Intolerant of Hate

This is a strange kind of post, I’m not too sure whether it will read like an open letter, an attempt at a mini-lecture or some sort of sermon. You know how it goes, sometimes the words will not let you settle and all you can do is try and organise them into something readable.

Here goes

The Internet and its child Social Media; we can debate the blessings and the curses these have brought, we can even say they have not; it’s simply Humanity doing what its always done only louder and quicker.

One thing they certainly have done, more than travel ever did; they shrank the world. You can now in all but physical proximity belong to a community. And being part of the WordPress community has brought the Orlando massacre closer to me than previous events, particularly as I have been in contact with so many of you and reading of your feelings, fears, angers and concerns. So maybe the event itself by its distance may not be so resonant as it was in the opening hours (as I wrote previously we do compartmentalise to cope), but the emotions from my ‘neighbours’ on WordPress still motivate me. And in case I needed any further reminders gay clubs in at least London were concerned in case there were any copycat attempts, which again shows how our world has shrunk and like other diseases how quickly Hate & Fear of Hate can travel.

In its aftermath memories came back of the countless other episodes of Hate & Ignorance which I encountered and my own visceral response to some incidents. There was a news item, US based Muslim girl in a soccer team banned from wearing a headscarf, so all her team mates wore one too-lovely yeh? Oh the criticism that came in on comments pages. Did yours truly stop for breath? Oh no! I tore into each derogatory comment, for a whole day; I used insults, sarcasm, castigations anything short of profanities, though I deliberately goaded on easy target into that response and mockingly thanked him; eventually the whole lot were gone. Do I feel any better for it?…not really the anger at them is still there. Did I convert anyone?…Well no one likes being insulted and losing out, so no they’d just go off and nurture their frustrated hate. So bit of a hollow victory, because I got caught up in the cycle of Hate. What would have been the right thing to do?….I don’t know, honestly.

This is the problem with Hate, once it starts, the whole business does indeed become contagious and in the febrile atmosphere other aspects breed. To avoid the issue, Denial comes so does Isolation: ‘nothing to do with me/us…let someone else sort it out, don’t want to know’. Fear of the Hate leads to compliance, masking it as ‘understanding’. And the complex one, whereby someone will deny those bringing The Hate are at fault and someone else is to blame, and it’s alright to hate that target because it’s a fashionably acceptable one. Of course The Haters are having their own afflictions, Arrogance of a perceived superiority. Nurturing imagined or long passed injustices as if they were yesterdays. There may even be valid causes for complaint, but those have long been subsumed in Hate and no one wants to talk anymore.

On a national or international level, this will eventually lead to War, because that is where Hate is bound to lead. War itself is avoidable, particularly ones based on a government ‘policy’; actually in the post-WWII era these usually fail in their objectives because the nation’s survival is not at stake. But when Hate has been allowed to take hold into the fibre of a nation or a community then the survival issue comes into play and the grim logic of War will have appeared. Think of WWII, the opportunity for avoidance was there along the years, but The Hate grew to arrogance, grew to aggression and no one stopped it, and there it was, and there was no longer any option; survival was at stake. The fearful rules of The Just War took centre-stage. That was WWII. WWIII took place, but only if you were in the armed forces or happened to live in a country that was chosen by opposite sides as a place to have a ‘skirmish’ (that’s sarcasm by the way)

And now we are in WWIV.

I’m afraid so. Conflicts span the globe; often as you know in small sudden ways. Even played out in childish ways; see the antics in the Euro Soccer tournament.

It’s not as simple as old wars. National boundaries do not figure so much as they used to. The modern world allows you to export your war in all sorts of ways. The causes are not that easy to define. Alliances are always fragile things; in this war they are often ephemeral. From an historical point of view, the origins can be arguably traced back to the old 19th Century Empire building era. Maybe some historians in centuries time will say all wars from 1900 to ? were part of one long re-alignment of peoples. One factor is certain Hate is playing its full toxic part.

So, we are all in the front line. What can we do?

We can stem our Hate. We will get angry at the violence. It is understandable. But…Angry is for the moment; Anger can fester. So rein it in, forge your Angry into a determination that you will not go down the same path as the Hate Mongers and feed upon Hate. There may well be a time when you will face a choice, do I support a military/security response to the literal defence of my community? You may find you have been placed in a situation where there is no option. You may have to take up that option with a heavy heart. But never blame a people or a community, only the perpetrators. In this complex communal world, never put everyone in one category. Stand against Hate, Injustice, Ignorance, Prejudice, wherever and whenever you meet it.

Look at it this way, Hate leads to violence, leads to injury leads to death. Children will cry. Take the Hate out your life and maybe a child will not cry tomorrow. That person may look different, dress differently, worship or not worship in ways unusual to you, their politics may be very annoying to you and sexual orientations? (short of child-sex of course). Is your objection to those differences so important to you that you are willing to cause a child to cry?

I’m going to stop now it’s passed the 1100 words; it’s 00:12 in the UK, it’s been 2 hrs in the writing, and I’m all written out.

Over to you folks.


Take care all of you out there.

Best wishes to you and yours.Bereavement-candlethumb



29 thoughts on “Intolerant of Hate

  1. i really enjoyed reading your take on this Roger. It looks like you’ve done a great deal of soul searching and you are, in a way, challenging us to do the same thing. I definitely appreciate the historical context that you offered here. In my mind, you have listed all of the appropriate comparisons and have drawn all the right conclusions.

    Clearly, hate, as you have said, is the natural precursor to war. My prayer is that love and light will prevail; but that won’t happen by spontaneous combustion–or will it? LOL! We’ve got some work to do huh?
    In closing, let me thank you for this post and for ‘feeling’ our nation’s pain as we cope with so much anger and hurt. Something tells me that we might have reached critical mass and I pray that this will ultimately lead us to a better place.

    Warmest Regards,

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    1. Hi Gwin.
      Thank you for your kind comments.
      This will be a complicated long & hard road, but if we chose it the journey will be worthwhile.
      I do have a fondness for the US, she’s been part of my life; though I never visited. You have a willingness to share the pain and comfort each other that is very heart-warming.
      Take care, you and yours

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    1. Hi Veronica.
      I can understand; having spent 40+ years dealing with that one way or another. (Long personal journey). I guess that’s why the post came out in that fashion.
      Where Orlando will lead is not easy to say. I am hoping it will not cause an increase in hate-crime as Orlando was also a hate-crime, which leads to more and so on.
      Knowing my own propensities for suggesting over-the-top ‘military’ solutions, I am trying to concentrate my thoughts upon those who are suffering in its wake.
      Take care.
      Best wishes to you and yours

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      1. Hey Man, thanks for the response. Keep pounding out your prose. I understand the nature of violence begets violence. The only viable military solution for the Jihad? There is NONE! The Jihad isn’t about religion. There isn’t ANYTHING inherently violent about Muslims. When I hear “Christians” saying the victims deserve to be killed because they anger God? God is apparently very insecure. I know when I m being manipulated. To me, there is NO difference between ISIL and the Taliban and the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee. It’s TOTAL INSANITY! What’s really astonishing? None dare call it a conspiracy, but I do! The odds were like over 80 to 1 inside the club. The guy had two guns. WHY did the authorities wait THREE HOURS to engage ONE target? You’ll notice I said “authorities”. Not police. I know THEY wanted to get in there right away and end this. A good analogy would be when ISIL first raised it’s UGLY head. ALL of the people who know what they are doing said the same thing “We need to get in there and get rid of this RIGHT AWAY”. Again, the people in charge hesitated. Hey. One reason I did so well at my job in the Central Security Service is that my mind is GREAT at pattern recognition. A nice ability to have in Cryptology and Signals Intelligence. Every time something happens? The government uses the same pattern. Lie and delay long enough to destroy any evidence and discredit the people involved who question the governments response and actions. Oh well. I just don’t care anymore. I am in my third age now. My beautiful soulmate and I just want to enjoy ourselves and watch our grand children grow. They are going to grow up fighting the Jihad for their entire lives. Hey, you know, never let a good crisis go to waste right? We grew up fighting the cold war to get rid of the WARSAW PACT. The Cold War still rages. The Russian Jihad just keeps on rolling. It’s just called “The Russian Federation” now. Iran still has a nuclear weapons program. They do. And now a bunch of Nations have gotten together and pretty much ensured they ALWAYS will! What are we hearing now? John Kerry and the State Department LIED to the American people about the deal. Thanks Republicans. Thanks Democrats. You just keep right on enabling! Because it’s not you that’s going to pay the price. Your children will.

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      2. Powerful Veronica. Very powerful.
        OK, so we’re not going to agree on some of the detail. But oddly enough we may ‘meet around the other side’ (I’m a UK socialist, sometimes political paths cross-long story).
        One broad area I can see a ‘head nodding’ time is when it comes to other countries.
        Our politicians and their advisors need to read their histories, I mean the long histories, get inside the feeling of what moves other peoples. Now that doesn’t mean you appease. Oh no, it means you get an idea of what might be coming and see if you can ‘head it off at the pass’.
        I enjoy reading histories, political, social, and military and listening to radio programmes on the same subjects; I learnt a great deal about the ‘tides’ of Human actions.
        Conflict can be avoided…but if you wish for peace…have to prepare for war…and Speak softly but carry a big stick.
        And (finally)….judge a person by their deeds and not be any other way.
        Take care of you and yours.


      3. Hi Roger. Fair enough 🙂 You are very perceptive. I think we can agree, the only thing new in the World is the history we don’t know.

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    2. There is no “revenge” to be had here, Veronica. The perp was an American born and raised citizen. He bought his guns legally. He acted alone, according to his own ethical/moral compass; who tied his efforts to a larger movement just prior to the action (perhaps to assure greater media coverage, justify his actions, and claim martyrdom). And he died at the scene…

      Acting out against anyone else in his name is not revenge or justice, but yet another such crime to add to the list; another act of terrorism…

      Is that really what you want to be – a murderer, a terrorist??

      To each his/her own, I guess…

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      1. There is revenge to be had. I will have it. You can judge me all you want. The nature of my revenge? Has nothing to do with killing Humans. I have had ENOUGH of that in my life. Veterans like me are very proficient at killing. Unlike ISIL and their ilk, we avoid killing the innocent at all costs, including trading our lives for the innocents. I know what I am. You can call me all the names you want. I have been called worse. Especially while in uniform. I know I have, and I’m a walking dead man. The Jihad has me on the “too do” list. It is a good day to die. Have an awesome life. So Mote It Be!

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      2. Wow… ok, then. For the record, I wasn’t judging or calling you names; I was merely asking about this “revenge” you speak of. I was curious about what you thought might be appropriate. But clearly you don’t want to speak of specifics; you just need to vent your pain…

        I respect your right to do, or grieve, as you see fit. It is not my place to judge you…

        The only thing I actively disagree with is your statement that we “don’t kill innocents” which is clearly a statement of denial, as countless innocent civilians have been killed and maimed during America’s War on Terror…

        And that is all I will say on the matter, though I grieve with you in my own way…


      3. I guess I don’t believe in putting off til tomorrow what I can do today. And for me, that’s to grieve.

        I sincerely apologize if I offended you, as that was never my intent. Nor did I intend to “push your buttons” so…

        We are clearly in different places, emotionally. To each his/her own process, I guess…

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      4. I lost my first friend to the Jihad back in 1981. I know some Afghans here in the Denver area. We gave the Russians a pretty good hard time when they tried to to take A-stan. Nice people. They just want some peace. Now they can probably never go back. My daughter served in the region twice ans her head is never going to be right again. Just like mine. So I have a lot of grief stored up.

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      5. I am glad to go. I signed up to serve. The problem is, our leadership seems to have forgotten, once you unleash the big green monster, it’s not about politics anymore. People that get sent want to get in, make the other force surrender, get out. Politicians seem to think you can wage a “just” & “Humane” conflict. All you end up doing is drawing it out. So, the political leadership is playing with both the Soldier and the Civilians life, conducting the fight based on “political” polling. I you do not have the stomach to own the title CinC, then you should find someone who does. Additionally, asymmetric warfare presents almost an insurmountable challenge for uniformed troops. I would rather see our folks in uniform being “International Rescue” (My wife is watching THUNDERBIRDS right now). I know they would too. Pulling a trigger on a fellow Human messes your head up.

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      6. Very courageous post Veronica.
        Yes, I’m sure most soldiers, sailors and airmen would rather use their training and skills to save lives…it’s the better side of human nature.
        You have my support and best wishes
        (Take care in Colorado I see on our BBC international weather that the very strong heat bringing weather is heading your way)


      7. It sounds like you have great cause to grieve, Veronica. But it is not my place to judge when, how or if you choose to do so. All I can say at this point is that I wish you peace, however you might find it…

        And I am sorry our first “meeting” got off on such an awkward foot; I don’t usually come across as judgmental, and I don’t usually incite conflict if I can avoid it, unless it’s done with good humor and with someone likely to understand and appreciate the gesture. I overstepped bounds with you, made assumptions that were not true, and then couldn’t seem to get the conversation back on solid, helpful ground. I own my part in that, and hope that we can “start over”.

        I genuinely hope you find what you need to heal…

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      8. Pax Lisa!? By nature? I’m what’s called a “cryptologist”. People that work crypto are borderline insane anyway. A highly emotional topic for a lot of people to be sure. I appreciate that we had a disagreement. Please except my apologies for being so sharp with you. I am going to be OK. Things like Orlando may draw a dark curtain over my countenance. But I get them behind me so much quicker these days. Because my fellow Humans have shown me patience and grace. People like you. Have an awesome weekend Lisa

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  2. Roger… You are so well-spoken, and this is so well said! I couldn’t agree more…

    Personally, I had my “meltdown” following the Paris attacks, writing a rant called “Nature of the Beast,” so I have hardly reacted to this one, other than to cry, frequently. Who I’m crying for is hard to say at this point, though I may still be in shock or denial.

    I cry for the victims and their survivors. I cry for those at the club who managed to get away. I cry for the perpetrator, who had such unrelenting hate in his soul, that such an act seemed justified and worth dying for. I cry for my country, embracing such Hitler-esce hatred (which began long before this incident, though they will no doubt use this to fan the flames). I cry because my beloved country is one of the only ones not yet joining the global revolution for peace, but rather choosing division and self-destruction…

    I cry for a world in pain, for whom there is no relief; there is only ever more pain…

    And then I allow those tears to distort my vision, focusing on the rainbows created. And I reach out to pet my cat and listen to him purr. Then I get in my car and go visit my daughter, holding my precious granddaughter for as long as she will allow it…

    I guess we all grieve differently…

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    1. Your tears as those of anguish & love Lisa. And thus valuable to the world, for in those lie compassion.
      I’m glad you have your cat, daughter & granddaughter all precious.
      From my readings of military & political histories there is nothing new here. USA, The islands which comprise Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales have all witnessed this in the ages, as have others.
      Don’t give up on your country, it may seem stark at the present and there are fracture lines true and no need for complacency, but overall you are a compassionate & friendly folk; there is always hope, there is always love.
      Grieve by all means, and hope…

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  3. Hate generally has a pretty poor record when it comes to inspiring action. There are reasons why judges are trained to look dispassionately at the facts. It’s natural and human to feel hurt, outrage and even hate after something like this, but in the long run understanding why things happened is likely to lead to more informed and better decisions.

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  4. Hi Veronica & Lisa (And anyone else who is passing by)
    This is a comment without judgement or direct response.
    This is written in the heat of my anger, which when it blazes spits venom and vitriol as sure as any. It is a side of me which I have to do daily battle with; for the sake of my dear wife as I upset her when I am in this frame; for the teachings of Jesus Christ which I should adhere to and also for my own state of mind.
    It is also something of a sort of explanation as to how I understand and in some degrees agree with you both at the same time.
    This takes place in real time.
    At 4pm UK time I turned on my laptop & internet which goes straight to BBC news; breaking news a UK MP (member of Parliament a lady of my two daughters age group and a mother of two) was shot by a white male, not once but three times, then stabbed and kicked. My instant visceral action was to wish I had been there to snatch his knife from him and make sure he could never do this again, and no pleas to consider his state of mental health.
    At 4.45pm my wife was on her own laptop, very distressed. She was looking at footage of a gang of drunken British males (there is this soccer tournament in France) throwing missiles at three refugee kids. My first response was a stream of foul language, an exhortation for the French riot police to wade into the crowd and cause some serious and permanent damage. And then I go into fantasy mode. That’s me there, see the kids to safety and then have a dialogue with the crowd with the aid of bottles and a large iron bar.
    Between 5pm & 6pm I made my feelings known on WordPress in several replies to folks who must have wondered ‘Wow. Where did that come from?’
    Anger and yes Hate, visceral, vengeful Hate.
    And that I know is not going to go away; it’s part of me. Maybe the true me and this me who goes onto WordPress is the guy I would like to be. There again perhaps they are both me
    That said I do not blame all white guys who get angry with their local MPs, nor do I blame any political party with views opposite of mine.
    That said I do not label every person who goes to a soccer match, gets drunk and a little loud (I’ve stood behind a few quite funny guys in that state).
    That said if anyone will not back down from their Hate, if anyone persists in their Hate and comes bringing physical threats in my or mine’s directions then I reserve the right to reply in kind and if they are still breathing afterwards will trust they have learnt their lesson.
    So I ‘get’ the feelings expressed on WordPress. Fighting a battle with my own demons does give me a quirky kind perspective in my rational times. The danger in writing this is to give the impression of some sort of inner understanding and a superiority which is about as far away as my intention could possibly be. In fact, this moves in a kind of circle, starting with a statement, going through a real-time experience and back to the original statement.
    (I’m currently infusing with a playlist on my laptop, then sit down and watch something light on a DVD- then some villains in my novel are going have a really bad night)
    Wishing you both well.
    PS: Just heard the MP has died, leaving a husband and two small sons- you don’t want to hear anymore from me tonight; I have to write this out in my novel before I start really getting incandescent.
    Take care all of you on WordPress, you are all my friends, you are all my community.


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