A True History of These Isles-Introduction and Part 1

Introduction. Preface and Warning

The (Currently) United Kingdom has got itself into a muddle over Europe and might well end up re-titled as The Fractious Atlantic Isles with Ireland adding a new element to its national identity as Nothing To Do With Us.

In these parlous circumstances it is therefore vital that as a writer I heroically transcribe a complete history which will explain how we reached this juncture. There will be no skimping on detail, and in the spirit of other great works of history there will be controversy in the form of opinions, conclusions, interpretations and unavoidable lessons. It should be pointed out that no one group will be spared examination and only those romantic overtones which suit the tenor of the episode under discussion will be included. Quotes in other languages will only be included if they are out of context and thus unintentionally funny.

There will be no bibliography as that is just plain showing off.

Nor will there be foot-notes because such titchy print can be tough on the eyes.

Questions of Good Taste will naturally not be considered; this is history.

BC and AD will be used ‘cause I know it will annoy the socks of some folk on certain apparently religious forums.

Readers have my permission to copy, plagiarise or quote as much as they like ‘cuz if this spreads throughout the cyber world it will be bound to annoy those who have become insufferably pompous, self-righteous, dogmatically boring, ridiculously prejudiced or smugly blinkered in their own opinions, which suits the author fine.

Part 1 Pre-History

This can be divided as follows:

A. Like A Really Very, Very, Very Long Time Ago

During sometime like about 800,000 to 500,000 BC the what we would consider today as a collection of islands off the west coast of Europe, were simply another bumpy bit of whatever Europe would turn out to be.

B. Just A Very, Very Long Time Ago

Sometimes about 350,000 BC islands were experimented with but didn’t seem to attract much interest in the hunter-gathering communities, even with convenient land bridges for those who wanted to change their minds. Neanderthal folk may have arrived but obviously weren’t too impressed as they didn’t even hang around to leave uncomplimentary cave graffiti.

C. A Quite Very Long Time in Terms of Our History Ago

About 44,000-40,000 BC some rather self-important folk who liked to think of themselves as Early Modern Humans turned up, little is knowing about them, other than that one who for a hundred years was known as The Red Lady of Paviland turned out to be a man, which proves anyone can make a mistake. Anyhow they wouldn’t have suited as true natives because it seems about 25,000 BC they were driven out by such a footling thing as the weather, when everyone knows there is nothing so much the folk of these isles like to complain about as the weather.

D. A Very Long Time, But Not So Much If You Are A Palaeontologist Ago

Another group turned up about 13,000 BC, but only hung around a measly 2,000 years before moping back to the Mainland. Though this does prove that despite the recent referendum those who live hereabouts have an affinity for Europe- Ipso Facto (classy quote 1)

E. A Well, It Seems A Long Time  To Us, But Pretty Recent To Folk Who Deal With This Stuff Ago

About 8000 BC folk came along who were not going to be put off, never mind bad weather or possibly vanishing land bridges, no sir! In fact they were so enthusiastic that by 4,500 BC they’d invented farming, and they could settle down to some real serious complaining about the weather. In addition to farming they manufactured so many cups they became known as the Beaker People,

whitebeakerNo! Stop sniggering at the back!!

Beaker people You know very well this is what I mean!!

whether this was through a drive to domestic stability, an early form of tourist industry, or something else to do in the long winter nights remains a question of debate amongst folk who make a living at questions of debate. Most importantly though these people obviously invented the first form of socialism by engaging in the massive public work known as Stonehenge. It must be concluded they wished to ensure there was an air of the enigmatic for future civilisations to ponder on as they left no record of why or how they built it; no doubt once a year many Beaker People who gathered at Stonehenge would laugh and clash beakers together with the ceremonial toast ‘This is gonna annoy ‘em!!’

But all good things must come to an end.

And pre-history ended with the coming of The Celts….

The Celts and the implications of The Celts will be dealt with in next week’s seminar.

A True History of These Isles Part 2 The Celtic Colonisation

History of the Isles Part 3 – Celtic Culture


An Engineer’s Journal (The Explorer Voyages)

The Explorer Voyages

First Log

Matthew Fharen



I never thought of keeping a diary, log call it what you will. Usually what I have to say goes down in the daily chit-chat (officially The 24 Hour Appraisal Number-whatever), but with what’s filtering down to us in Maintenance & Auxiliary I been thinking maybe a record should be kept, just in case. Because this jaunt sounds grim.

The team is still five strong (self, included) and we think we know The Explorer’s bones and innards better than most, having been in and about her even before she was habitable. We understand all her little quirks and foibles and have a pretty good idea where and when something might go wrong; Den’ my P.O had it spot on when he gave us the unofficial title of Team THG; standing for TWITCHES, HITCHES and GLITCHES.

Of course the alarm would have to go off when we were all down in the innards on the usual Day 10 plumbing check. The budget for comfort, and stabilization ended one deck up. Never mind what the designers and builders claim when The Lady rears up and starts to plough the stellarness, in the innards you can feel the kick and you grab hold of anything bolted down, it’s also why I am very strict on no one leaving any equipment lying around; gravity and magnetics are not necessarily stable in those circumstances and I’ll not lose anyone to a flying wrench. Mind you I shouldn’t moan too much; we were right on station when a fracture sprung in a main pipe, we were lucky it was just plain water supply one and the gravity held; a sewer rupture in zero-state is a site to behold and a challenge to rectify and clear up. Three times I’ve reported this tendency when The Lady goes at full steam ahead (I love these old nautical terms) topside Engineering are sympathetic and have even been down to look but they have to refer it down to Earthside and it’s too late to worry about it now.

We’d ditched the disposable coveralls and were thus dry and clean as we ambled along been grumbling and joking about surprise drills. All of this stopped when we entered The Mess, two of the bridge crew were scuttling out with food packs, wide-eyed worried folk are never good news upon any vessel, much less one in space. Normally if it’s bad we would have known about it mostly likely having discovered it. And food packs always indicate folk will not be moving from their posts much

“What’s the panic?” I asked, casually of course, as befits any officer.

The younger managed a salute and still hold onto what might be their only source of nutrition for the next ten hours

“It’s a genuine emergency Lieutenant. The Achilles has been attacked out at Saturn. Alien contact,”

And off they sped. That’s the trouble with being in the innards, communication channel go off when The Lady speeds.

Well the news sank the humour right out of us. You attend the lectures. You read the latest appraisals. You also know there is a lot of stuff which is Security Classified and never reaches us humble ‘rude mechanicals’, that’s out of Shakespeare (I should mention Jennifer; she’s British with an accent that indicates she’s likely ‘Jennifer with a title’. She has a classical quip for every circumstances). So you chat and speculate amongst yourselves. But none of that prepares you for the news up front and in your face.

So we were a pretty quiet crew as we settled down for what would no doubt be a very short spell, we ate and drank what we could, all lost in our own thoughts. I couldn’t let this settle for too long, The Lady would be relying on us to be focused and sharp, sleep not an option yet.

So irrespective of feeling that suddenly Earth was light years distant and even a slum would be a welcome sight I put on my best assertive yet calm voice and announced we were going to check all electrics before someone came along and ordered us to do it but get the priorities all wrong. It raised a smile.

We left with extra rations in food; we can get them because we never complain, because we never know when we will get a chance to eat in a civilised manner at such times.

There’s not much to say about what we were doing, I’d either bore or confuse you with a great deal of technical chat. And how can that compare with the notion of something Hostile and Alien. Be fair to yourself, don’t try and be polite and pretend interest in checking little lights and switching things on and off. You want to read about things that you hope you’ll never see. Suffice it to say we did our job, and I promptly answered any enquiry from anywhere at any time that we had already done whatever they were asking us to do. I thought myself lucky to have been through these checks so often I was on automatic, because the communication chatter was suggesting we not only had come close to the incident but had something on board. At least the Achilles was still in one piece.

Well, all checks were done, we swapped rumours we had picked up from other crew and we were debating on Mariano’s suggestion that whatever it was on board should not be on board but floating out there because The Lady would not take kindly to having indigestible stuff within her (Mariano can be quite paternalistic about The Lady, comes with spending so much time with her electrics- or her thoughts are he calls them). Then all debate stopped when up strode one of the security team carrying a large important looking box.

“Lieutenant, sir. The situation now requires all crew to carry side-arms sir,” and while we were all goggling or frowning he had me sign for the box, tapes out a code and there are our service-issue D-7s; the D stands for ‘Disisters’, so they aren’t really designed to kill, which must be nice for the diplomatic corps. Koinet whose family have been owning cattle since who knows when reckons at full power a D-7 would dissuade a calf. So he made that joke again and then laughed, which was just what we wanted to hear, because if Koinet doesn’t laugh at something then it’s getting very, very bad. Anyway Den was the one with combat experience, and was the one to take us through the drill. I insisted seven times, I joked for ‘D-7’, but have an attachment to the number ‘7’; we all have our superstitions out here.

That done I ordered every to stand down and rest; which I knew was going to be difficult, but since no one was bothering with THG we might as well take the opportunity. Of course I filed and transmitted my report, secure in the knowledge that no one was going to read it.

And waited…

The Explorer Voyages – The Cube

The mark

The WordPress Community, OMZ says it all

Phoenix phire

It was mid october to november of last year, those days were the pinnacle and the worst depressive year all of my life i have known since my diagnosis when i was in high school.


My mind was fettered, festered my drawing arm was at its numbness. I couldnt draw anything out of my mind. I have lost hope on what it means to have hope. Then i re adjusted when i saw wordpress.


I was a wee bit at age of 23 and i started dabbling in poetry, mainly to gain momentum on my psyche and to get chicks. For the love of mythology came with poetry, its as if Hugin and Munnin were at my side and just being there.


Although after which i have lost the ways of being a poesie back those years, wordpress gave me that part of my insanity back. Then i never look…

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How I Stay Positive – The Four Agreements

Some very wise words here folks.
Read, print and keep by your side.

The PBS Blog


•Be impeccable with your word.
• Don’t take anything personally.
• Don’t make assumptions.
• Always do your best.

I try to stay true to these steps and in return they help me to maintain peace and positivity in my life.

Be impeccable with your word

We’ve all heard it before: “All a man has is his word”. This is the truest thing ever spoken. It doesn’t matter if that man is poor, if he is rich, if he has a successful career, etc. What sets him apart from the other is his speech. The things he says, how he says them and why. A good man or a good woman can always be dependable when it comes to their words. They are not gossipers, they are not slanderers, and they are not backbiters or murderers of the tongue. They make sure that the words they speak will not bring…

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Nothing is Simple Folks

Following from yesterday’s post about how the result affected me comes my own views on why I feel this is not a choice in our best interests. Of course for those in the UK, this is done and that’s that (well for the present, History never stops). This is probably written for those of you who live outside of the UK and are wondering why there is so much fuss.

Just to recap I was on abut reading histories. Not that this means I am an expert or a suitable contributor to worthy journals. However, read enough of it and softly so warnings and lessons seep in. Enough of that diet, with an open mind and notions stick with the reader.

So here is the thing. We in these isles have been linked up with the mainland Europe since before Christ was born. We’ve interfered with them and they with us. We imported kings, we fought wars & we did deals. We stabbed each in the backs, we argued, we fussed, we made up, we stood together, forgot we’d stood together, we worked as one, we worked against each other, we gossiped about each other and our get togethers were fractious; sounds like a large family doesn’t it?

Then in the twentieth century so puffed up with our own collective ideas of omnipotence and manifest destinies we shoved each other too much. and then from 1914 to 1945 (48 if you count the Greek Civil War), we flew at each other. Playing by the old rules, but with new tools. We brought a Hell that put The Thirty Years War in the shade. And we wore ourselves out, then Russia, Last Man Standing was set to play out the last act of the old European Game, but the US now taking up the 19th Century role Britain had been dealing out to the rest of the world back then, said ‘Oh No. That will not suit us at all’.

Well us Europeans are pretty good at building up things out of wreckage, we’ve had about 1500 years’ practice and so by the end of the century, wow everyone except Russia (naturally, that’s how they roll; read their history sometime, it’s a long drama) wanted to be in the Western European club. Lots of cool trade deals, big long roads, flash buildings and money (for most). All built on a tangle of deals, compromises, fudges, rhetoric, lofty ideals, and money-making notions, as well as more quiet destinies; like let’s try and keep it in our own borders folk (France and Britain took some convincing, we’d still got Empire echoes, both of us). Neat, everyone ties up everyone else and no government can play that fast and loose (check on Greece when they tried to, now the ordinary Greeks suffer). Folk could go over the heads of their own governments in some cases and go to Europe to settle their complaint. Rules and Regulations were set up which were concerned more with the person than the current wishes for the ruling party in power. And the best bit, poor regions of nations get money out of the big collective pot. Neat uh?

But now 38.5% of the adult voting nation have decided we can do better on our own. They believe we have the resources to take on the USA, China, Russia, India or whoever else is coming up fast on the horizon. They have an idea 40 years of accumulated legislations and conventions can be dismantled in a steady business-like fashion and we can go our own way. This would be a tough task, and take up much parliamentary time, which means a lot of the usual business will be put on hold. It is fashionable amongst us all to moan about governments and legislations, but in complex societies like ours all that is essential to the day-to-day things you take for granted.

The powers that be with the EU be they governmental, institutional or financial are not happy and they will either want us to get out in haste or drag the heels hoping for something better; indications suggest the former. How many hear have had to quit a home in a hurry for one reason or another? No fun is it?

Within what is currently called The UK, the vote has not been uniform: Let me explain and then add comments:

England: Mostly majorities to Leave; London being singularly wanting to stay. Clue very multi-cultural. The genie of Racism has been let out. It will be difficult to control, particularly as those who voted Leave will expect things to happen quickly.

Scotland: Voted to Remain; the spectre of a second referendum to separate from the rest of the UK is gathering pace.

Northern Ireland: Voted to Remain. It is fair to assume the overwhelming majority of the Nationalist Community voted that way; this sets up another friction point with the Loyalist Community, and those friction points can be deadly. (Despite what some would have you believe Ulster politics is very complex and emotional with TWO very intense sides)

Wales: Apart from one area where Welsh in the First Language Wales voted to Leave. Wales relies on refunding from the EU. Wales will now have to ask the Westminster Parliament if they could give them the money. If the Central Government do, it will come with strings attached…so bye-bye Welsh semi-independence (It’s part of Welsh history; we throw opportunities away. There is a suggestion a welsh prince and his followers landed in North America sometime in the 11th /12th century and founded a colony- then it vanished. As one welsh writer put it; ‘Only The Welsh could discover America and then forget where they’d put it’).

David Cameron has resigned, which means the governing party The Conservatives has to elect a new leader, who will become the Prime Minister. The Conservative Party has a history of toxic battles over European Membership. Whoever may well be Leave, and will of course wish to have like-thinking folk on their side in government. The question will be, are these folk of loyalty or capability?

And where we like it or not, in this world the Commercial Markets and Traders have the final say, and these are institutions who do not like uncertainty, or which there will be plenty.

On the whole, then, so many questions, and all I have heard so far in response in rhetoric and hopes. Well that’s fine; in a film.

I am ready to answer questions from the audience.

My Niqab Is Not A Barrier But People

We can never learn too much.
Please read Aisha’s enlightening words
Thank youu

Aisha Writes - Inspirational Blog

Since I started my niqab more than a year ago I have been questioned by a lot of people if it has ever been an obstacle in my path of success. In return all I do is smile widely because I feel sorry for this little yet precious piece of cloth to be considered a barrier for women in achieving her dreams.

I am a part time writer, a food and travel blogger. Being a food blogger I have been to lots of cafes and restaurants to try different cuisines and I have hardly had any issue in doing what I enjoy doing. Along with that, my part time writing job has made me work with non-Muslims and foreign clients and to some people’s surprise yes, I have done that all while being in my niqab.

In addition to that, I am also a psychology student and being a part…

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