A Soldier’s Good-Bye

Be honest folks, this is true poetry in word and vision. (Military folk aren’t machines)

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

I could hear the weeping willows bellowing


The look of terror in people’s eyes


Seemed as stormy as the winter sky .

Gear was packed with clothes, boots, hats…

Shots were administered,

images (8)

And M-16’s and body bags were issued for every every soldier going abroad .

images (9)

Good-byes were said to family and friends


And many tears were bled,


A sick and hideous thought lurked in the back of everyone’s mind—

What will this person going away look like dead?


Planes were boarded with soldiers gear and all.


Engines roared signaling preparation for takeoff

Which gave everyone on board a chance to look back at their loved ones


And seeing that last tear fall from their eye


Turning around and facing forward the plane began to roll away and there was no looking back!

As the planes were beginning to ascend

images (8)

Many broken hearted and fearful soldiers broke down and cried.

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2 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Good-Bye

    1. It is indeed a beautifully constructed montage reminding us of the humanity.
      Yep, we’re all here, ‘poddling’ along; my wife is working on bringing together 30 of her poems to submit into a competition with the winner having a booklet of those poems produced free of charges under the poetry outlet’s name. All exciting!


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