For All. Wherever. However

Light of Writing 1

Christmas day & Christmas-time. A religious festival, a great reason for an extended break, somebody else’s idea to be taken advantage of for fun and harmless indulgence. I’m ideally with the first, but truth be known also have a certain affiliation with the other two. Anyhow, wherever you are, whatever reason, I hope you are having a happy time and the day(s) will live up to your expectations.

But….. If you’ve always had happy times during this season then I am glad for you, and if that has not always been the case; how many have been there? Quite a few I’m guessing. If this relates to you, you have my thoughts and sympathies. This can be one of those times which brings unhappiness, disappointment and tragedy into even sharper relief; the feeling of isolation as everyone else seems to be having such a good time. Been there, know how it goes.

So this is for you, writer, blogger in pain or in despair. One thing which cannot be taken from you is your ability to write, create, imagine. Take to your pen, your keyboard, your talent and escape. Fly out and onwards. Soar as I have witnessed so many of you do. Do not look down, or back. Reach upwards head for the clear skies of your ability. Never stop, never doubt. Creation is the goal, your right.

And in conclusion. To all those I’ve encountered on WordPress, thanks you’re opening up whole new worlds to me.




2 thoughts on “For All. Wherever. However

  1. I think the last paragraph is so powerful and indeed one of empowerment. I have come across more than one blog in this Holiday season where folks are determined to do just as you suggest. This time of year is about Hope and Faith and a belief in a better day tomorrow than the last. If someone is on the fence about blogging or writing that means one should at least try in my mind. If that creative light even flickers within it should have every opportunity to burn brightly. And if facing difficult times do write upon those because believe me, most all of us have been there or are there and will encourage you accordingly. I certainly stand ready to do so. Great post. Happy Holidays to you, yours …and your readers!

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