Britain to Leave The EU…One Account

Of course it should be no surprise how rehearsed words and intentions of dignity mixed with careful balanced analysis evaporate in the furnace of a reality. We are such folk of emotions. I had been working on a post in an anticipation of the result from this collection of islands’ referendum being to leave The European Union. All fine and noble words concerning respecting the democratic decision and something to do with the torch of destiny being passed to others. All ready to go.

The warning signs this was not going to be accomplished in such a generous style kept appearing last night. No matter what I might have hoped for, after 50+ years of following politics and reading histories, something is bound sink and settle into the thought processes, which will assess and conclude, ignoring optimism and wishes. 10.00 pm and the polls had closed and a nervous edge started within me, not for me staying up and losing my precious sleep just to witness what I was worried might happen. Then on the BBC Radio news a glimmer of encouragement….The £ had had a good day on the markets, which was interpreted as the financial wheelers and dealers had had a sniff the vote was going to be Remain and there I was socialist and constant detractor and disparager of Markets and Financial Trading taking hope from their activities!! Part of me was warning the other part ’Boy! Are you desperate for good news!!’…My cranky old very, very left-wing mind knew that was not a good sign; if I was clutching at such straws then  some other part of me must have worked out the vote was going to go the other way.

Well I resolved to stay up late, if only to ensure I slept. Watched Pixar/Disney’s Cars. When in doubt always go for the All Ages animations; embrace the child within, pretend it will all be right in the end, just like the films.

So sleep was broken and jumbled. About 5.00 am I was in simply doze state, drifting in and out (Now that was good timing on the behalf of my instincts and sub-conscious because it was about then the confirmation of Leave wining had come through). Anyhow, y’know how when you doze, the drifting can lead to half-dreams, I had a little clutch of them, all to do with conversations concerning Leave winning.

At this stage my hands fly up from the keyboard…No folks myself is not a political pundit extraordinaire! If I must have any label, I’ll settle for one of those Old Testament prophets who went about warning folk.

Anyway along came the confirmation of those who voted roughly 51% of the UK population want to leave The EU; 49% want to stay…Leave wins and I feel like…Well nothing dramatic. I can’t recall how I felt; the closest my memory can advise is ‘Dismay’. We shared the news seated on the bed and drinking tea (what else would a brit do in a crisis?), worried what sort of future awaited our children and grandchildren. I posted up a few obligatory unhappy comments on Facebook with like-minded folk (well you have to, don’t you; like it mattered). I wondered how the 25% who didn’t vote were wondering, maybe most of them still didn’t care.

Initially tried to make the best of it. The debate has been poisonous and no matter which way the official of the Leave campaign care to dress it up or which flavoured sugared icing they use, they raised the issue of Race under the guise ‘concerns about immigration’. So I told myself if the vote had gone the other way by that narrow margin, there would have been a very loud minority claiming we were only staying in because ‘they’ ( ie anyone not white & born in this country) had voted for us to stay, and this would lead to abuse and attacks. (There will be those of course but maybe less). Well that kind of sour medicine doesn’t work for long.

I was on supermarket duty today, normally I don’t inflict my voice on anyone, but Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’ kept breaking through, with emphasis on ‘My God! What have I done?’, then there was the very grimly trippy Jefferson Airplane song ‘House At Pooniel Corner’ (strictly hippie 60s stuff), ‘Epitaph’ by King Crimson (doesn’t really age, but  not a laugh by any means) and Dylan’s ‘It’s All Over Now  Baby Blue’. I must have been dirge-ing these quite quietly as no security guard asked me to leave; but they got the job done

710 words in and I’ve not explained why I feel like this…..

That’s for tomorrow folks and a clear head.


4 thoughts on “Britain to Leave The EU…One Account

  1. Thank you for this vivid insider glimpse into your life this morning. The minute I got the news, I thought of you and your family and said a little prayer. I look forward to tomorrow’s edition of this post.
    See you then!

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  2. As with all these things, my friend and fellow blogger, a level will be found and the waters will settle. In the meantime, people who had the money, made hay on the chaos by buying short and selling long, quickly, for the purpose of quick, opportunistic profit taking. Meanwhile, of those who’ve voted ‘leave’, some have woken to find themselves treading unknown waters, afraid of drowning; others are saying, hurrah, now we have our country back again but find those who have led them there, curiously absent, in ideas and in person. But there are others who believe they’ve done the right thing, that now someone will sit up and pay notice, that the institution they’ve rejected was not what it was sold to be, but a corporate convenience store; full of cheap, pliant labour, a ready market for their shoddy goods, in debt and scared, needing rules, regulations and restrictions and grateful for their patronage, for the right to survive. And then some just didn’t know what they were doing, like the Brexit leaders, who thought, if the EU wouldn’t let them play, they’d take their ball home and say, ‘fuck it’, without any consideration of the implications of their actions on others.
    All these markets need each other, it is their raison d’etre and if there’s one thing capitalism will not deny itself, it’s a market. The worst fear is the Brexiters have created a scenario that further weakens their position. The UK always sat in the EU, with one foot in, the other out. Now they’re out, outside and excluded in the corridors of that power centre. The analogy of the English football team is now, curiously, apt. Not to detract from Iceland’s achievement, skill and determination but England was defeated as much by its own overbearing arrogance, as much as the strength of the Iceland team. Now, the arrogance of the UK, as a political entity, is seen, with regret, for what it is, the Emperor’s New Clothes. I write this with regret, since the swagger of John Bull has never been a pleasing sight to anyone on its receiving end but there is a British/UK quality that is admirable and that is visible and palpable in the spirit of the Magna Carta, for example that spirit that recognised the value of people as equal and democratic and in need of our mutual care. (Damn, you’ve started me on this crap, again)

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    1. Well said and eloquently put.
      I agree, as with most events, things will eventually settle down; it’s the interlude which will make ‘interesting reading’ in generations ahead which concerns me. So many of Leave see to think there are still embers of ‘John Bull’ around which can be captured and re-ignited. That time is passed, we are back to being a collection of islands off the west coast of Europe with a ‘certain amount’ of influence, no more. The first act of that influence being to send shock waves out across the world for all the wrong reasons.


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