Going to visit younger daughter and family for a few days; heading off Cycling_-_Cartoon_2 to places where signals and WFi are variable.

So, will be catching up with everyone probably on the week-end.

Of course the laptop will be coming along, because I can still use WORD Bactrian Camel2

and fantasy epics don’t write themselves oh

Take care all.


27 thoughts on “OFF THE RADAR TIME

    1. Hi, we’re back!
      We had a fine time, but found out that SAT NAVs are evil spawn of Skynet, ours got us hopelessly lost and we had to spend an extra night away at a place about 120 miles from where we should have been. It was a nice location though….and now WordPress has welcomed me back by losing your post, but I remembered the content!!

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    1. Thanks!
      We did!
      We’ve three children with their own families, and currently we’re all quite scattered across the uk, so family meetings are rare and we all make the best we can in one bunch visiting another bunch!
      (In fact the last times we all met up were at Two funerals and One Wedding)

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      1. That’s great! Sounds like a good time was had by all!
        I often tell my own relatives that we should really stop meeting solely at funerals and weddings.
        Anyway, glad you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend!

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      1. Hi Tiffany.
        Poor you, I can ‘relate’
        A very helpful bloke at a service station, said with a genuine smile ‘We’ve all been there,’
        I never realised how uplifting the feeling was when you realise you are finally back on a piece of road you know so well.
        Seriously, thanks for the share.
        Best wishes


    1. We had a great time thanks Lennon. Met up with our younger daughter, grandson and very cute little dog ‘Poppy’ (who will get treats from you one way or another!).
      On the way back was let down by SAT NAV & diverted off 120 miles, which on UK roads is massive. Stayed overnight at nice little place and arrived back on Saturday (Profanities against SAT NAV and roads signs abounded in our car)

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