So Watcha Gonna Next Uh? – Reflections from Arcadia

I am in the enjoying stage of writing my book,thE11YBTYO so much so that it was time for a wander back down the work-thus-far and re-write for continuity, spellyng and removing those ‘what-the-heck-were-you-thinking-of ‘passages.Disbelief


Also there is a definite need to tightenrunning training up on my writing process and disciplines. So I set myself the task of blogging each day, oh (stop that! It’s not nice!)and thus the idea of a lofty title for the project was born. Yes, Reflections from Arcadia. The title denotes a certain wistful, perceptive, yet detached approach to the sundered foibles which swirl about one. Such a statement will embrace the reader and set within them the empathetic predisposition to engage with the subject matter. literature_authors_frost      th8O14X4T3




There will be no specific direction. The best way to explain, is from a recollection way back in the early 1980s. I went up to our daughters’ room (5 & 3 respectively) to see if they gone to sleep. They were both awake and looking quite cheerful. “Hello? What you doing?” I asked “Oh just talking,” replied Meg (5 and spokesperson). “About what?” “Oh food, and days and things,” This is now our household phrase for generalities.

Only, sorry but there’ll be no discussion about food.


My cooking skills are basic. My aspirations in this area are even more so. Shove something in the oven/microwave/toaster and that’s fine by me, as is meat, cheese or jam slapped in between two slices of bread (even better with the latter two)

For those not used to my…..errr….style? Humour might get mixed up with serious stuff, I will try and highlight that. Any profundities will arise quite by accident. There will no plagiarisms, because how do you know ‘they’ dostoevsky  didn’t steal it off someone who didn’t get the chance to get it published AND there’s that coincidence thing …. uh-uh-uh? (You know how I feel, don’t you?. We’ve all been there!!)

Oh yeah, there might be rants.

Daffy duck

Anyway, that’s me for the day


WordPress posts don’t read themselves y’know.

Then there are those re-writes…..


Until tomorrowur5vr  and


yep! tomorrow…


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