Once More Unto The Keyboard Dear Friends!

Finally purchased the new laptop! The old one sits lurking in a spare room, chained and subject to secret runes, written with a fountain pen and upon thirty-year-old best writing paper; I have yet to decide the fate of this corrupted machine.

So gifted with a sense of freedom and goodwill, it would seem time to turn to the subject; this book currently transferred by memory stick, store on a Cloud. For after all if one is claiming to be a writer then one should demonstrate that one is writing!… Right? (or should that be ‘Write!’…right?).

So to recap. Once there were three volumes put together under The Nearly Not Quite Paladins (aka NNQP). The stories were comic and set sometime in our future. There was a mysterious event which left a legacy of The Ethereal; a power which enabled gifted folk to work what you could call magics, either by empathy with The Ethereal or by construction of devices. This was misused in profligate ways resulting in an age termed The First Wars, resulting in disasters. Civilisation survived, just about. In addition to this world there were a variety of satellite realms inhabited by populations warped by The Ethereal, Elven (pretentiously artistic) Gorthorn (think orcs with intelligence and a set of values) and the ‘doomed’ Shadow Lords (once rulers and careless with The Ethereal); there were also demonic creatures which seemed to have come along with The Ethereal. I never did clarify everything on account of having too much fun recounting the adventures of three folk foiling a very talented princess from taking over the whole world, while also stopping various rebellions. Volume four was on its way when it appeared there were far too many plots and groups vying for power and it all became unworkable.


After some heart-searching and cold-light-of-daying it became apparent that everything was a bit ramshackled (which was ironic as most of the action took place in a similarly run empire).It was too hard a read, the comedy was lost in too much wordage and there were far too many asides and commentaries. And that’s before we get onto the spelling mistakes, punctuation howlers, syntax disasters and continuity upsets. All of which proves one should not write in a bubble and reckon that one is one’s best editor.

At this stage I must offer up a big thanks and acknowledgment to Racheal Ritchley of The Twelve Realms fame for offering to read Volume One of the NNQP. Rachael’s generosity of spirit and work ethic is inspiring and humbling.

So after one false start last winter…. The new venture is set in the same world a few centuries later. It seems that somewhere between the end of third volume of the NNQP and this first volume, something once more went horribly wrong with The Ethereal and yet again the world was nearly destroyed. As a result the work with The Ethereal has been, supressed, banned and most devices destroyed. This stricture of course is ignored. Powerful groups, bold adventurers and inquiring minds are set upon pushing back the boundaries. This has dangers, whereas in the first trilogy the Shadow Lords, Elven and Gorthorn were prominent, little is known of them now, but the demonic realms are closer and far too many people are willing to take risks in literally pushing the boundaries.

The first volume will be an introduction while charting the struggle between forces of caution (the establishment), progress (the secret studies of The Ethereal), opportunity (commercial ventures seeing a business opportunity of The Ethereal) and crime & destruction (those who would use the demonic beings). Currently this is along the lines of three disparate folk ending up as unwilling or unwitting elements in stopping the demonic incursion while trying to stay alive in the four-way fight. The principals are three young women (one with an Ethereal empathy; one who gets ‘infected’ by the Ethereal and one who tries to cope with the ‘mechanical’ side of it- gets stuck with a machine she doesn’t care for). This is a deliberate parallel with the original books only  then the dynamic was two men and one young woman. There is much resourcing from the first three books but no one reads to read those; it’s only me re-cycling.

Although trying not to a comic outing it is difficult for me to keep my humour in check, but there is less slapstick, burlesque, satire, and rom-com; hopefully more drama; at least tension.

So there is the outline, at present. Currently 25,000+ words and after a couple of re-reads a buzz that this might work.  Working title The Patchwork Warriors. (Story Arc: working title…. err still working on that bit)

Lessons learnt thus far

Keep your characters in check.

At some stage ask for Beta Readers

Seek out an editor

Seek out cover designs.

Keep note of the wise advice on WordPress.


Also, don’t falter, or listen to doubt…… just keep on keeping on.(Y’know the proto-types of this current book a’fore some of you were born and not no-how I am giving up on anything)


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