Be This Thine Own Evermore


Firstly I confess to indulging with the title. I made up that phrase some twenty years ago and have been looking for a good reason to use it, AND have not Googled it ‘cas it’s bound to be there and right now I don’t want to know! S’mine…all mine!!

Anyway, so the other day I received this message. 100 likes and I have 35 people following. Now to put this in perspective I regularly read posts which JUSTIFIABLY attract a 100+ likes and dozens of comments on account of them being, informative, or funny, or evocative to name but three qualifying factors. So those stats of mine are, let’s just say in terms of numbers, modest.

But that is not actually the point; those numbers to me are a celebration not of my efforts but of the environment which is this WordPress writing community. The environment being down to the efforts of you, fellow bloggers who encourage directly and by example of your own blogs.

I admit to starting off goofing around, which is something of a fall-back position for me, but the more I explored and read, the more it became apparent there was a whole positive world out there of people producing the most creative and innovative work, putting into words their own thoughts, feelings, ideas, being willing to share, encourage and help. So it was no more living in the bubble, but get out there and get into the community.

Thus those 100+ likes and those 35 followers and the 38(?-memory overload-time for a cuppa tea) followings are the ones that I feel the message celebrates; me I’m just the messenger ‘picking up on the vibe’

Good luck and best wishes to you all. Long may you thrive! (that’s the translation of the title, and honest I was not thinking of Spock when I fashioned it)



12 thoughts on “Be This Thine Own Evermore

  1. That picture of your “follower” noting your milestone on the screen is adorable. Congrats and I agree with you the WordPress community is very welcoming and encouraging!

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    1. The famous icon of Britain…. Paddington The Bear (pause for cheers). In the stories he means well but can end up getting into a bit of a mess thus I can relate to him; often he is my inspiration.
      Thanks for you congrats and yes WordPress is a wonderful place. Free at last from the toxic internet ‘discussion'( scream and insult) forums.

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  2. Good luck to you. The blogging environment is so encouraging and helpful and I dont want to sound clichéd, but its one positive effect of “technology” I’m really thankful for. I don’t know what I would have done without this blog. I would have drowned in boredom. Now I try to keep up with everything and it seems so difficult. I have not been able to comment much these days, but I do make it a point to read. As you say there are so many articles to be read and it is sad that one does not hav enough time. I just wish I could go back to the times of “boredom”

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