What Is It Lately??

Now this is the Art of Rant at its highest standard

Secret Diary of a Middle Aged Woman

What is it lately with the ever changing face of my local population? And in my middle age I find a lot of it is irritating me more and more.

I’ve got over the women who think it’s acceptable to walk around in pyjamas, especially the ones who actually buy pyjamas to walk around in. I’ve got over the women who have designed their eyebrows on two strips of extra wide duct tape in jet black to match their roots. But for the life of me I find I am increasingly irritated by the following people.

Drivers in 4 x 4’s Not all drivers, I hasten to add, as some of you need a 4 x 4 because you are a vet, work on a farm or live in a rural area that is frequently sprinkled with snow. It’s the city 4×4 drivers that I can’t stand. Especially the ones…

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