So About This Book I’m Writing

Harrr-arrh ship-mates! Time to strike out upon the voyage of discovery!! Belay there! Hoist the main sail of the Good Ship Imagination! Look lively ye swabs! Harr-Arrh! Shiver my syntax! Look lively there and haul aboard the plot! Make safe the characters! Belay there ye reflex pronoun of the lubber! Get to the riggin’ an’make good the top sail!! Karrr-st off and wave farewell to yer sweethearts and make rude gestures to the debate-collectors! Avast behind!! (But never say that in the company of ladies, unless you likes getting a kick in the ballast-Harrh-harrr!!…Belay there! And here’s to Davy Jones’ locker, it’s full of notebooks—Harrrr!)


Pause to reflect; realise one has fallen in far too deep with the metaphors and the allegory; but decide to keep it in as a headline grabber, go and make a cup of tea (four sugars) and continue in a more sober vein- Stupid Reality! Why has it got to go and spoil everything?)

So, the book The Patchwork Warriors, I’m at 40,000+, words and as usual, nothing is going according to plan. Certain elevations in my approach have been made. The chapters are shorter. Deaths are happening to folk I liked. Some villains have depth. Oh, yeh I read this interesting post the other day (and promptly forgot where I read it), but the author discussed the approach of writing dialogue without ending it as ‘he said’ ‘she said’ and so forth, so I have been experimenting with making the conversations speak for themselves; that’s fun. And as it’s a fantasy novel, it is of course Volume One, so I’ve lots of room to have characters come and go to turn up in later volumes.  

However as:

Firstly I am trying to be serious about my writing

Secondly: The reason for this blog is to be something of a warning as to how not to do things

Thirdly As per earlier posts this is the narrative of a book in creation. So future posts will include parts of the book, in a sequential order. You are free to exam these and post comments, and these will be taken on board in the spirit of “Argh! Why did I not see that? Time for a revision” or “Ooh, it works! It works!”. In short positively.

The intention being to ensure I don’t drift off into something else other than writing, and also to share an experience, which it is hoped (as oft repeated hereabouts) will be of use to visitors.

And oh yeh, you get to read a fantasy novel in little bite-sized episodes. In this I like to think I am in the company of Dickens and Dostoyevsky cartoon-guy-laughing-pointing-bent-over-31869170

So some time in the next two days you will see….. 

The Prologue!!latin_3024658b




7 thoughts on “So About This Book I’m Writing

  1. In the company of Dickens and Dostoevsky, hmmm, no hubris here I can detect, let’s check the other rooms for clues shall we, sergeant? Writing a book is a lot of fun… publishing a book… hmmm… not so much. Someday I may even try publishing some of mine. Problem is, each time I re-read I get buried in an avalanche of edits and comments like, “Aw, this is shit!” followed by more coffee and chocolate chip cookies, deletions, un-deletions, predilections of duty, more coffee and more chocolate chip cookies; a trip to the “dépanneur” for more chocolate chip cookies… well, that’s the long and the short of it and I can’t tell where one begins and the other begins again… there is certainly no endings in sight, not even from the crows nest.

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