Jumpin’ Jelly Beans!! I’m On A Par With Brandon Sanderson!!!


I have had one of those glorious moments of affirmation of knowing my work is on the right track and it will only be a question of time before my name, will be there alongside the giants of Fantasy!!!

Let me explain dear reader, while there is still enough coherence in my febrile brain.


My MP3 player was doing sterling service treating me to the audiobook version of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings,  Way of Kings     Book One of The Stormlight Archive; then suddenly half-way through one of the minor characters makes reference to a saying revolving around a person having eyes of Red and Blue!! ……………. The self-same attribute I gave to one of my own characters!!

Wow! What are the chances of such!!

Now some might quibble over a little ting such as Mr Sanderson’s book being in print before mine; but I would be willing to swear upon the entire Mistborn Collection that I had never read/heard the book in question until this very month, whereas my books have been out there for three, two and one year respectively!! In fact I may have been writing of the Red & Blue around about the same time.

Naturally I defer to Mr Sanderson.

(Today’s lesson: One takes encouragement and affirmation wherever and whenever one can)



7 thoughts on “Jumpin’ Jelly Beans!! I’m On A Par With Brandon Sanderson!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa
      (Would you believe I once unknowingly created a character looking just like Sharon Stone in the ‘Quick and the Dead’…’sept with crossbow not guns, and one day I walk into the room and my daughters are watching the preview of said film …..arrgh!. My poor characters had to get shrunk, have a hair change, lose a few years, and an entire culture!)

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