative state. I simply LOVE it. But do I earn anything from it…hell no. Why? Because people don’t know they are out there. And the one’s that do are like me – quiet…

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6 thoughts on “A writer’s reflection”

  1. My “sediments” exactly. I write for the fun of it, for entertainment, for sharing thoughts and ideas, never with any thought of “making money” from that. The “making money” comes from work, i.e., physical labour. Old fashion, or what, eh?

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