Survey Question-Why do you put that book down?

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Here is the first of our LWI Survey Questions. Never a list, just the one. Yes, I know there are two but the second is clarifying the first. The results will be shared, minus names provided.

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6 thoughts on “Survey Question-Why do you put that book down?

  1. I started writing and illustrating a graphic sci-fi novel. got to chapter two and then i stopped. life sucks and then you die. the human race is insane.

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  2. I rarely put a book down but if I do, it is forever. Gratuitous profanities and violence. You know, when the words are just to shock but don’t enhance a story. When eyeballs and guts get ripped out page after page to describe the action, but not required to move the story forward. And non edited work, I don’t mean a typo that escaped but spellings that hit you in the face over each page. I purchased a hard back for my husband, written by a “celebrity ” produced traditionally and sold in a top chain book store… forty two typos and spellings I counted before I *sigh* and laid it to rest.
    P.S. I am not a prude and I can write with violence between the pages, I swear when my character calls for it, to make a write authentic , and I most certainly make mistakes. But as I write more and more I learn how to get it right. I don’t expect to pay good hard earned cash, in a high street book shop to get that. 😇

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    1. I agree with every word. ‘Celeb’ books and the adventures of rock musicians are dire. The shock value of swearing has been diluted to ‘big yawn’ The list goes on and on. I’m a writer with low expectations (hence my blog title-I revel in it!) but I feel so sorry for those folk trying to make headway in their work when the market in packed with commercial dross (Including lazy writing by those deemed to be commercial or who are worshipped as Great & Good by the professional lit. crit crew)

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