On Recovering… (Journey out of Hate)

So I wrote these earlier pieces in the wake of the dreadful event at Orlando, warning about Hate and Intolerance. It would be disingenuous to say I did not feel somewhat satisfied with the posts, thinking my sentiments were set out in an orderly and perceptive way.

Of course working with those issues and ethics, and feeling satisfied was just setting me up for a big plate of Hubris.

Thursday: You will probably know a young, caring and talented British Member of Parliament Jo Cox was horribly slain; if you were anywhere near me on WordPress you will also have heard about the disgusting behaviour of drunken English males masquerading as soccer fans. So from Thursday afternoon to Thursday night I was in a rage; an ugly ready to cause physical damage rage, any weapon would have done, Death Wish, Punisher, Judge Dred that was me I was Judge, Jury and yes Executioner…..

On the whole pretty repulsive…. a small voice in the background saying ‘wrong, wrong, wrong,’ ‘you have become no better’

And the next day the widower of Jo Cox was with dignity saying we must fight against Hate. Just where I had been. Visceral, Red-Mist stuff… wrong, wrong, wrong.

So Friday and today, been making sure I read the tributes to Jo Cox; read that during the election count-off on Thursday night by-election (- a UK event to vote in a Member of Parliament), they stopped the process for 2 minutes in honour of the young woman and when the result was read out there was no cheering on celebration by the winning party. On Monday the UK Parliament is being recalled so that tributes can be paid to her (The last time that happened was after the death of Margaret Thatcher), those gestures of simple humanity humbled me and made me feel better.

Also on Friday and today I went for a long ‘walk’ through WordPress. So much to read. There were tributes to Jo Cox. There were people’s photographs sublime images of nature, touching ones of families. Poems expressing all manner of emotions and observations. Helpful and generous information for the new or faltering writers. Inspirational words for anyone, anywhere and when. Thoughts, fears, hopes and updates on writing progress; joy at finally getting the book ‘out there’. Humorous, thoughtful and sometimes outrageous observations on Life. Challenging art. Much music. Folk sharing information of their interests. All these and in permutations too.

Above all shining through, no Hate, no tirades against other communities, no spite masquerading as humour. Everywhere folk, being generous, vulnerable, optimistic, incisive. Everywhere was the positive.

Best of all were the replies/comments or replies/comments to replies/comments. Kindness, friendliness, fun, sympathy, again sharing.

What more could I need? My Humanity was back. I pray the lesson is learnt by me and I am truly done with Hate…. for good

Thanks folks.

It’s good to be back.


16 thoughts on “On Recovering… (Journey out of Hate)

      1. Well, the heat is on in Colorado and the old timers say that the state is gonna burn like crazy this year, so Ill be spending a LOT of time indoors during the day working on my book. FINALLY have the pseudo-science I need worked out in my head. Plus the bright days make illustrating a whole lot easier! Best of luck Roger!

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      2. Hi Veronica. Sounds as if Nature is in a powerful mood in Colorado. Good idea to turn the circumstances to a writer’s advantage! Pseudo-science is always a challenge, you have to create your own set of laws. And illustrating too…much admiration from here!
        All the best with that project Veronica.


  1. Welcome back, dear friend! Grief hurts and takes many forms, including anger and rage. I am glad to see you process through it so honestly and openly; it will ennable you to heal quicker, I believe…

    In any event, no judgment here for the rage you felt; just honest concern for you… 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Tiffany.
      I’m in a bemusing place at the moment. Having been a heroically failed author for many years and now discovering Blogs! Wondering whether to leave the former for the latter, but my characters are such naggy folk who insist on being written about! (Haha)
      Thanks again for all your kind words.
      I’m cool now….as I said to Lisa, just sad.

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      1. There’s no such thing as a failed author. I would say, too few books not enough authors. Perhaps put your books on blogs? Set up a clearly laid out blog for your words. You can have as many blogs as you want under one wordpress account. Love to Lisa 🙂 xx

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