Indentity Crisis (es)

It’s the title of the blog y’see, Heroically -Bad- Writer…S…..let me explain.

I was re-blogging the other day and a sudden insight occurred. ‘Wait. The way you’re going about this. Could it not be construed that you are including this writer in an all-embracing sub-genre of Bad-Writers? There are 50+ followers now. Reflect upon this issue’.

So after my wife convinced me to get down from the rockery and put my trousers back on (It’s the cup of tea with three spoonfuls of sugar. Works every time) and settled me down, I realised this matter for once would have to be addressed in a mature and responsible manner.

That brought on a headache. Reality is fine in small measures; I suppose, but addressing the said circumstance as in The Big Picture is a great effort.

For a start stop including other writers in the title. That ‘S’ has to go

Then there was problem with ‘Bad’. When one considers this, should one be embracing the term as in the Urbanesque 1980s indication of rebellion and individuality? Or in a more dynamic perspective; is the word ‘Bad’ being seen as a statement of subversive confrontationalism against the strictures and norms of the contemporary? There again to re-visit the original self-referential and deceptively deprecating humour of the original sub-theme become redundant in the evolution of the in blog itself. Or there again is it just a load of poobah?

In short dear reader, let me address you directly

(Pause for you to and replenish or start a receptacle of your favoured beverage of the hour)

You see, I need your help here; the decision is weighing me down. The stress is such that my consumption of extra strong mints is nearing the Mint-Event- Horizon after which everything I consume will taste of mint; not a happy thought.

So should the word ‘Heroically’ be replaced by ‘Unreservedly’ or ‘Continually’ to avoid the charge of confrontational or self-aggrandisement?

‘Bad’ as illustrated above should probably go. ‘Determined’ as a certain dignity; there again ‘Resilient’ has a certain rugged appeal, but as I am British, it does sound a trifle pushy when referring to oneself. ‘Imperturbable’ has a certain gravitas, but when you say Unreservedly Imperturbable, quickly, a few times it does sound clumsy and lends itself to coming out as ‘Unreservedly Imperturbabably’

Of course having removed the ‘S’ thus making the whole thing in the singular, now requires the title to have an indefinite article. ‘The’ would be just plain arrogant like I was the only one on the planet.

So I’ve managed to decide on ‘Bad’ and ‘S’ going


Err… (help)


19 thoughts on “Indentity Crisis (es)

      1. It seems like you are. I also find a lot of words people use unnecessarily complex words that not many people understand and while it’s still a word a simple message is much better as more people can understand it! 🙂

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      2. Yep! ‘Interesting’ as in the Chinese curse ‘May you live in interesting time’. ‘Boring’ no, confusing, annoying, exasperating, stupid, obtuse, weird to name but a few, but never ‘boring’ (Think of Alice in Wonderland)

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  1. Ok, ok, just relax…. relax….. lie back…. here, have a couple more mints… now let’s look at this again. Heroically bad writers is really quite good and you really shouldn’t let what you think others think weigh in against your choice, or choices for that matter. But why should it include other bad writers (not that there aren’t already too many of them out there, some sadly having wormed their way into the New York Times Best Sellers’ boondoggle)? Why not just one truly heroic bad writer? Not “THE HBW” but just plain HBW. No the. Drop the “s” and we’re done. Now, if you also drop the “Bad” then you have more problems, and your level of stress will definitely take you to that frightening mint overdose. We don’t want that, do we. So we keep the bad. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

    I think if you come back and see me again, shall we say, Friday morning we can achieve more positive results. If not, I will prescribe something a bit more specific to your particular disorder than mints. Monique will give you an appointment on your way out, Mr. um… yes, good day to you.

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  2. I think you should keep the name as it is. A bold statement, I know, but hear me out.
    First, let’s look at the use of the word “bad”. There are many writers out there who are “bad” at it, or at least, “not good.” Not all of us are so delusional as to think we are actually good. While “bad” and “good” are completely subjective, I think it is perfectly acceptable as an adjective. Plus, it fits perfectly with the “heroically” bit.
    Now, let’s talk about that first word. To me, the word “heroically” in conjunction with “bad” conjures and image of a writer who doesn’t necessarily think they are very good at writing, but will continue to strive on and improve themselves. They’re bad, but in a positive way, and probably won’t be bad forever. I think, or hope, I fit into this category.
    This brings me neatly to my last point, the “s”. I think having the title pluralized like you do brings a sense of community. That, while it is your space to put out into the world, it is also a place for others who might consider themselves heroically bad writers to come. It’s the same way I call myself Modern Authors despite the fact that there is very clearly only one of me. I don’t think bringing others in is necessarily a bad thing.
    Well, there’s my two cents. Do what you will with it.

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      1. My son (the one with all the hair up there) could perhaps have mentioned that the word ‘bad’ in the urban vernacular of his generation is used with inverted meaning, so, were you to adopt an approach to your title that is cool enough to freeze, you would actually be proclaiming how good said heroic writers are 😉

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