Do you Judge Poverty? Be ASHAMED !

Be fair. Has to be said

Tiffany Belle Harper

A reminder to financially stable people. You may not be happy, content. Perhaps you’re left asking questions? But let me tell you this, you have choice and you have no right whatsoever to judge those less fortunate.

There are people living on the streets who have fought for your country. There are shamans, former priests and teenagers who sell their bodies just to eat.


So don’t tell me they should do yoga and meditate. The last thing on their mind is well-being. They’re just looking for somewhere warm and a place they can call home. Albeit a shed or a tent.

So  if you lead a ‘more’ privileged lifestyle, stop and think before you put your big ideas on to those who do not have choice.

So to those for ‘today’  who don’t have what others take for granted. Cherish your dreams, let help find you and may your hearts…

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