Writing is All Right

The WordPress Journey.running training

The week, as a term of measurement of 7 days; started on Saturday. Catching up after being away from just three and one-half days; from Saturday PM and finally concluded Tuesday AM. Not continuously you understand; aside from ‘things’ & ‘stuff’ which always occur in Life, there was a sudden burst of unexpected creativity on the re-write of the second review of the second draft of The Book (y’know how it goes).There’s twist though, later on in this post.(Suspense?)  Then there was the reading of all the posts which were coming through on the ‘present day’. Crimmony there is so much activity hereabouts on WordPress.

So, in theory there’s The Book. However, when looking through the blogs. Firstly a great amount of valuable information being shared. There’s a formidable and moving body of poetry. Then I encounter a number of thoughtful commentaries on literature or society, which quite frankly make more sense than the cliché stuff the disconnected professionals produce (I recall one dismissively responding to the rise in anti-social behaviour with a quote from Samuel Johnson…Definitely a WTF interlude). Many bloggers post up honest and courageous accounts of their own difficult lives and remaining positive, an inspiration to us all. A kaleidoscope of challenging and thoughtful posts covering the spiritual (I use a very broad scope there) dimension of life. Humour in all shapes and sizes, some outrageous but since it’s not coming from high profile starry professional the posts just seem so natural.  We have interesting diaries of daily journals or current projects.

And of course, writing. Writing in all manner of forms, styles and genres; mix just those three up and you have combinations enough to challenge in number the over 5,300 known mineral species; over 5,070 of these have been approved by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA). (sorry, just unashamed showing off-just ‘cuz I have an audio book on Minerals). Folk along the journey of getting a book into print, others on the next stage of having their work noticed; and all the steps in between. Busy, fascinating country.

So (again), back to The Book. All this leaves me wondering should I continue with The Book, or give up the whole time to The Blog and the reading of Blogs? I’m currently thinking on that. Not so much a question of giving up or ‘moving on’; more a case of taking a side-ways step. And yet, by jimmny should I not be able to do both? Lots of people are. But the Blog world of WordPress is so very interesting.

For the current I will progress along both tracks, because the characters in The Book are nagging away. I shall see how the re-write to the half-way point of The Book goes. The intriguing facet, is I don’t feel torn, distressed, challenged, conflicted or spiffled (that’s my word, all mine!!). After all, at the end of the day; be this blogging or storytelling, the result is the same….Writing. (I might even let some of the characters from the previous novels have their say on various topics in the posts- they been around ten years or so, some of them are very independent)

Writing for writing’s sake…..Thus all is well.

For the first time in my writing life I’m really enjoying The Whole.

Keep on keeping on folks.



6 thoughts on “Writing is All Right

  1. You know, at first I was going to jump all over you about letting go of the book! And then I hesitated, thinking “it’s not my place to judge,” and “what kind of hypocrite would that make me?”

    And then I read your last two statements…

    “Writing for writing’s sake,” and “finally enjoying The Whole.” That really IS the best reason, and the best way to do it, isn’t it?

    Keep on keepin’ on, my friend, and I will be here with you… 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lisa so much.
      The words came from reading so many cool posts during the catch-up and really being swept up in the ‘Blog Moment’
      It was a kind of odd post to write because I wasn’t at all sad, resigned, bitter. It was a sort of affirmation of the joy of writing along the lines of ‘Hey! Let’s try this’
      Actually I doubt if The Book will leave me alone….
      So there will be posts and there will be The Book and everything will be gloriously disorganised (Truth be known I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)
      And I have WordPress friends such as you, so all is Good!!

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