Solar System Exploration – Asteroid Belt and Ceres

The Solar System is a collections of wonders. Simon has been putting together a wealth of information for some time. Here’s an example.

Planet Simon

The asteroid belt is a region that exists between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where a high number of asteroids have settled in their own orbits around the sun. There are hundreds of thousands of asteroids in this region, ranging in size from the dwarf planet Ceres down to a dust particle.

Facts about the Asteroid Belt

Unlike the images of a dense region of rock as shown in science fiction, these asteroids in this region are spaced far apart. If we were to imagine travelling in this region in a spacecraft it would be difficult to hit an object without deliberately aiming for it. The total mass of material in the asteroid belt is estimated to be about 4% of the mass of the moon.

Credit: Wikipedia –

Prominent Objects in the Asteroid Belt

The most prominent objects in this region are Ceres, Vesta, Palla and Hygiea. These…

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