The Patchwork Warriors (Ep.1)


Here we go then…. The facts only, lest the nerves do fail and allow more diversions…


The first episode of the Patchwork Warrior; contains the Prologue.

This book and subsequent books have their origins in the following previous trilogy:

The Nearly Not Quite Paladins (by R J Llewellyn – searches under the name only will reveal links to academic works and sometimes erotic literature- the writer of this blog stresses he has no link with either in any shape or form being quite ill-suited to either genre). This is how they look (1st lesson -as stated earlier- don’t be lazy with your book covers and hope everyone thinks your choice was in the spirit of irony; it does not work)


As stated in earlier posts, these are flawed; and are not recommended for purchase. At one stage I was confident I held control over the supply because the cheapest source was a small retail outlet called Lx51 (and guess who runs Lx51?); but now there is/are second-hand copies which are ex-library which if read literally means that my local library have ditched the free copies donated thus….Oh bother! (said Pooh).

The irreplaceable Rachael Ritchley has taken on the task of reading all of volume one. For this I am at one grateful & humbled

However, you can take one of those free reads at Amazon on each volume to get some more background information, and should anyone(s) want further insights, then I’m sure something can be worked out without you have to purchase a copy. Fer (sic) once I am stone-cold serious, every time a copy is opened for reference…wham!..a spelling, continuity or some other error hits me!!…..But we’ve been over this ground before, let’s get onto the new stuff:


A Prologue……

A commentary on some of the compositions of Humanity and its Histories.

They were lost to the World Physical; The Lord God’s Jewel and thus in common with many things became legends, foundations for sayings or arguments for one point or another. For once anyone is seized by History they no longer have any say in their subsequent identities.

Some would have argued since they were all dead it did no matter one jot.

Others contended there was no particular evidence for that status, but they only voiced these thoughts in whispers; speaking such sentiments out loud would at best call question on your sanity, at worse draw your identity to the attention of those charged with maintaining the stability of the realm.

And those so charged would argue, with some justification that stability had been hard fought for. These would say the age of these legends had been one of dangerous foolhardiness. In those days too many had thought they controlled forces which had no business being in the World Physical; The Lord God’s Jewel. The determined officials would maintain it had been a time of too much superficiality about the handling of crises and portents. There had been too much tolerance. Even if there had been warnings a’ plenty for far earlier times, but no one had learnt the lessons. In The Age of Conceits.

All this our officials would say had led to the Age of Retributions; the times when the very existence of Humanity had once more been in doubt. Not just because of the dreadful angers of Nature’s weathers, but from creatures. Creatures of many shapes and diverse cunnings, some native to that blight, others once Humanity contorted by its influence. But it was preached, by faith diligent, courage forbearance and casting off these blighted forces survival had been earned; with no help from any legendary figures, it was said.

Thus the aftermath of the Age of Retributions was proclaimed the Age of Remorse, in which people were now taught ever to be mindful of the path which had nearly led to destruction. They were warned there would be no thinking of legendary figures with fond regard, there would no be wallowing in nostalgia for a time of folly. For had not these alleged legends been found wanting? There would be no, talk of the vague, treacherous and unnatural blight, The Ethereal, now officially termed The Stommigheid. Taken from an ancient northern coastal tongue it translates into Foolishness, a suitable description the authorities thought, with enough of the ominous into its pronunciation to yet again remind everyone that the legends had been based on irresponsible and careless folk.      

This was thus how matters should have been in this Age of Remorse.

Save for the constant which is; There are always those who will use any means to gain power or advantage; some out of ignorance, others being gamblers and some calculators. In this age they shared a trait, to seek out any who dealt in or studied The Ethereal by whatever means it was named, and use them to best advantage; ones who romanced with the Past, the pioneers who believed lessons had been learnt and the future would be brighter

Which brought about the unfortunate comedy of those responsible with the suppression and destruction of The Ethereal, were obliged from time to time to use the self-same force.

A few very quiet and wise commentators would shake their heads and draw the conclusion that in truth nothing in all of Humanity’s long and turbulent history had really changed. The only question being, had Humanity finally run out of Last Chances?

Had the barriers between the realms finally become so fragile? Would there finally be the often predicted rupture allowing the true agents of annihilation to have their sport?

As was not uncommon the answer might well rely on Variables. Unforeseen events in Nature and some who by no intention became caught up in events anyway.

The Variables, as it were.

The factors which oft play a part far beyond anyone’s planning….

End of Episode 1

(Observations of Episode 1.)

Prologues are a tricky thing, and a pain.

Y’know they will be the first thing the reader sees and therefore create the impression and set the tone. Sure, they are easy to rattle off when you are writing for yourself, but when the time comes to clean them up, because you know someone will be reading them…Argh!

I was fiddling and tinkering abut with it for the past 24 hours, (not continually you understand); and could spend possibly another month on the thing….Oh fribbit! I said. Let be done with it!!

Over to you folks




4 thoughts on “The Patchwork Warriors (Ep.1)

  1. Hi Roger: I’ve read the prologue, not speed-read as I normally read blog posts, and because of my own awareness of past (an in past lives) and travels into the future of earth and man, and my general if superficial knowledge of misfit man’s sad and repetitive history, I was immediately drawn into the story as you lay it out so clean and brief: dead on. Having an editor would save you a lot of time and re-re-re-writing too. I see a few little things here that need addressing, not serious stuff. You have an interesting way of using language, not American, not Canadian – a bit more “lofty” in tone. Adds flavour, I like it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much Sha’Tara. Glad the prologue ‘worked’ for you.
      I’m trying to take this project seriously and am giving some thought to the ‘editor’ issue, but that’s for further down the road.
      Thanks again, I hope the future episodes will be entertaining for you.


      1. I’ll read them. I like the “short chunks” style. I’m thunkin’ that maybe I should borrow that idea for my ether-dust collecting e-books. Hmmm… Do I feel that powerful necessity to do that? … not yet! 🙂 So anyway, keep ’em coming. Do you want “flags” along the way when I find stuff that you’d like to be told about? I don’t want to be a pain either.

        Liked by 1 person

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