So about this ‘Belief’ thing. Reflections from Arcadia

I really must stop troll-hunting on ‘Have Your Say’ sites and ‘Fourm(es). Aside from the fact that arguing with them is like shooting fish in a barrel (itself an occupation which is doomed to failure as the first shot goes through the barrel, the water runs out, and then someone comes rushing at you waving an axe ‘cause the shot kept right on going into their garden and parted their hair…I digress); it also brings out the slavering, predatory, sardonic Punisher (as per Marvel Comics) in me, which is someone I try to keep comatosed these days. He was once let loose to write a 400 page fantasy novel soaked in violence upon those who brought violence; there was no plot just; scenes based on Death Wish I & II, only slower in the despatching of folk.

No, let me stroll in the fresher air through bright sun-lit lanes of the WordPress writing community. Folk who love writing, folk who strive to write, folk who share their gifts and experience, folk who are suffering but find a courageous way to put it all down into words and folk who challenge with their art. This is a far richer land.Yep! This is Arcadia (Yea! I forged the link in!!)

Anyway, so reading through the posts and the opinions I encounter a whole myriad of views, beliefs and outlooks. All through the medium of The Writer, and in this constructive place there is so much encouragement to a view which has grown within me for a few years, as follows..

When faced with a world view it’s not what you believe that counts amongst the world community it’s how you treat your neighbours on this planet that counts. Of course that is nothing new, but it’s worth repeating. Compassion, Respect and Tolerance (CRT)

So, I’m a convert to Roman Catholicism and this forms the foundation of my Faith Belief. But who am I to judge that someone who espouses to these goals of CRT by a different path is not ‘doing it right’? We all know the whole question of believing in a supreme being, or not, or another power which is not a deity is an area which is heavy with potential for furious exchange (and a lot worse). Why does that have to be so? To repeat who are we as individuals to judge another taking a different path to the same goal?

I have interests in things scientific; far too many than is good for my memory cells, but the little knowledge retained does help when viewing belief and faith against the backdrop of the Universe and its constituent parts.

To move to a cosmological scale, which helps when viewing Creation, we’re part of a 14 billion light sized/aged universe; the scale is so vast that there are clusters of galaxies forming even bigger clusters (clusters of clusters). When you consider that in our own galaxy there are at the bottom estimate One Hundred, Thousand, Million; (that is like One Hundred Thousand, millions) stars then that makes for a lotta stars with a lotta planets. Now that’s big. So from my theistic, Abrahamic Christian perspective in such a potential proliferation of intelligent life forms (which we might never meet due to distances issue) why should I have the monopoly on Truth. Is it so unreasonable to believe that God has lain out Truth in a myriad of ways so that the vastness of Life can comprehend in ways understandable to each different type.

Now consider other end of the scale, down in the quantum scales of the unimaginably small, where the very particles’ natures defy the comprehension of our three-dimensionally wired minds. Take Light; Light can be a particle; it can be a wave. Now back to my belief in God and someone else believes in; say an Earth-Religion. Is it not acceptable to say ‘Ok,’ one to the other. ‘This Creation is something beyond our concepts. Let’s just work together to bring some sort of sense, order, peace and joy to the world. You do it your way, I’ll do it mind, and we’ll try not to tread on each other’s toes (Which being human, we will, but will restrict our remarks to allegoricals ‘Ooops. Sorry’ ‘Oh it’s alright. You’d want to steer clear of clumsy me first thing in the morning,’).

And suppose someone believes this is either part of some greater law of physics, or a chance event and there is no entity or empathetic force behind it all. Again, I ask- are you on board with CRT? If so no problem. Do what you can to spread the word.

I once chanced upon a USA radio station religious broadcast in which an atheist scientist was being interviewed. She must have been well known, because she remarked she had letters from Christians who said they enjoyed listening to her and would pray for her. To which she said with chuckle ‘And that’s so sweet’. Oh man what standards to live up to! That both parties could accept the other in a spirit of such generosity! (In the UK say that to members of a very vocal minority and steam will shoot out of their ears that one should dare to intrude upon their- well I dunno actually since they make a big fuss about not believing in a supreme being).

So if you embrace Compassion, Respect and Tolerance I really don’t worry about how you continue on your journey. If you don’t, well (hey….you don’t want ‘him’ to be uncomatosed- trust me, he is ,at best a spiteful mocking jerk)

There is room enough for all of us, but not if we include for the mistakes of Hate, Intolerance, or even Mockery. Embrace those and the person’s words are at the least liken unto that from the lower parts of a person who has gorged on beans.

At worse? Well are they ready to take responsibility for this, because that is where their path , untitled make no mistake.

So my dear bright and prolific writers fill the world with your creations. Never give up. Continue to spread your words, reach out and strengthen this Community. Best wishes to you all. Never give up on your dreams or plans, and most importantly support each other.


6 thoughts on “So about this ‘Belief’ thing. Reflections from Arcadia

  1. I’m a de-converted Catholic… but I agree with your conclusion: compassion. I think that compassion would automatically include respect and tolerance, or it’s not compassion.

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  2. Agreed! And let’s not forget about CRT for the other creatures of the Earth. My inner “Punisher” is activated when I hear about elephant poaching, dog fighting, industrial agriculture and other cruelties visited on animals by a species that presumes to call itself “wise.” Good post!

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