Reflections from Arcadia On Actually Doing What You Said You Would

Warning: This offers no advice at all and may lapse into smugness

ur5vr (Why courage then! What cannot be avoided Twere would be childish weakness to lament or fear)

So, on checking back on the records it would appear I have managed to create and send one post per day as stated…..


This would be the first time such a target has been reached on this site and in consequence I am feeling somewhat relieved. For not to do so in public only serves to decrease one’s credibility and folk will talk Mens_Coats_1872_Fashion_Plate

This has been quite fun and a challenge and I would extend my thanks to all of you who have read and  commented on ‘things’ over the past week. Actually completing this every day was a source of satisfaction, even if I did waver a bit and possibly cheat by including the occasional rant

However this has not been without costmelodramaFor the writing of the book has suffered and inconsequence the characters have been getting rather fractious tn-500_201301150202 and demanding I stop with my ego trip (which is a bit hysterical of them, but you know how characters can be when they get their feet under the plot and feel they are running the show)Andronicus1_2572537b)

So the reflections will probably only turn up maybe twice a week from now on. This may seem drastic Cym-001-1873-5-from-Library-Shakespeare-P_C_56_06and 8d8f41c1217d3007621ceda397c48ef6unpopular oh

But  Life is full of hard choices thE11YBTYO

Thank you for your support and input, thus I must away to my narrative 35fe5d2718a60f4046d53bdc1e2bd495





victorian-etiquetts-1 until another day good sirs and dear ladies….


.latin_3024658b (Did  you see how many repeat captions he put in here? ‘Bout time he stopped if you ask me!)







9 thoughts on “Reflections from Arcadia On Actually Doing What You Said You Would

  1. Enjoyed it, rants and all… or is that rants for all, and all for rants? Nooooo… I don’t think that’s quite it. In fact if memory serves (well sometimes it has little choice) that would be blatant plagiarizing of Alexander Dumb Ass. Say what, I mean, Who? And was that senior or junior?

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