Some Thoughts on Turning Your Supposed Weakness in Assists

24th Nov 1


From reading the many interesting posts and comments I was relieved to find that many folk have misgivings about their styles, motivations approaches etc It would seem, therefore, we all have our judged that these are weakness, and woe- thrice-woe that we shall never, ever be good writers, we shall be less than the dust beneath the chariot wheels of far more talented folk.

Well that’s one point of view.

However, consider this: (Just using the Fantasy writer’s world as analogy). Iron is strong and makes blades and axes, and if you are set on making a point, ugly crown and thrones, but is no good as a currency because it is common and also tough to knock into a titchy delicate detailed shapes. Gold is rare and soft and is cool for making coins to bribe folk and hire mercenaries with. It is also handy for neat crowns and to craft into fine gifts for fine ladies, but if you have a sword made out of it, and in consequence strike your foe’s helm then you’ll end up with a helm shaped sword; you are also on the business end of an iron sword and out of the story-end of chapter-scoot.

From the above illustration it can be noted that two elements have different advantages if put to proper use. So let us consider these ‘weaknesses’ and see if it’s not just a case of putting resources in the wrong places.

As explained previously I have a problem with villains; I don’t like them, personally don’t like them, pathologically (in a mild way) don’t like them. In my previous books they were clowns, buffoons and incompetents set up for a fall. One guy (evil magician) always got his spells wrong; he was assailed by two major characters who in a shared frantic fit for possession of a secret device tore off his trousers; later on it is recorded he was arrested by the local lord for the local crime of Not Wearing Trousers Sufficient Unto Your Status. That might sound (faintly) amusing in small doses but on reflection the recurring theme of demeaning villains in three 100,000 word novels would wear a bit thin. (I seem to recall there were three instances of trousers being lost in embarrassing circumstances). Thus the problem is- if villains (and their henchstaff) are an issue then how can this be turned to an advantage?

Consider history and warfare for example. Take the 18th Century wars of Succession, arcane arguments by the big powers over who they wanted to be ruler of another country. On the face of it there were no actual villains; no Hitlers or Nazis. Yet there were dreadful acts carried out. One of our British heroes Duke of Marlborough, victor of such battles as Blenheim and Ramillies also conducted ‘The Rape of Bavaria’ a deliberate ravaging of that land to force the Franco-Bavarian alliance to battle- today it would be a war crime, which illustrates the theme that in war dreadful acts are carried out as simple policy. I therefore used this basis for my current project, no one grouping is actually evil and villainous, they are simply driven by the urge to see their plans fulfilled. I channel my incapacity to portray deliberate evil into highlighting a more pressing question, what are we prepared to do to achieve our ends? (Incidentally, there are some nasty folk in the project but these are more the opportunists and survivors at the bottom end of the ladder, the ones you can have a bit of grudging understanding for).

The other issue I have is being possessed of a tendency to a bizarre or downright juvenile imagining of historical events (when alone my audio book time is punctuated by mutterings of ‘urk’ when a king or noble dies; anything to do with Edward The Confessor is plagued by me whispering ‘I confess’ or ‘It wuz my fault’…and not helped by frequent reading of the classic British work ‘1066 and All That’)…..(This tendency dries up the closer events reach the present; distance the anaesthetic )

This quirk was let to run riot in previous work, and might have seemed tremendous fun at the time, but again in another bout of reflection might be wearing to readers who are thirsting for a plot to surface amongst all those disorderly goings on. But what to do with that streak?

From sundered personal experiences and reading of many witnesses’ accounts of war humour is a part of human reaction and behaviour; the release of tension, the way to process the horror of the situation. Under stress we make jokes which might appear inopportune, but only as our way of handling something threatening to overwhelm us.  I use this in the current project; most of the narrative is conducted from the point of view of the folk caught up in events; the principal movers and manipulators are shadowy figures with minimal input in terms of dialogue. The main characters therefore have a feeling of lack of control, and so that theme of humour as dealing with events comes in. Add to that The Clash of Personalities. What happens when personalities clash?…..Insults!!….And what do we encounter sometimes with insults….humour. Therefore I will weave humour into the story in all forms, of course keeping it under control will be important- nothing worth doing is ever easy; where’s the fun in that?

The suggestion is for you to exam the aspects which you feel are weaknesses and consider them in a broader scope. Think of them as facets of the way you write and develop your stories, consider ways in which they can be put to other uses. Just a couple of notions:

I create too many charactersSuggested way to look at that– Our experiences in life involve interactions with many people, are you picking up on that? If so maybe if you write them all down you can return and see which ones you prefer to use and have others as ‘extras’ on the ‘lot’

Truth Be Known I Can’t Do Plots Suggested way to look at that- Maybe your strength lies in dialogue and the observational. Perhaps you have strong empathetic side to your nature. I understand there are novels which are narratives alone that equally demonstrate Life. There are books of short stories dealing with encounters, incidents and their conclusions. Go with your writing inclinations and see where they lead you.

You are a writer; you are possessed of this gift and its drive. Of all the wonderful facets which accompany those twin jewels. I humbly suggest, sit yourself down with pen and paper and your brew of choice (no my love, I did not put more than three spoonfuls of sugar in my tea….ok I confess they were heaped spoonfuls) list your perceived weaknesses, then ponder on the nature of those, are they weaknesses, or are you simply trying to covert iron into currency and gold into swords?


What The Heck! Just Write it

Full steam 3


Fore wyrd(sic):  This post is an insight into the kind of writer who tends to the chaotic approach. The writer feels it only fair to state that he does not wish to encourage others to follow his example. After reading this you may wish to go in quite a different direction. As a result you may well be published. This post is therefore within the remit of the overall theme of the blog.

Salutary warning to self, don’t spend fifteen minutes trying to think of a snappy or profound title for a blog post; it leads to Googling and Wikipediaing about things which are currently not the point which is on the theme of forging ahead.

Ideas on situations, characters, circumstances, plots (Second warning to self… don’t forget that) and motivations come tumbling out at present. The current Fantasy Genre sort of encourages you to do that. In the hands of the talented it can be breath-taking. David Gemmel was the master of taking minor often seemingly hopeless characters and as the narrative progressed building them up to heroic proportions. To cite just two currently writers; Brandon Sanderson & Joe Ambercrombie create numbers of characters which if the books were films would have the credits rolling for an extra two minutes and they still manage to give even the least of them some colour.

Some of us are, however, in danger of creating an old fashioned telephone directory or Who’s Who in the world of Svzvundelphx (…Google says the search did not match any documents….) and end up with a glossary at the end of a book, which has been suggested to me by others indicates that you have literally lost the plot.

However when faced with an incident of taking fifteen minutes to think up a title for a post, then the best strategy, for me is to drive on ahead, put the whole lot down and afterwards go back. See what worked or didn’t, editor out, round off, in the meantime.

Time to review.

There is the custodian (think Inquisitor) who is grim and purposeful and a religious dogmatist. He wants everything to be proper, and no sinfulness, he lectures everyone he meets but kills only those who try to kill him. I tell you, he just he writes himself.

There is the rogue who is good with using the Ethereal, but as the narrative moves on is still pretty harmless, he’s going to have to shape up or die nobly and be replaced by a minor figure,  less heroic but more gifted exponent of The Ethereal who is currently being rescued, agonising a lot and warning of Doom

There are the firm but fair military intelligence service folk of the Empire who are fitting into their role of dependable warriors trying to keep stability. The problem there is they are in danger of being composed entirely of thoughtfully wise strategists, noble, daring and damaged veterans or ever-joking unflappable troopers. They’re going to have to be shaken up or I’ll be writing like a diluted Tom Clancy.

Then there is the group who think they can really make the best use of The Ethereal, and some foot soldiers who have misgivings. That’s fine’ sept that we’ve not really met the leaders of ‘the group’, just the foot soldiers who are all good sorts and that can’t be good for the narrative, after all we can’t have two lots of nice military guys going about the place. Where’s the tension?

Now we’ve recently met the Other Folk who don’t use The Ethereal, don’t subscribe to any known religion but a pretty useful at manufacturing the sort of missile weaponry you’d meet in the 18th Century. Their motivation is going to have to sharpen up. So we could have the ones who use The Ethereal vying with The Other Ones for influence at the Imperial Court by showing who has the best weapons. (Note: Have to work in some nobles into the narrative….not too many)

Working for the Other Folk are a bunch of unpleasant pirates who are rascals, but know who to get things done, particularly their commander on the ground. They present possibilities; so far they’ve been crossbow fodder in the last chapter. (No, there are no evil fanatics. I can’t stand evil fanatics. They are from cliché central and either grin a lot, kill peasants who can’t fight back, trap heroes with suspiciously consummate ease, or worse talk at great length, they have all the appeal of the guest at the social gathering who hogs the karaoke machine and does dreadful Elvis, Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart or Sinatra)

The last grouping are the real problem, it’s working out into a trio of young women thrown together by circumstances. One the innocent who gets caught up in it all, the second an unhinged type who’s not turning out as comic as she should’ve been and the third, a type of medic from the military security service. Male writers should be careful with their principal women characters; taller than average alpha types who seem to only be able to fight in skimpy swimwear are just plain silly- even if they are graphic comic icons; ones to have an answer for everything at any given time can be very annoying after a while (be honest); those who hang around waiting for the central male character to turn up so they can argue with and then fall in lurve with him are predictable and you are left feeling they would have wasted away from melancholy if he had not turned up; those whose cuteness, chirpy cheerfulness mixed with a rebellious streak grate such much that apparently they give the reader the urge to wish them dead by a rock fall- or so I was told by my one reader. So my three need a lot of work.

Thus spending too much time trying to nuance that this stage is going to slow everything down. Time to charge ahead and see how it goes. No dobut there will be a lot of pruning. Now what about that plot??? (The innocent girl accidentally come into contact with forbidden and danger knowledge and at the present most everyone else is after her, but at some stage they are all going to have to concentrate on what the one group are going to do with The Ethereal????)

Yes, this is certainly going to look very different when it comes to the editing, revision and suchwhich.

And thus …..Shouldn’t I be agonising and staying awake at night over the flow of the narrative, the development of the characters, the rationality of the plot?

Perhaps I should, but there again I wouldn’t be having fun.

For and To All You Writers

Light of Writing 1

Sometimes the words just come out raw and will not be tamed (For The Innocent-Wherever they are)

Today is an Aftermath, our neighbours across ‘The Channel’ are hurting; the usual shared right to light-hearted rudeness about each other’s cultures evaporates in the images of the slaughter of ordinary people going about their lives. And the memories come back of the other mass killings around this world of ours, at schools, on holidays, in markets, places of worship and a bloody myriad of unexpected locations. The bodies, the screams, the blood, the agony of the injured and the relatives and friends. Once again the sights of the combination of the organised and the frantic to save and comfort. Humanity at its best and worst.

So there I was, at 8pm (in the UK) quite pleased I’d notched up 2,900 words and a post. Tomorrow was going to be another productive day, and then the news came in, at first ominous and scant ripples, building over the hours into a torrent of horrid facts.

Sometimes distance is an anaesthetic; try as you might you still can’t stop the generalisations. ‘Oh dear, another bombing in Pakistan, such a shame (but it’s always been like that y’know, ever since Partition)’. ‘Oh no Syria, Iraq, such a mess (but what can I do?’) ‘Oh my God another school shooting in America (I don’t understand)…..And you carry on about your business. But this one was close, and pulls you up and brings all the pain and suffering from all those other incidents you hoped you had consigned away back home. So I just leave the arguments aside and mourn those who have and are still suffering, where and whenever.

And what is the worth of continuing to write my novel on this, another day of pain and suffering in The World. Am I justified in taking to my keyboard and letting lose my imagination? Should I not be taking up a cause? Should I be doing nothing but only mourning and reflecting. What can I do?

I can write.

It is what I do. Maybe not very well. Probably will never even get onto a bookshelf. My pride and ambitions are not the issue here. The time for making light of the matter is on hold. It is time to write; writing and placing the words out there, if it is only unto our electronic ethereal of the Internet.

If we do this with a good heart, be it to inform, entertain, inspire, or share in the community of writers. If we do not give way to the lure of Hate, Ignorance or Fear. If we let Compassion, Tolerance and Respect be our watchwords. If we write just for the sheer love of writing, bringing forth the words because we yearn for them to be free, because we feel a joy in writing, then in a small way do we honour those dead and maimed, for we are keeping alight the flame of creative art which all ordinary folk delight in. We express the Human’s spirt of creativity. WE work for the joy of it. WE stand, we do not cower, lurk, or snarl out of dungeon dark places of ignorance. We speak in the languages of Light and Conception.

Do not feel you must compare yourself to those who go out into the world to strive to make it better in physical ways in dangerous places. They have their calling and you have yours. Some will return and fired by passion and eloquence will take to writing themselves. But there will be others, fatigued and looking for rest and relaxation who will seek out the evidence of the world they started out from and will need your input, as will their loved ones who worry about them.

So carry on then with your wonderful posts, display your uplifting energies. Play your part in keeping the world alive, colourful and warm.  Write because you can. Write because you must. Write because, just because.

Light of Writing 2

(Ending with a special mention to the many inspirational posts on Facebook intent upon deflecting anger and hate away from those whose cultures are tarred and sullied by acts of ignorance and fear.)

To all of you best wishes and good luck in your undertakings.


Away with the distractions!!!

stop footling 1

Note: Although this might seem a slightly disturbing conversation the writer has been categorised as as sane as any writer would care to be and is allowed to drive, use kitchen implements without supervision and cut branches off of trees, in mild weather.


Yes, you, or should I say Captain Prevaricating Wanderer. From now on it’s going to be tighter, see. You’re going to have listen up, see. You gonna do it my way, see.

Why have you slipped into Edward G Robinson mode?….Oww those mental thwacks to the frontal lobe can really sting y’know!

Would you rather me do a Drill Sergeant out of Full Metal Jacket?

Heavens t’Betsy no! There are ladies on this site, and I may have my failings but I will uphold to good old fashioned British standards of decency don’t-cha know. I will therefore listen. See how I metaphorical sat upon the floor legs crossed and folded arms resting lightly on my knees

Thank you.

Now the last two days have showed promise. 11th November we clocked up 2,088 words and yesterday 12th November  we reached 2,845. Now we know we’ll have to go back for proof-reading, editing, continuity and deleting the inevitable ‘What The Earth Was I Thinking About When I Wrote That Bit?’ parts. But never mind the story has to be completed, so we know what has to go, etc, etc. I’m sure many sculptors don’t worry about the finer details they commence a work of art, only as they near completion

We don’t know any sculptors

Don’t interrupt I am being allegorical

You don’t look a bit like her….Owwww!       

As I was saying, bear in mind that we are full retired from paid employment and we have a full day to use, let us have you with no more frittering. You must take adhere to the following:

Firstly: When listing to the music on the Playlist There shall be no drifting off into daydreams as to how you might have performed it in days of yore. Nor shall you sneak any more looks at Live performances on YouTube, or Wikipedia for artist biographies. This is writing time being using up

Secondly: There will be no more casual visits to Amazon (.co or .com) to see if there are any bargains on graphic novels, nor will there be re-arranging on the ten Wish list we have. You will not gaze longingly at any of the said novels and suggest that buying just one more will stimulate the creative process; there are more than enough on the five shelves. Transfer gazing time to reading time, but do not let gazing impinge on writing time.

Thirdly: There will have to a moratorium on the hobbies. You always start them, then lose interest after a while and since you have five half-finished projects, you shall take on no more and you will be methodical about those started and not wander into them. You will attend to and finish said projects in a proper way (1 hour a day will be allotted).But the writing takes precedence.

Fourthly: Whereas writing polemics in the name of just causes on sundered forums maybe very cathartic and comfortable  with an identity as a mid-60s retired male this should now be restricted to one passionate diatribe per day and take up no longer than 30mins. You will not scroll the forum to seek on glowing comments of approval for that is vanity. It will make you slip back into your mis-understood as a writer mode (Oooh I never do these days….Ha! Sure you don’t!).

Fifthly: Your time as an Amazon reviewer hath passed, it was fun while it lasted but demographics have spoken, Amazon is no more all about books and books alone and stop buying them so you can post up a review (and please stop getting ‘stuff’ off Amazon Vine just ‘cas it’s there) Accept that you will settled around about the 1,000th and while we’re about it stop tormenting those poor sad trolls who have naught to do with their lives but post artificial ‘negs’, you are above all of that. You have had your day. Just post the occasional review on a book you feel motivated about.

You’ve stopped….Is there a Sixthly.?

I’m working on it.

Oh frib!

Now that’s better. You using created words out of the story, keep think……

Ah-ha: Sixthly….No daydreaming about things when you could be using the time to think on the narrative.

Have you finished now? Can I ask a question?

Of course, as long as it is not flippant.

What about time spent on WordPress?

(aside: Oh for the Love of Brandon Sanderson!)….Look! Have you noticed that the posts on the said site are about…wri-t-ing?


Then learn!!

Can I go back to writing now….I feel a frib lot safer doing that…..

Now you’re getting it!!          

Reload and re-cycle

Recycle 1

Edison is reported to have said something along the lines of “I’ve not failed I’ve just found 10,000 ways which don’t work”. Well that’s good enough for me!

So starting out afresh on this new Fantasy project.

Firstly….I am very much in awe of writers of the real world, they paint the most elaborate and vivid pictures with Reality and often with only a relatively sparse number of characters. Just how do they do that? Melding a story within the constraints of Normality? I’ve read and enjoyed such work; the production escapes my undisciplined outlook. So back to Fantasy where I belong. And before progressing, it must be stressed this judgement relates to me and me alone, no comments on other Fantasy writers who for all I know may well be producing works in all sorts of genres under all sorts of names.

At the risk of stating the obvious Fantasy often requires creating a world with its own laws and natures. Once that is sorted there’s the next step of possibly putting in place a social and political structure to explain why all is happening. Then if the work is going to be a novel length and possibly extend into more one volume there might be a number of central and minor characters to bring the world to life……Can be quite a task.

I’m not bothered about that because of my re-cycling a large amount of unsuccessful work. Now at first glance this might seem to be a bit of a folly, on the understandable argument that ‘If it didn’t work last time what sort of ‘furshlugginer’ idea is it to use again?’ Well, imagine breaking up a derelict house, scrunching it down to bricks, stone and chunks of cement, now the result would seem to be quite a useful lot of foundation material….yeh? Shovel it all into a great big hole (or ‘ole if you hold to some styles of UK pronunciation), and away you go re-building.

The original works were set in our future in the aftermath of some undefined catastrophe. The location was in a broadly 16th Century European setting, the possible cause of the calamity was through the unwise use of a force of Nature known as The Ethereal. This still permeated the world and although officially repressed was in common furtive use either by those who held a natural affinity or by ‘mechanical’ means. The basic plot involved three folk who unintentionally became involved with a struggle against a number of other contenders set upon political domination, visceral destruction of oppositions, or control of The Ethereal either as a weapon or means of progress. This was set against the backdrop of various responsible parties trying to keep a comically ramshackled empire in one piece on the basis that it was the least worse option at the time. The whole narrative was told in a broadly comic, knock-about, slightly bawdy, screwball fashion with a couple of romances, a few serious interludes and a lot of commentaries on history and the current political situation thrown in. It was fun to create, edit, proof-read and get out there through Lulu. But working in a bubble and with no foresight as to how this was going to impact with the public does not make a sound programme for success; ‘Full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes’ does not always work.

With the emphasis is on serious, more show not tell and just some comic undertones the new endeavour the narrative takes place in a further future. The basis being that for as yet unclarified reasons, attempts at keeping everything under control had failed and there had been a near disaster. The empire was still intact but study or use of The Ethereal was now much tighter. The central characters have been consigned to legends (and the name is being changed- various factions have their own pet names).. The current plot is that some are trying to make genuine progress with The Ethereal for the good of the world; others meanwhile suspect they are going about it the wrong way and are anxious to find out the Hows, Whys, Wheres and Whens of this effort and there are others who just wish to put a very definite and violent stop to the whole thing. As in typical in the normal world there are no sharply defined lines of who is right or wrong; there are those on all sides out for their own personal aggrandisement while some at the sharp end will begin to have doubts about the leadership at the top and odd alliances will be formed. Most of the characters are the front-line workers or foot soldiers of the different factions, except of course the traditional innocent swept up in events. The larger power politics will have to be brought in at some stage.

The economy of this approach is to transform the events and results which I experienced in the writing of the previous works into the narrative and converting a lack of success into a ‘disaster’ in the world. The errors in my approach become themes in the back story. The books themselves will feature as obscure tomes considered either legendary themselves or sets of near incomprehensible ramblings by various folk. My familiarity with the world allows me to concentrate on working on a better style of narrative. Thus I take rubble and shovel it into a foundation (and figuratively make sure it is bedded down firmly)

Currently I am working through a first draft to see how this pans out, having settled down to the business in all seriousness two weeks ago; total words so far 30,000+. It seems attractive to set a target of 100,000 approx. with plans for future volumes. At some stage of course it will be necessary stop to back-track for continuity, tightening and (sigh I hate this bit) editing out some parts, but so far, pleased to report…’s fun!!…Onwards

(Current playlist for music to write by extends 150 tracks at 9.7 hours- recently incorporated the stunning evocative and invigorating album ‘Sexwitch’ (UK- Bat for Lashes in combination with Toys)- I wonder if I can sit down and write for the whole length of the Playlist- wow that would be something!!)

Beware the corrosion of Jealousy & and Envy: Some antidotes.


In the earlier posts when, to be honest I was fooling around a bit, this subjected was treated fatuously; probably another reversion back to my juvenile streak (You mean men actually have another state? I hear some ladies say). Actually when viewing this in a more sober light The Green Mist can be a real problem.

In the spirit of my blog the theme is to do with warnings to or sympathies with writers starting off; it is unlikely there is anything new in the following paragraphs to experienced writers.

As we all know writers are initially unsuccessful and it is a long hard road with much work needed. The danger for the unwary is this can lead to discouragement and in some cases, worse, bitterness, which arguably has a relationship to jealousy and envy. In turn this can lead to down a path of not being objective, but instead just thinking up spurious notions along the lines that someone who gets published must have been lucky, or is writing what sells, or is in the right clique, anything in fact to avoid looking objectively.

Being in the mentality that it is not hard work and perseverance which gets something published can lead to a type of self-imposed exile. No one understands your style and you should not pollute this unique approach by reading anyone else’s stuff, which you conclude is all the same, tired formulaic dross. (You tell yourself)

At this stage someone come should along and empty a large bucket of metaphorical or literal cold water over the said exile’s head and shake them out of this mind-set. Corrosive envy does not a constructive medium provide.

Hopefully it will sink in that the time has arrived to accept that invite to visit The Realities who are nice folk and don’t empty any type of water over your head but will chat over allegorical coffee and biscuits.

Human nature being what it is, you  will have to confront this sort of thing…

“But it’s still not fair! I worked away for lots of years at my project and I have nothing to show for it. Woe And lackaday!! What was the point of it all? I could have done something else with my time”….you say (or to be honest I said, several times, and it not such polite terms)

“But I did treat the finished work as a first draft. I did follow the advice of more experienced writers by re-writing and so forth. I even endeavoured to make myself known in Social Media! Yet here I sit unknown, forlorn and less than the dusts beneath the allegorical wheels of the chariots of the more talented, or (snarl) fortunate!” (now quit that snarl- remember that which I wrote earlier….I heard that!)

Look at it this way….

It is a fact that the chances of public recognition are slim even if you do work your proverbial socks off (do people work socks (of a proverbial nature) off in the USA? Truth be known I’m not sure these days if socks are cast off in sheer effort in the UK, but I digress). However at the end of the day, that is not the point.

I’ve told folk I’ve written books and they look impressed (in a small way)- I’ve quickly added I’ve written more than I’ve sold, it doesn’t seem to matter, there are often words of encouragement, and that is nice.

Consider this. There may be many writers but they in turn are a small proportion of the population Remember this you made the effort. You created something from your own imagination, you crafted it. You put the time in to put the whole into a written format. You may have self-published in paper, you may have e-booked it, you may have put the whole work in a blog. But you did it! By your own efforts and determination you made it so far. Celebrate that!

And also bear in mind that nothing is ever over, just keep on keeping on. By all means learn from others. Try something new. Just don’t give up. If you are writing it is because the urge is there in your blood, the elements which make this so should never be stilled. Let them carry you along. I would like to think (but not just yet) dropping dead over my keyboard would be a fine way to go out.

Final words:

These are actually extracts from an earlier blog on 20th July, which are worth repeating:

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” George Bernard Shaw. (Be fair that’s just the sort for thing you need to now, after all what could be more noble than carrying on in the face of  current failure and having it endorsed by such as Shaw)

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Edisdon (Now that is just the one you need as the rejections pile up.)

The RaggedTrousered Philanthropists- by Robert Tressell was published in 1914, he died in 1911- lesson – you never know when your work will strike a chord

Keep on writing; it’s the only way forward. There is no backwards. Ride your own wave. You are a writer- end of conversation.