Intolerant of Hate

This is a strange kind of post, I’m not too sure whether it will read like an open letter, an attempt at a mini-lecture or some sort of sermon. You know how it goes, sometimes the words will not let you settle and all you can do is try and organise them into something readable.

Here goes

The Internet and its child Social Media; we can debate the blessings and the curses these have brought, we can even say they have not; it’s simply Humanity doing what its always done only louder and quicker.

One thing they certainly have done, more than travel ever did; they shrank the world. You can now in all but physical proximity belong to a community. And being part of the WordPress community has brought the Orlando massacre closer to me than previous events, particularly as I have been in contact with so many of you and reading of your feelings, fears, angers and concerns. So maybe the event itself by its distance may not be so resonant as it was in the opening hours (as I wrote previously we do compartmentalise to cope), but the emotions from my ‘neighbours’ on WordPress still motivate me. And in case I needed any further reminders gay clubs in at least London were concerned in case there were any copycat attempts, which again shows how our world has shrunk and like other diseases how quickly Hate & Fear of Hate can travel.

In its aftermath memories came back of the countless other episodes of Hate & Ignorance which I encountered and my own visceral response to some incidents. There was a news item, US based Muslim girl in a soccer team banned from wearing a headscarf, so all her team mates wore one too-lovely yeh? Oh the criticism that came in on comments pages. Did yours truly stop for breath? Oh no! I tore into each derogatory comment, for a whole day; I used insults, sarcasm, castigations anything short of profanities, though I deliberately goaded on easy target into that response and mockingly thanked him; eventually the whole lot were gone. Do I feel any better for it?…not really the anger at them is still there. Did I convert anyone?…Well no one likes being insulted and losing out, so no they’d just go off and nurture their frustrated hate. So bit of a hollow victory, because I got caught up in the cycle of Hate. What would have been the right thing to do?….I don’t know, honestly.

This is the problem with Hate, once it starts, the whole business does indeed become contagious and in the febrile atmosphere other aspects breed. To avoid the issue, Denial comes so does Isolation: ‘nothing to do with me/us…let someone else sort it out, don’t want to know’. Fear of the Hate leads to compliance, masking it as ‘understanding’. And the complex one, whereby someone will deny those bringing The Hate are at fault and someone else is to blame, and it’s alright to hate that target because it’s a fashionably acceptable one. Of course The Haters are having their own afflictions, Arrogance of a perceived superiority. Nurturing imagined or long passed injustices as if they were yesterdays. There may even be valid causes for complaint, but those have long been subsumed in Hate and no one wants to talk anymore.

On a national or international level, this will eventually lead to War, because that is where Hate is bound to lead. War itself is avoidable, particularly ones based on a government ‘policy’; actually in the post-WWII era these usually fail in their objectives because the nation’s survival is not at stake. But when Hate has been allowed to take hold into the fibre of a nation or a community then the survival issue comes into play and the grim logic of War will have appeared. Think of WWII, the opportunity for avoidance was there along the years, but The Hate grew to arrogance, grew to aggression and no one stopped it, and there it was, and there was no longer any option; survival was at stake. The fearful rules of The Just War took centre-stage. That was WWII. WWIII took place, but only if you were in the armed forces or happened to live in a country that was chosen by opposite sides as a place to have a ‘skirmish’ (that’s sarcasm by the way)

And now we are in WWIV.

I’m afraid so. Conflicts span the globe; often as you know in small sudden ways. Even played out in childish ways; see the antics in the Euro Soccer tournament.

It’s not as simple as old wars. National boundaries do not figure so much as they used to. The modern world allows you to export your war in all sorts of ways. The causes are not that easy to define. Alliances are always fragile things; in this war they are often ephemeral. From an historical point of view, the origins can be arguably traced back to the old 19th Century Empire building era. Maybe some historians in centuries time will say all wars from 1900 to ? were part of one long re-alignment of peoples. One factor is certain Hate is playing its full toxic part.

So, we are all in the front line. What can we do?

We can stem our Hate. We will get angry at the violence. It is understandable. But…Angry is for the moment; Anger can fester. So rein it in, forge your Angry into a determination that you will not go down the same path as the Hate Mongers and feed upon Hate. There may well be a time when you will face a choice, do I support a military/security response to the literal defence of my community? You may find you have been placed in a situation where there is no option. You may have to take up that option with a heavy heart. But never blame a people or a community, only the perpetrators. In this complex communal world, never put everyone in one category. Stand against Hate, Injustice, Ignorance, Prejudice, wherever and whenever you meet it.

Look at it this way, Hate leads to violence, leads to injury leads to death. Children will cry. Take the Hate out your life and maybe a child will not cry tomorrow. That person may look different, dress differently, worship or not worship in ways unusual to you, their politics may be very annoying to you and sexual orientations? (short of child-sex of course). Is your objection to those differences so important to you that you are willing to cause a child to cry?

I’m going to stop now it’s passed the 1100 words; it’s 00:12 in the UK, it’s been 2 hrs in the writing, and I’m all written out.

Over to you folks.


Take care all of you out there.

Best wishes to you and yours.Bereavement-candlethumb





I was all set to write another quirky post, couldn’t make up my mind whether it was about writing or anything buzzing about my head.

Then over the course of our late morning and into early evening the news out of Orlando has been coming in.

Folk out for the night, just having a good time and suddenly Orlando takes its place in the tragic list of places associated with violent ends to innocent lives. One person lost in their  malignant vision of the world, rationalising hatred, giving into the Easy Way of ignorance, letting their own frustrations become a breeding place for a more dread weed. Willing to do the bidding of masters of a  vile distorted outlook.

There is the sobering reflection that this weight of loss is a regular occurrence across the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan; rates often five minutes at the most on the news broadcasts. But, let us be seriously honest, we have a capacity for compartmentalising; it’s the way we cope. Those lands are far away, and there is much violence, so the event is tragic, but we tell ourselves ‘it happens’ and we shift the burden onto to others, because we say, in all innocence ‘What can I do?’ The answer to that is for another post, another place, another time.

Orlando is closer to home, either physically, or culturally. Sitting in the UK, say. It’s easy to envisage a vibrant night-life in a nightclub. Folk out, having fun. Then the shooter arrives and Hell’s gates are opened; One Hundred killed and wounded, add to that number those who were there and escaped injury, then multiply by the number of friends & family, follow on to the emergency responders and their families, consider the shock wave progressing through the city, and ripples spreading out across the land. USA, France, UK, Norway, Spain have all witnessed mass death in this and the previous decade.

And so come the aftershocks. The anger, the hate, the abuse, the accusations. It’s Guns, it’s Race, it’s Religion, it’s a Conspiracy.

And we say “But it’s not my fault!!”

Of course it’s not…. This time, maybe…..

Remember, all of these acts have their roots in The Anger, The Hate, The Ignorance, The Intolerance which we are all prey to, mostly in small and hopefully slightly comic degrees (just listen to yourselves in mid-rant sometimes). These are caustic, corrosive things, and if we are not careful they settle and fester, becoming our new Normal. The world become a narrow place filled with twisted jagged visions, in which there are no hues, no shading; all is livid; a place where there is only the roaring of hate and words are hammered into points to suit loathing.

Guard against this. For know this and know it well; I can tell you how very damn easy it is to slip into the dank fogged pathway that would eventually lead to the type of horror you have read about.

And I’ll cite you a personal experience of late. To repeat; my politics are left-wing; to my American friends the best of way of describing would be ‘Mr Sanders. Nice guy, but a bit too moderate for my tastes’. Anyway; Facebook, I joined a few UK socialist groups. Over the weeks I became aware of no simple didactic objections to opposing views, but sheer vitriolic, profanity-ridden hate. Willing to visit hate? What happened to progressive enlightenment?  It soured me, I am still left-wing, but don’t count me with anyone. Can’t go for all that hate.

And Orlando.To be starkly brutal the perpetrator is dead. So mourn for the innocent dead, injured, survivors and all those affected, help if you are able. And now is the time for Compassion, Respect and Tolerance, they are fragile flowers growing but once established will spread.

And we are writers, commentators, progenitors of the message. Take up your torch, light up the way. The world needs you right now.

God protect you all.



If My Books Shall Die

This simply powerful. Yecheilyah’s eloquent appeal sums up the depth of the heart of Every Writer.

The PBS Blog


I read James Baldwin today

and realized I was carrying his bones

in the crooks of my arms

and realized

that if my books shall die

then I have labored in vain

I have swam through centuries

and ran years in someone else shoes

I have climbed mountains

and crawled under valley’s

only to bleed death

I have wasted my time

carving obsession

into paper

with invisible ink

words fallen like stars

on deaf ears

If my books shall die

then let me not be born

take me back to the safety

of my mother’s womb

the privacy

of not yet existing

if my works

have been in vain

If my books shall die

then I do not wish to live

not on the tops of your shelves

or faced down on kitchen counters

or underneath your children’s beds

honor me

in the palms of your hands

and not standing next to Grandmother’s old picture

in the living room

grandmother is dead

and I do not wish to die

give me my flowers today

and accept the life I offer you

in the form of metaphors

on silver platters

for I am feeding you with silver spoons

and all you got to do is eat

and when I am dead

no longer among the living

crack open a book written by me

and feel my breath on your skin

hear my voice resurrect

from inside an ancient pen

watch my tongue dance

see my lips move

and witness passion soar from beyond the grave

If my books shall die

Then my words did not really contain life

But if my books shall live

What are you waiting for?

Go to your bookshelf

Resurrect me

And carry

My bones

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Writing is All Right

The WordPress Journey.running training

The week, as a term of measurement of 7 days; started on Saturday. Catching up after being away from just three and one-half days; from Saturday PM and finally concluded Tuesday AM. Not continuously you understand; aside from ‘things’ & ‘stuff’ which always occur in Life, there was a sudden burst of unexpected creativity on the re-write of the second review of the second draft of The Book (y’know how it goes).There’s twist though, later on in this post.(Suspense?)  Then there was the reading of all the posts which were coming through on the ‘present day’. Crimmony there is so much activity hereabouts on WordPress.

So, in theory there’s The Book. However, when looking through the blogs. Firstly a great amount of valuable information being shared. There’s a formidable and moving body of poetry. Then I encounter a number of thoughtful commentaries on literature or society, which quite frankly make more sense than the cliché stuff the disconnected professionals produce (I recall one dismissively responding to the rise in anti-social behaviour with a quote from Samuel Johnson…Definitely a WTF interlude). Many bloggers post up honest and courageous accounts of their own difficult lives and remaining positive, an inspiration to us all. A kaleidoscope of challenging and thoughtful posts covering the spiritual (I use a very broad scope there) dimension of life. Humour in all shapes and sizes, some outrageous but since it’s not coming from high profile starry professional the posts just seem so natural.  We have interesting diaries of daily journals or current projects.

And of course, writing. Writing in all manner of forms, styles and genres; mix just those three up and you have combinations enough to challenge in number the over 5,300 known mineral species; over 5,070 of these have been approved by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). (sorry, just unashamed showing off-just ‘cuz I have an audio book on Minerals). Folk along the journey of getting a book into print, others on the next stage of having their work noticed; and all the steps in between. Busy, fascinating country.

So (again), back to The Book. All this leaves me wondering should I continue with The Book, or give up the whole time to The Blog and the reading of Blogs? I’m currently thinking on that. Not so much a question of giving up or ‘moving on’; more a case of taking a side-ways step. And yet, by jimmny should I not be able to do both? Lots of people are. But the Blog world of WordPress is so very interesting.

For the current I will progress along both tracks, because the characters in The Book are nagging away. I shall see how the re-write to the half-way point of The Book goes. The intriguing facet, is I don’t feel torn, distressed, challenged, conflicted or spiffled (that’s my word, all mine!!). After all, at the end of the day; be this blogging or storytelling, the result is the same….Writing. (I might even let some of the characters from the previous novels have their say on various topics in the posts- they been around ten years or so, some of them are very independent)

Writing for writing’s sake…..Thus all is well.

For the first time in my writing life I’m really enjoying The Whole.

Keep on keeping on folks.


Oh My!! Thanks Folks!!!

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Disbelief(why am I not surprised?)


Thanks everyone for stopping by; and through your support and your own contributions making WordPress such a great place to be.

Best wishes All!





Going to visit younger daughter and family for a few days; heading off Cycling_-_Cartoon_2 to places where signals and WFi are variable.

So, will be catching up with everyone probably on the week-end.

Of course the laptop will be coming along, because I can still use WORD Bactrian Camel2

and fantasy epics don’t write themselves oh

Take care all.