The Time of Decision.

After much consideration

I have decided that the ‘S’ is going to go.

Whereas I will continue to navigate the world of writing with all the poise, elegance and constructive foresight of a happy young Labrador loose in an antique emporium, it does not seem fair to assume spokespersonship (not recognise by ‘Word’) for others in the writing community.

In reaching this conclusion I must extend my thanks to



Modern Authors

Nick Verron

Sue Vincent

For their input, suggestions and support.


From here on in, it will be the intention to alternate the blog into the following themes;

An up-date on how the current book is progressing. This use of ‘progressing’ is arguable as the word suggests an advance in a steady direction. Nevertheless this will be an account. I will not be offended if there will be readers who will have a notebook on hand entitled; ‘Things To Be Avoided’

Various topics on the question of writing which have attracted my imagination or struck a chord …….

I will try not to repeat those raised in previous posts. Advice which does arise should not always be taken ‘as read’; the reader may wish to refer this to another writer for their opinion.

Finally, though probably not a regular occurrence, will be my adventures in finessing my blog. There can be no possible predictions or statement of intentions as quite frankly I do not have a clue. Although the blog’s first year is approaching this does not take into account my predilection for being able to find for those chaotic and inappropriate option when confronting computer related matters. (F’instance the current avatar arose by accident, so goodness knows what would happen with anything more advanced). The most modest and possibly attainable idea will be to back-track through other people’s blogs looking for advice AND, there does seem to be a WordPress publication in the UK in the form of a magazine which purports to be a beginner’s guide. This last one is quite a challenge as I can no longer blame a possessed laptop for things going wrong.

So for the moment I bid you all a (UK time) good evening, and once again thanks for your interest in this site


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