A Writer’s Gotta Do What A Writer’s Gotta Do

So the book…. pogo.stick.10

Which is now at its about half-way point and has notched up 66,700 words (well 66,600) is problematic number to reach for such a noteworthy point; there seems to be an either unsettling or more likely pretentious air about announcing such a number.

Anyhows; at this stage which results from a few re-writes one has to ask; should one be progressing any further with this. Of course if completed this will be self-published. So should I, veteran of three previous novels be supplying another possibly skewed work upon the world? Should I supply ammunition for the pompous and mean to huff and puff at and say to all and sundry who have nothing better to do with their time ‘There you are! That is the sort of unsatisfactory stuff, these self-published desperados are inflicting upon us!’ villain (and then they go on in sycophantic tone about Great & Good published authors in the sad hope the aforementioned will notice them, and thus allow them into their blessed circle).

Thus the time has come for me to consider the Beta-Reader path to follow. Which is all well and good, except do folk have the time to good through an entire half-book in one comparatively short sitting when they have works and commitments of their own? Some compromise has to reached


So this is the opportunity for you to release your inner critic, muppet-critics and since I am not looking for an easy let downs, for you to embrace your Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Gunner Sargeant Hartman   (yeh go on, indulge yourself!).

Y’see I genuinely need to know if this is worthy pursuit, or should I spend the rest of my days happily blogging and just writing out this for my own amusement and letting the characters run rampant. There is a singularly contented air about this. Let come all manner of comments and criticisms, harsh Picture_of_Thomas_Carlyle

constructive  or encouraging Claim-Your-Victory

puzzled OR  uncertain funny-victorian-era-photos-silly-vintage-photography-9-575132ee985f9__700…… about the whole thing, all are welcome I am at my leisure (last five words stolen from Jane Austen…Mr Bennett ‘Pride & Prejudice’- my darling wife rea ds the books… I watch the films & TV adaptations).

Now this is how I will present the opportunity.

From the 1st July 2016, there will be one-half of a chapter on the blog. (I tried a test-run on this earlier on in the year). Chapters vary between 2,500 – 3,500 words; including introduction & preface. They will turn up on alternative days and I’m guessing the whole exercise will take about 6 – 8 weeks. In all seriousness by the solemn names of Tolkien, Sanderson and Abercrombie, honest and open comments are requested; including those along the lines of WTF? No one is expected to reply within a set time, or even have to follow the whole series; in fact it will be interesting to hear from those who ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ ….’Got Confused’ dog-snow-puzzled-lookOR ……’Had to Re-arrange my socks’. I mean all of that, after all this is whole theme of the site….Me

And for those wo are starting out on the writing journey here is another possible opportunity to learn……How Not To Do It.




Yes, indeed it is possible to be flippantly serious, or even seriously flippant, and all for a good purpose.

I reckon it could be fun

………………….       muttley_laughing_by_sektor8bit-d7fv6sh

The Patchwork Warriors # 1

The Patchwork Warriors #2

The Patchwork Warriors#3

The Patchwork Warriors # 4


16 thoughts on “A Writer’s Gotta Do What A Writer’s Gotta Do

      1. You’re welcome, I understand feeling nervous, so am I and my words haven’t been all strung together yet – they are scattered in various files, journals and notebooks. Working on consolidating now! First will be a collection of my poetry. What is the topic of this upcoming book?

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      2. All the very best with your work. My wife writes poetry and is a similar situation to you including the files, journals and notebooks!
        I write in the Fantasy genre; put together three volumes in comic mode; I did everything wrong that could be. This time it’s the same world, but in a slightly more serious tone with attention to a plot (I hope).
        Anyway, strive on!

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  1. You already know that I am going to read whatever you release and I am sure that I will enjoy it.
    That said, I promise to ask questions if I find something confusing or odd or if something doesn’t compute. I’m currently doing this with Ron as he is also writing a book.
    Roger, honestly I think that some (not all) critics are just folks who wish that they had the talent, ability, wherewithal, balls….to do what you have already done.
    In the U.S. we call them haters! LOL!!!!

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    1. Hi Gwin
      We call them lots of things in the UK, none of them I should repeat… (though that colourful phrase US circle jerks-not the band- springs to mind)….tee-hee.
      Anyways, thanks for your affirmation. I will try not to let folk down

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  2. I, too, am excited! And I will be as honest as I can. But don’t expect cruel from me; it’s just not my thing.

    That being said, such a worthy effort on your part deserves a considered response…

    Just one quick thought, though, before we begin. If you’re going to be dividing it up into sections over time, be sure and include links to prior sections for us to go back and review. It’s easier to check things like continuity and such if we can go back and look at previous chapters. And while I love your blog, it might get old lookong through the archives everytime I want to quick check something in a previous chapter…

    Just my hopes and expectations here… 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Audrey.
      Now I must steel myself not to hide under the kitchen table or blame the laptop for not getting it done….
      You know the old Writer’s Angst ( The… ‘arrgh..What was I thinking of when I pressed the Send Button???”- …thing)

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