Reflections From Arcadia….A Sidewise look at Politics

WARNING: Some of the information you are about to read may appearing disturbing. Some may be fact, some may be opinion and some may be mischief, depending or your perspective You must use your own judgement.Me

Thus it is as always with  green-Parrot        40222B_headon2.jpgs

Now, there are important political processes going on around the world. If however you were to take your reference from the popular media there are only two. Firstly there is the British referendum to decide whether Britain stays in the European Union. Secondly, who will be the next president of the USA. Arguably both will have some influence upon the world in general and everyone seems to be paying attention. Naturally therefore, everyone gets all muddled up and about the terms used and the motivations of various groups; this of course is understandable because we all get easily confused. It is, therefore, thus I wish to lend my own small contribution.Social Graces

This relates to the word ‘Socialism’. I feel it necessary to explain this term, as some people either feel it is an insult, or are applying it to folk who really don’t…err…deserve it (and you can take that either as not deserving an affront to their character, or are not worthy of the credit, depending on where you sit, or stand). Though to be fair it must also be acknowledged there is the question of perspective…

Wake up at the back there!!!Daffy duck

At the commencement of this discourse it is incumbent upon me as a socialist to put at rest the minds of many citizens of the USA. You do not actually have a socialist president, nor is one of the current candidates in the Democrat party a person who gain overwhelming support from the UK socialist movement. Actually, it is a feature of British left-wing politics that at no time does anyone have overwhelming support of the UK socialist movement. To be a prominent figure in the movement you must either be consider a traitor to socialism or a threat to the electability of the Labour Party. Of course one of the features of Socialism is that no one can really agree on what it means. The current UK Labour party purports to be to the left of the political debate, yet there is a strident largish minority who would dispute this, even with its current leader who according to some media outlets is a man whose sole aim in life is the bring down the entire UK.yosemite-sam-vector

With this in mind I shall elaborate and illustrate what a version of true socialism would be. This is also for the benefit of many UK citizens, who have not known of such a system of government unless they are at least in the 50 -60 age group.

In the first instance, the following would be under state control. Utilities, Transport, Education, Health Services, All Law, Security and Penal systems, the entire system of Civic Administration. There would be a large amount of public spending on public projects. (If we were on Social Media I would probably at this stage be accumulating ‘likes’ and approving comments- as no one from the opposing views bothers to read any left-wing ‘pages’; these being considered the preserve of social incorrigibles). Under a true Socialist System (unsettling smile); in addition to there being Civil Rights there would be Civil Responsibilities. Unemployed folk who are claiming state benefits, are healthy and not required for home care work would be allocated to public service jobs (no right of appeal- off you go).  BoatingThere would be stricter laws on gambling emporiums and establishments that sell alcohol (which would have a minimum price). Venues or events which cause a public nuisance by noise and unruly behaviour would be given the choice of being held in a very remote place or shutting down (no right of appeal). Whereas recreational drugs would be legalised, only government control establishments would sell them, and at those sites would they be used; no other alternatives. Media outlets would be ‘encouraged’ to display a more responsible and mature approach in their programming. (At this stage on Social Media my likes would start to disappear and there would be grumblings about Police State, and I would reply with even more mischievous statements referencing Civil Responsibilities.Portrait_of_a_Venetian_Patrician_undated_7947).

Now you see this is a version of Socialism, which I have no problem with, and which is why I smile fondly when I see the term used in the USA political debate. It is also a version of Socialism I like to use to socialists who seem to think the system is all about them being able to do what they want at public expense.

It is also why there was no point in me running Frightened Bunny for any public office.

It is also why I can go around making these statements just for the sheer fun of it.crazy-lime-cartoon-jumping-happy-35166861

(The Law & Order. Crime & Punishment details were left out on my darling wife’s strict instructions- She says people will laugh at my other statements as being typical for someone of my age and time; but my statements on the topics just mentioned will unsettle people).200px-Advokat,_Engelsk_advokatdräkt,_Nordisk_familjebok

In conclusion I trust I have put my friends in the USA at peace over the question of socialism, and as my wife predicted giving my fellow- Brits cause to have a good laugh).

Meanwhile I will sit hereabouts and chuckle over the circumstance that some people will never know if I was serious or not, or maybe which bits were or not, as the case may


29 thoughts on “Reflections From Arcadia….A Sidewise look at Politics

  1. Aha! Finally someone who can accurately explain what socialism is and what it is not! As you mentioned, that term is often misapplied to any and all Democrats ; but it was plastered to President Obama when he introduced America to Universal Healthcare; which I support.

    Sadly, a lot of Republican state governors who branded him a commie, pinko socialist—whatever the hell that is—in an act of rebellion–decided not to accept federal funds that would have extended Medicaid for the poorest folks. To make matters worse or just plain crazy, the people who would have benefited the most are the ones who keep voting for governors who do not have their best interest at heart. Makes a lot of sense huh?

    Now, we have a subset of the population who need health insurance but can’t afford to get it because the people that they voted for, to spite Obama, refuse to allow it! Kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Geez…I could go on for days but I’ll spare you Roger! LOL!

    Thanks for schooling us my friend! It is sorely needed! Wonderful job!

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    1. Hi Gwin
      Thanks, part of that as you might guess was tongue in cheek, mostly a ‘nudge’ at my fellow socialists who are so deadly serious about their own notions and in consequence as abusive and narrow-minded (and sometimes as hateful) as their partners in crime on ‘The Right’.
      I try to avoid being critical of the general political scene in The US as things are so very different, but there are two things which annoy me.
      1. Health Care, yes I agree with you 100%. Health care should be available to people of all circumstances; in fact it should be a right. Contrary to some belief in the US, the British system does not dictate when, where and how you can be treated anymore than any other system of medical care. The NHS (National Health System) is very much sacred in the UK, and one of our pass times is to complain about how it’s not as good as it used to be.
      2. What’s with these millionaire grandstanding folk on Capitol Hill holding up budgets AND putting ordinary folks’ jobs/ welfare at risk, just to score points; talk about irresponsible, callous and ….profanities….
      Lovely to be talking with you again.
      Take care…
      Speak with you soon…..

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      1. Hi Roger,
        Thanks for your thoughtful response.
        I’m sure that your fellow Socialists got your point! How could they not? It was very clearly stated even if it was tongue in cheek 🙂 Also, I appreciate your stance of not wanting to dog the US political scene. But let me tell you, I don’t mind doing it for you. So hold on tight while I address your annoyances. LOL!!!!
        As you know, I live in the Southern US and I have actually had discussions with poor folks who have been duped by conservative Republicans into thinking that the health of the federal budget should take priority to their own personal health. In other words, they say things like, “Obama is spending too much money on health care; we can’t afford it.” At that point, I know to end the conversation because I’m not going to get anywhere with them. I’ll never be able to convince them that we can afford it–especially if we re-prioritized the way we spend money.
        Every now and then I toy with the idea of posting a copy of the U.S. Budget on my site to show people where all of the money really goes. I see myself highlighting the line item for corporate subsidies. Of course the military, Medicare and Social Security take up a nice chunk too. Contrary to popular belief, other entitlement programs like Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families account for a relatively small portion of all of the money that is spent.
        Anyway, your second point is spellbinding. I mean, in what world, is it ethical to hold up the budget to make a political point? Ah, but , as you know, you’ll have to take that up with our dear friend (and I don’t mean a word of that) Ted Cruz. Some US citizens were all for ‘sticking it to the government’ until they realized how much they rely on the government. They made no connection between the government and their Social Security check! “Oh wait, you mean I’m not going to get my check?”
        Roger, I have really tried to be quiet about this stuff but it’s all beginning to border on lunacy! I promised that I will now step down from the soapbox!

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      2. You go for it Gwin!
        We’ve had this sort of ‘stuff’ (polite word) from our own political right for years. They are much fond of quoting figures too, to suit their argument, but the poor stay poor, and the rich turn up and social events looking fancy.
        “Stick it to the government”. Yes I’ve heard similar arguments in the UK, and resultant cries of woe.
        As for Mr Cruz, he is the only man I came across in the nominations that seemed a worse alternative than Mr Trump.
        Stay on your soapbox Gwin!
        (Ever read George Orwell’s 1984?- forget the telescreen bit, our governments would try and do it on the cheap and the things would break down- I’m talking about the manipulations of facts and figures)

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      3. LOL!!!
        Cruz–I just cannot with him!
        I love George Orwell. My favorite was “Animal Farm.” When the pigs started justifying the reasons for their superiority! Priceless! Then when they lied about sending ‘Boxer’ to a Vet for care but they really sent him to a glue boiler! When I first read that at 17 I literally choked with laughter. All of this is so reminiscent of what’s happening now.
        Strangely, I never read 1984–I know, shame on me! But now that you have suggested it, I will!
        Thank you so much for tolerating me Roger.

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      4. Tolerate?? Oh pish dear lady!! (Best Brit-speak). I do enjoy reading your accounts and opinions…what is there not to like?
        Yeh 1984 is very salutary.
        The one part I’m fond of using is where the central character Winston Smith officially comes across a piece of paper which says the chocolate ration is now 75 grms; then hears an official announcement that thanks to Big Brother’s careful planning the chocolate ration is being “increased” to 50 grms; he puzzles over which bit is right while his colleagues is so happy for his children over this good news.
        Sound familiar?
        Keep up your good work

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      5. It absolutely sounds familiar!!
        LOL!!! Thank you so much. You are so kind.
        And based on this excerpt I will enjoy reading ‘1984.’
        ‘Oh pish dear lady’—Love it–I’m going to add that one into my own personal lexicon! LOL!
        Enjoy the remainder of your evening Roger!

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      6. Glad to have brought LOLs!…It was a good evening we watched another soccer match in the European Championship (tight match Ireland won..Yess!!) Today is the big day…Voting to stay or not to stay in Europe…will keep you posted.
        Best wishes for the day

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      7. Oh, you gave me lots of laughs.
        On a different note, I have been paying the Brexit issue a lot more attention lately and I saw that the vote takes place today. I learned that if you guys leave there will be a huge global impact as England will have to renegotiate all of it’s own foreign trade agreements.
        Most folks in the US don’t realize that!
        Yes, please keep me posted! I pray you guys stay put!

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      8. Will be in touch Gwin..It’s 2:45pm here now and the voting will close at 10.00pm, and we should know by 7am tomorrow (between midnight & 2am in the US?).
        It’s going to be close (the bad thing being that in the urge to get votes a lot of nastiness has been let loose which will be difficult to get back into the bottle)

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    1. Hi Lisa…
      Ooooh now we’re into spikey territory. In the European Socialist Lexicon ‘Fascism’ is as bad as you can get, and should only be described in venomous terms of Fear, Hate and Loathing…which in itself is as bad as the system it decries.
      But you’ve piqued my febrile imagination to see if I can do the same as I did for socialism…..I’ll give it a go, sometime soon.
      Take care

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  2. Interesting! Here in Canada, we have a version of some of the institutions you mentioned, but quite watered-down. I don’t think we have ever had a real socialist government. Even the New Democratic Party, which was the official opposition until last October, is closer to the centre than the left. But at least we no longer have a right wing Conservative government. At one time the party’s name was Progressive Conservatives, but they dropped the “Progressive” when they took a right turn in the early 2000s.

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    1. Hi Audrey.
      Yes ‘Progressive’ and ‘Democratic’ are ‘bits’ that political organisations do like to stick onto their names.
      It sounds as is The New Democratic Party is in much the same part of the political world as our own Labour Party, prior to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader (he is quite left-wing); that’s caused a lot of in-fighting, which is on hold while The UK decides if it ‘stays’ with Europe or not.

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      1. It’s interesting to watch oscillations from right to left and back again through the 20th century and into the 21st. I’ve been thinking a leftward shift is due to happen, after the rightward one that started in the 1980s. Maybe Mr. Sanders’s better than expected showing recently in the US is a sign of that. Here in Canada we voted in a Liberal government recently, rejecting the previous Conservative regime, but that’s nothing radical. It will be interesting to see how the vote in the UK turns out. (I actually hope the “remain” side wins).

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      2. Hi Audrey. Yes it is interesting to watch those oscillations, I suppose the voters are always hoping for greener grass.
        Indeed big day today for the UK, I will be voting to Remain. Most our history shows links to Europe (including importing kings!). Ok, so we had our empire (for a short time by historical measure)…we had a big navy and were insufferable (as far as other nations were concerned)…It’s all over ‘Now Baby Blue’ and won’t come back. Let’s all tie ourselves up in deals and agreements so we can’t have wars (maybe not the most subtle and logical of arguments. But as good as any others)
        Take care

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  3. Thank the Lord I’m not in one of those socialist hell holes in Scandinavia, where the governments impose 100% income tax and force people to have medical treatments whether they want them or not. (Note for any Republicans reading: This is irony.) 🙂

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    1. Haha!! & Lol x 2. I noted the other day on a Facebook page someone referring to Britain’s socialist government, I’m still wondering whether they don’t know much about British politics or socialism (maybe it’s both)….All the same as a brit reading it was quite amusing (understatement)

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