Britain to Leave The EU…One Account

Of course it should be no surprise how rehearsed words and intentions of dignity mixed with careful balanced analysis evaporate in the furnace of a reality. We are such folk of emotions. I had been working on a post in an anticipation of the result from this collection of islands’ referendum being to leave The European Union. All fine and noble words concerning respecting the democratic decision and something to do with the torch of destiny being passed to others. All ready to go.

The warning signs this was not going to be accomplished in such a generous style kept appearing last night. No matter what I might have hoped for, after 50+ years of following politics and reading histories, something is bound sink and settle into the thought processes, which will assess and conclude, ignoring optimism and wishes. 10.00 pm and the polls had closed and a nervous edge started within me, not for me staying up and losing my precious sleep just to witness what I was worried might happen. Then on the BBC Radio news a glimmer of encouragement….The £ had had a good day on the markets, which was interpreted as the financial wheelers and dealers had had a sniff the vote was going to be Remain and there I was socialist and constant detractor and disparager of Markets and Financial Trading taking hope from their activities!! Part of me was warning the other part ’Boy! Are you desperate for good news!!’…My cranky old very, very left-wing mind knew that was not a good sign; if I was clutching at such straws then  some other part of me must have worked out the vote was going to go the other way.

Well I resolved to stay up late, if only to ensure I slept. Watched Pixar/Disney’s Cars. When in doubt always go for the All Ages animations; embrace the child within, pretend it will all be right in the end, just like the films.

So sleep was broken and jumbled. About 5.00 am I was in simply doze state, drifting in and out (Now that was good timing on the behalf of my instincts and sub-conscious because it was about then the confirmation of Leave wining had come through). Anyhow, y’know how when you doze, the drifting can lead to half-dreams, I had a little clutch of them, all to do with conversations concerning Leave winning.

At this stage my hands fly up from the keyboard…No folks myself is not a political pundit extraordinaire! If I must have any label, I’ll settle for one of those Old Testament prophets who went about warning folk.

Anyway along came the confirmation of those who voted roughly 51% of the UK population want to leave The EU; 49% want to stay…Leave wins and I feel like…Well nothing dramatic. I can’t recall how I felt; the closest my memory can advise is ‘Dismay’. We shared the news seated on the bed and drinking tea (what else would a brit do in a crisis?), worried what sort of future awaited our children and grandchildren. I posted up a few obligatory unhappy comments on Facebook with like-minded folk (well you have to, don’t you; like it mattered). I wondered how the 25% who didn’t vote were wondering, maybe most of them still didn’t care.

Initially tried to make the best of it. The debate has been poisonous and no matter which way the official of the Leave campaign care to dress it up or which flavoured sugared icing they use, they raised the issue of Race under the guise ‘concerns about immigration’. So I told myself if the vote had gone the other way by that narrow margin, there would have been a very loud minority claiming we were only staying in because ‘they’ ( ie anyone not white & born in this country) had voted for us to stay, and this would lead to abuse and attacks. (There will be those of course but maybe less). Well that kind of sour medicine doesn’t work for long.

I was on supermarket duty today, normally I don’t inflict my voice on anyone, but Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’ kept breaking through, with emphasis on ‘My God! What have I done?’, then there was the very grimly trippy Jefferson Airplane song ‘House At Pooniel Corner’ (strictly hippie 60s stuff), ‘Epitaph’ by King Crimson (doesn’t really age, but  not a laugh by any means) and Dylan’s ‘It’s All Over Now  Baby Blue’. I must have been dirge-ing these quite quietly as no security guard asked me to leave; but they got the job done

710 words in and I’ve not explained why I feel like this…..

That’s for tomorrow folks and a clear head.


A Writer’s Gotta Do What A Writer’s Gotta Do

So the book…. pogo.stick.10

Which is now at its about half-way point and has notched up 66,700 words (well 66,600) is problematic number to reach for such a noteworthy point; there seems to be an either unsettling or more likely pretentious air about announcing such a number.

Anyhows; at this stage which results from a few re-writes one has to ask; should one be progressing any further with this. Of course if completed this will be self-published. So should I, veteran of three previous novels be supplying another possibly skewed work upon the world? Should I supply ammunition for the pompous and mean to huff and puff at and say to all and sundry who have nothing better to do with their time ‘There you are! That is the sort of unsatisfactory stuff, these self-published desperados are inflicting upon us!’ villain (and then they go on in sycophantic tone about Great & Good published authors in the sad hope the aforementioned will notice them, and thus allow them into their blessed circle).

Thus the time has come for me to consider the Beta-Reader path to follow. Which is all well and good, except do folk have the time to good through an entire half-book in one comparatively short sitting when they have works and commitments of their own? Some compromise has to reached


So this is the opportunity for you to release your inner critic, muppet-critics and since I am not looking for an easy let downs, for you to embrace your Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gunner Sargeant Hartman   (yeh go on, indulge yourself!).

Y’see I genuinely need to know if this is worthy pursuit, or should I spend the rest of my days happily blogging and just writing out this for my own amusement and letting the characters run rampant. There is a singularly contented air about this. Let come all manner of comments and criticisms, harsh Picture_of_Thomas_Carlyle

constructive  or encouraging Claim-Your-Victory

puzzled OR  uncertain funny-victorian-era-photos-silly-vintage-photography-9-575132ee985f9__700…… about the whole thing, all are welcome I am at my leisure (last five words stolen from Jane Austen…Mr Bennett ‘Pride & Prejudice’- my darling wife rea ds the books… I watch the films & TV adaptations).

Now this is how I will present the opportunity.

From the 1st July 2016, there will be one-half of a chapter on the blog. (I tried a test-run on this earlier on in the year). Chapters vary between 2,500 – 3,500 words; including introduction & preface. They will turn up on alternative days and I’m guessing the whole exercise will take about 6 – 8 weeks. In all seriousness by the solemn names of Tolkien, Sanderson and Abercrombie, honest and open comments are requested; including those along the lines of WTF? No one is expected to reply within a set time, or even have to follow the whole series; in fact it will be interesting to hear from those who ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ ….’Got Confused’ dog-snow-puzzled-lookOR ……’Had to Re-arrange my socks’. I mean all of that, after all this is whole theme of the site….Me

And for those wo are starting out on the writing journey here is another possible opportunity to learn……How Not To Do It.




Yes, indeed it is possible to be flippantly serious, or even seriously flippant, and all for a good purpose.

I reckon it could be fun

………………….       muttley_laughing_by_sektor8bit-d7fv6sh

The Patchwork Warriors # 1

The Patchwork Warriors #2

The Patchwork Warriors#3

The Patchwork Warriors # 4

Reflections From Arcadia….A Sidewise look at Politics

WARNING: Some of the information you are about to read may appearing disturbing. Some may be fact, some may be opinion and some may be mischief, depending or your perspective You must use your own judgement.Me

Thus it is as always with  green-Parrot        40222B_headon2.jpgs

Now, there are important political processes going on around the world. If however you were to take your reference from the popular media there are only two. Firstly there is the British referendum to decide whether Britain stays in the European Union. Secondly, who will be the next president of the USA. Arguably both will have some influence upon the world in general and everyone seems to be paying attention. Naturally therefore, everyone gets all muddled up and about the terms used and the motivations of various groups; this of course is understandable because we all get easily confused. It is, therefore, thus I wish to lend my own small contribution.Social Graces

This relates to the word ‘Socialism’. I feel it necessary to explain this term, as some people either feel it is an insult, or are applying it to folk who really don’t…err…deserve it (and you can take that either as not deserving an affront to their character, or are not worthy of the credit, depending on where you sit, or stand). Though to be fair it must also be acknowledged there is the question of perspective…

Wake up at the back there!!!Daffy duck

At the commencement of this discourse it is incumbent upon me as a socialist to put at rest the minds of many citizens of the USA. You do not actually have a socialist president, nor is one of the current candidates in the Democrat party a person who gain overwhelming support from the UK socialist movement. Actually, it is a feature of British left-wing politics that at no time does anyone have overwhelming support of the UK socialist movement. To be a prominent figure in the movement you must either be consider a traitor to socialism or a threat to the electability of the Labour Party. Of course one of the features of Socialism is that no one can really agree on what it means. The current UK Labour party purports to be to the left of the political debate, yet there is a strident largish minority who would dispute this, even with its current leader who according to some media outlets is a man whose sole aim in life is the bring down the entire UK.yosemite-sam-vector

With this in mind I shall elaborate and illustrate what a version of true socialism would be. This is also for the benefit of many UK citizens, who have not known of such a system of government unless they are at least in the 50 -60 age group.

In the first instance, the following would be under state control. Utilities, Transport, Education, Health Services, All Law, Security and Penal systems, the entire system of Civic Administration. There would be a large amount of public spending on public projects. (If we were on Social Media I would probably at this stage be accumulating ‘likes’ and approving comments- as no one from the opposing views bothers to read any left-wing ‘pages’; these being considered the preserve of social incorrigibles). Under a true Socialist System (unsettling smile); in addition to there being Civil Rights there would be Civil Responsibilities. Unemployed folk who are claiming state benefits, are healthy and not required for home care work would be allocated to public service jobs (no right of appeal- off you go).  BoatingThere would be stricter laws on gambling emporiums and establishments that sell alcohol (which would have a minimum price). Venues or events which cause a public nuisance by noise and unruly behaviour would be given the choice of being held in a very remote place or shutting down (no right of appeal). Whereas recreational drugs would be legalised, only government control establishments would sell them, and at those sites would they be used; no other alternatives. Media outlets would be ‘encouraged’ to display a more responsible and mature approach in their programming. (At this stage on Social Media my likes would start to disappear and there would be grumblings about Police State, and I would reply with even more mischievous statements referencing Civil Responsibilities.Portrait_of_a_Venetian_Patrician_undated_7947).

Now you see this is a version of Socialism, which I have no problem with, and which is why I smile fondly when I see the term used in the USA political debate. It is also a version of Socialism I like to use to socialists who seem to think the system is all about them being able to do what they want at public expense.

It is also why there was no point in me running Frightened Bunny for any public office.

It is also why I can go around making these statements just for the sheer fun of it.crazy-lime-cartoon-jumping-happy-35166861

(The Law & Order. Crime & Punishment details were left out on my darling wife’s strict instructions- She says people will laugh at my other statements as being typical for someone of my age and time; but my statements on the topics just mentioned will unsettle people).200px-Advokat,_Engelsk_advokatdräkt,_Nordisk_familjebok

In conclusion I trust I have put my friends in the USA at peace over the question of socialism, and as my wife predicted giving my fellow- Brits cause to have a good laugh).

Meanwhile I will sit hereabouts and chuckle over the circumstance that some people will never know if I was serious or not, or maybe which bits were or not, as the case may

On Recovering… (Journey out of Hate)

So I wrote these earlier pieces in the wake of the dreadful event at Orlando, warning about Hate and Intolerance. It would be disingenuous to say I did not feel somewhat satisfied with the posts, thinking my sentiments were set out in an orderly and perceptive way.

Of course working with those issues and ethics, and feeling satisfied was just setting me up for a big plate of Hubris.

Thursday: You will probably know a young, caring and talented British Member of Parliament Jo Cox was horribly slain; if you were anywhere near me on WordPress you will also have heard about the disgusting behaviour of drunken English males masquerading as soccer fans. So from Thursday afternoon to Thursday night I was in a rage; an ugly ready to cause physical damage rage, any weapon would have done, Death Wish, Punisher, Judge Dred that was me I was Judge, Jury and yes Executioner…..

On the whole pretty repulsive…. a small voice in the background saying ‘wrong, wrong, wrong,’ ‘you have become no better’

And the next day the widower of Jo Cox was with dignity saying we must fight against Hate. Just where I had been. Visceral, Red-Mist stuff… wrong, wrong, wrong.

So Friday and today, been making sure I read the tributes to Jo Cox; read that during the election count-off on Thursday night by-election (- a UK event to vote in a Member of Parliament), they stopped the process for 2 minutes in honour of the young woman and when the result was read out there was no cheering on celebration by the winning party. On Monday the UK Parliament is being recalled so that tributes can be paid to her (The last time that happened was after the death of Margaret Thatcher), those gestures of simple humanity humbled me and made me feel better.

Also on Friday and today I went for a long ‘walk’ through WordPress. So much to read. There were tributes to Jo Cox. There were people’s photographs sublime images of nature, touching ones of families. Poems expressing all manner of emotions and observations. Helpful and generous information for the new or faltering writers. Inspirational words for anyone, anywhere and when. Thoughts, fears, hopes and updates on writing progress; joy at finally getting the book ‘out there’. Humorous, thoughtful and sometimes outrageous observations on Life. Challenging art. Much music. Folk sharing information of their interests. All these and in permutations too.

Above all shining through, no Hate, no tirades against other communities, no spite masquerading as humour. Everywhere folk, being generous, vulnerable, optimistic, incisive. Everywhere was the positive.

Best of all were the replies/comments or replies/comments to replies/comments. Kindness, friendliness, fun, sympathy, again sharing.

What more could I need? My Humanity was back. I pray the lesson is learnt by me and I am truly done with Hate…. for good

Thanks folks.

It’s good to be back.

Hold steady

Y’see this is why I do like WordPress.
Read these words folk and take heart

Doorstep Wisdom

You’ve put in a valiant effort. More than you imagined possible. Results haven’t appeared yet, on the outside, anyway. You are stronger than you realized, aren’t you? Continue to gather your fertilizer, tend to your garden. It has been tended to and sown.

Exhaustion has set in. It’s temporary. Don’t worry. Take a breath, or two, and a break. Just as it takes many years for a bamboo tree to grow and appear after it’s been planted; the same is true for your goals. Hopefully sooner than the bamboo! A year, a few months, or maybe even next week. Who knows.

Hold steady, my friend. Keep your head up. Everything will become brighter. In time. Moments move quickly, and the glorious mountains will soon appear.

Have a sweet day, Sandra

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‘You are Your Hero’ by Tiffany Belle Harper

Please read and take to heart.

Tiffany Belle Harper

Can we accept others:

1. For being different
2. Their religious values
3. Having an opinion.

Those who’ve nothing better to do than analyse, judge, criticise and belittle are often the unhappiest. Pity them. For jealousy is a worthless emotion.

Never be afraid to walk away from the negative. There’s always something better for the brave. The less we hate – the more we can love. You are your hero.

Tiffany Belle Harper.

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Why I Write Truth

Another powerful piece from another author who deserves more and more attention

The PBS Blog


Because the world is a violent one

and screaming death a song

so routine is its lyrics

crooked notes twisted

and then dropped

like  lifeless bodies

a glass vase



like fire on the mountain

and no one seems to be

on the run

I write truth

because its better to spill ink

than blood

Last night

I heard angels mourn

their tears fell like hailstones

from the sky

they told me

another person died

I write truth

because light chose not to shine today

the sun looked down

and vowed that it was too dangerous

on the ground

I write truth

because the world is crying out

cause it ain’t safe no more

not like a piece of paper

and black ink

not safe like blue lines

and poetry

I write truth because

Maya ain’t here no more

and somebody’s got to tell that woman

she’s phenomenal

somebody’s got…

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