The Treasonous Ways of Men Are On My Mind

Rachael Ritchley’s Third Volume of the ‘Twelve Realms is under way. These are truly entertaining and captivating books which can be read by ‘All Ages’.
Not only does Rachael write them, but creates the covers, does cool YouTube promotions and markets them.
Visit her blog not just for details on the books but also on ‘how it can be done’

Rachael Ritchey

WORK IN PROGRESS!  WIP-ping it out here. haha

Okay, so this is totally first draft stuff, but I thought today would be a good day (sunny and bright) to share an excerpt from my current WIP, The Treasonous. This is the third book in the Chronicles of the Twelve Realms, and it’s coming together kind of slowly, but I’m loving the characters.

Map of the Twelve Realms Map of the Twelve Realms

If you will remember, Florian is one of the twelve guardsmen knights of High Prince Theiandar. He is from the realm of Wyeth. In The Beauty Thief we found out that he was raised south of Wyeth Castle. His nobleman father and his mother were killed when Florian and his sister were both young. They were told that raiders from Crescent Cave had murdered their parents, and they were sent to live with their uncle whose manor was near the castle. In…

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