Avoiding Negativity and Getting in the Zone

In my early posts I tackled this topic in an off-the-wall style.
This is by far superior in its lucidity and strength of message.
Required reading for all writers.


5 thoughts on “Avoiding Negativity and Getting in the Zone

  1. I know some folks whose trademark is to chew out their ney sayers. Other than that, there is an option of banning people… Great post! I’ll try to remember, because occasionally on the web (in the comment threads to stuff that is not my work) I can get really feisty and snarky. Not good 🙂

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    1. I mean, I would comment something, and a person would say that what I just said is stupid, and my mother is ugly on and on… That normally leads to a comment about my fb profile photo, that a person went out of his way to find, oh… Not good. 🙂 I have not encountered none of that yet about my work, but I know this day will come.

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      1. It can be hurtful out there.
        From my experience on WordPress there has been a great deal of benefit from following as many blogs are your schedule allows.
        There are some great tips on writing, and making your work known. Folk are willing to be Beta Readers and are helpful to the authors.
        A blogger may not have a large number of followers, likes or comments, but putting your work out there and getting a few likes and a comment every once in a while, sure is good for the self-esteem and the building up of a positive out-look.
        Stick with WordPress for a while, breathe it in.

        Take care, and once more best wishes.
        (And keep on keeping on)


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    2. Truth be known we’ve all been there. I used go News sites ‘Have Your Say’ pages for the sole purpose of ridiculing people I ‘judged’ as trolls or bigots…As you say ‘Not Good’.
      This is why I love WordPress, all writers in the common love and joy of writing. It’s supportive, friendly and if there are differences they are discussed in a positive and reasoned manner.

      Best wishes with your endeavours


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      1. Yes. I stopped going to space.com because anything I say in comments was confronted with an asphalt truck… And then I’d spend all day recovering and complaining to my husband, who would kindly ask why I commented in the first place. Why? That never occurred to me 🙂 WordPress is a lot different. I did not have a single slightly negative comment (although my grammar deserves it!).


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