You Write. Your Right

OK, there’s this saying, used by folk who believe themselves to astute and witty when it comes to literature:

“Everyone has a book inside of them, and in most cases that’s where it should stay”

Like which muse transcended unto a higher plane of Creation and set upon your pointed head the mantle of Custodian of the literary muse of all Space & Time????

And then we have that type who being a self-anointed sophisticate and incisive literary giant pollutes Amazon Reviews who seeks out Kindle Books which are free and languidly or sharply informs us all that it has been put as free in the ‘desperate’ hope that someone will read it


Ok then Captain Judgemental! Let’s see your effort then! C’mon, enter the link on your review so we can all bask in the glow of your magnificent efforts and read in silent awe while we whisper ‘Can mere mortals achieve such heights?’   Where is it then? Huh? C’mon now, don’t be shy, we’re all here on tender hooks!!!

Yeh, I’know. I’m getting down now before I fall off.

The idea of folk denigrating other folks’ efforts for the cheap reason that they which to seem superior is generally infuriating. I’m restricting myself (luckily) just to the world of writing as anything else would be wildly going of topic. Now there are publications I would rather not be out there. The ones which encourage hate of another group of people on grounds of race, religion, creed etc are the type I am thinking about, but it would seem to be the price we pay for Freedom. There are others, but these are my own personal tastes (prejudices?), and are best kept to me muttering to myself when I’ve run out of profanities or excuses when I can’t find a fuse, screwdriver or any other vital household items, which has hidden itself.

All that said and off the chest, it is time to say, therefore all of you have the right to put into  words the thoughts and images you have in your mind, heart, spirit, whatever. Sure we will all fail from time to time, we will struggle and strive to put our work ‘out there’ and will find little or no recognition. It happens, we have are or will be there.

It does not matter.

Keep on writing, creating, never give up. Never listen to the naysayers.

There are those who will be willing to offer constructive advice, there are those who will be happy to point you in the right direction. These are the ones who are glad to see you and striving and share the joy of your creation.

So you have your say. You post those words on a blog, craft those words into a book; in fact look back at your blog posts there may be a book there; just needs a bit of tying together.

And when your work has been launched into the public arena remember by your own efforts, your own muse, you made the event possible; no one can take that away from you.

I meant to have written this sometime ago, but there were so many good blogs to read; I’m about 20,000 words behind in my book; same reason. This seems to some it all up

All of you and your words


11 thoughts on “You Write. Your Right

  1. Well, yes, good thing you jumped off before you fell through that poor old soapbox… 🙂 But yes, that needed to be said, after all, although I personally haven’t experienced that sort of critique. Come to think of it, I don’t have anything on Amazon, so maybe that’s why? 🙂 I suppose of someone wants to be an author (not just a writer) then they’d better develop a thick skin… and a wonderful sense of humour. My favourite authors know how to do justice to humour. I just finished reading all (or most) of Craig Johnson’s Sheriff Walt Longmire novels – loved the stories and the down to earth cowboy humour, i.e., “A horse is only afraid of two things: things that move and things that don’t.” “Horse sense is what tells a horse never to bet on a human.” “I’m asked sometimes what makes a good cop. Typing has a lot to do with it but noticing things helps.”

    Personally, if I decided to actually put one of my novels – I have three or four of them on the hard drive and they’re certainly not nudging me to be exposed – on public display (likely for free and no copyright attached) it would be because I have something to share with someone else who may be interested, or I have something that could actually be entertaining. Defend my words? Not a chance – go ahead, say what you will, I know how to shrug and I know how to smile! Also, in case the information is important, I still have both middle fingers…

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    1. Hi Sha’Tara; thanks for your reply.
      I would fall off of all of my soapboxes but know its time to come down when my wife patiently say ‘Yes dear’.
      I like the sound of the Longmire books, must investigate.
      And hope one day you will put your novels into the public domain, and I salute that attitude ‘both middle fingers’- excellent!

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  2. I needed to read this! I have been stretching my comfort zone as of late (self described introvert, just now finding courage to comment on various blogs even), and ignoring the naysayers, including the one in my own mind. Thank you for this great post, and I am glad you did not fall off the soap box. Not much fun really!

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    1. I’m glad to be of help Bonnie, writing seems to come with a package of self-doubt, but it can be ’emptied out into the wind’. Just keep keeping on. WordPress is a good community with much support and suggestions.
      This time I didn’t fall off my soapbox-I often do! Welcome to my world (lol)
      Best wishes

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  3. I love everything about this, including the comments from some of my favorite bloggers and authors!

    If you want to learn some humility about writing, and reinforce the idea that we should write what we want without worrying about critics, try ghostwriting some time… lol!

    Better yet, don’t. But maybe I will write a blog entry about it someday so you can live it vicariously… 🙂

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