Some Recomendations for Chuckles


I have meaning to post for the last four days with many profound, incisive and dare I say witty observations on subjects which have caught my attention, but the exigencies of other pressing matters had made this a difficulty.

(Pause to re-read)imagesKUX2E4NSYep! That definitely has the necessary gravitas.


Firstly, there was the pause in the novel writing when it became apparent that continuity was falling apart all over the place and characters were displaying very alarming changes in personality. So re-write was in order.thE11YBTYO  This has been fun, and sometimes slow going to make sure the serious tone sort of stays in and deleting the ‘what-the-spifffle-was-I-thinking-when-I-wrote-that’ passages. But it’s tightening up, so it’s cool.

Secondly, there was work on another project, but that’s for another post (yes an air of mystery)

Thirdly, man do I feel tired these days. That might be a good sign, in that maybe some of the medications are no longer required and could be cut back on- to be approached with caution, but….we’ll see.vector-of-a-tough-cartoon-biker-man-riding-a-pink-scooter-by-ron-leishman-35154

Anddddd Fourthly; spending so much time reading up other folks’ blogs. There is a wealth of the interesting, informative, lyrical, optimistic, incisive, affirmative and humorous out there. Sometimes about 2-3 hours passes marvelling at the quality of work being produced. So if I’m following you…thanks for your time, effort, quality and enrichment. If I’m not following you yet, I’ll get there!


A while back I posted up some thoughts on humour, so with such in mind here are a few blogs I’ve encountered that are worth a mention (and for those not shown, no slights intended, oversight error lies with me)

Lucy MitchellIn addition to other witty postings Lucy has created a wonderfully comic world of Tina, a hapless would-be novelist who somehow never quite manages to achieve her best of intentions. We can laugh at and with Tina (‘cause we’ve all been there)

Simon Farnell – Simon’s blog contains a variety of subjects and he is a steady supplier of the latest NASA information. His blog also contains Minion posters, Dilbert strips and his own worthy cartoon work. Drop in and be cheered

Jerry Mabbott – Jerry is a stand-up comic and a writer with a line in wry observation humour. In addition to seeing the funny side of a situation he brings sound advice from a life time of experience. Enter his name on YouTube or Amazon, he’ll be there.

Lucy Brazier- Lucy is the creator of the Portergirl world; basically the singular goings- on of the college faculty and staff as seen through the first woman deputy porter. You never know what or who will happen next

Lennon Carlyle- Lennon is a lady with attitude to spare. This is her no-holds barred, outrageous view of the world. Be prepared for language, sex, music home-truths and a large number of laughs along the way

Just a few

So there we go; that’s it. No more to read here.stop footling 1 Stop hanging about. Get some chuckles in…I’m done.


11 thoughts on “Some Recomendations for Chuckles

      1. Why am I not surprised?? (in UK Civil Service computers arrived in the mid- 1980s, I am still not convinced that they are superior to a pen & paper system)
        You might get the ultimate accolade and be asked to Approve yourself!
        Best wishes

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  1. Lol! Love this, Roger! And what a kind and thoughtful post, to recommend other blogs…

    I’m already following Simon, and I love his site, so I’m sure your suggestions are spot on. Course, I’m days behind in reading, so I have my work cut out for me.

    But I will definitely check these others out! If you say it’s worth doing, I believe you… 😉

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    1. Thanks Lisa.
      Usually my advice comes with ‘health warnings’, but these are based on weeks of reading, chuckles, sniggerings and lols. And like all good comedy there is some sage advice there too!

      PS: Simon’s is quite a wonderland isn’t it? Facts, humour, music, SF, Blog info – can’t go wrong can we?

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  2. Well I am just now seeing this….shame on me for being so self consumed not to have dropped by to visit your place. Wow….you shared my blog. I’m honored and touched. I’m also in good company with some incredible people. Many Thanks Roger!

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    1. Hi Lennon. Hey self-consumed??? I will not hear of such talk! Your blog is great fun to read, one of the few places where strong language and sex-talk just appear so ‘dashed’ (UK-talk) natural, inoffensive and just plain adult fun. (You probably get this type in the US too, y’know the sort ‘OOOh look at me I sssooo edgy! I’m using naughty words and talking about…bedroom stuff! Ohh read me!!’…pffft!!) Yours is the genuine article and valuable for that. WordPress is such a great place to be and meet folk like you.
      Take care & keep up the good work

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      1. Awe… sweet of you to say Roger. I was born this way…full of sass and shoot straight from the hip. Its just how I’m built. It got me in trouble a lot but I wouldn’t change any of it. It feels nice to be appreciated 🙏

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