Buying Reviews: The Shortcut That Isn’t

Allison Maruska

You know, I’ve rambled quite a bit on this blog lately, so maybe it’s a good time to step aside and let someoneelse have a turn.

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Dan Alatorre, and it’s a little different. It came from another blog that I reblogged, and now Dan talks about it on my blog. Blogception. Or something.

Anyway, enjoy Dan’s post, and I’ll see you at the bottom.


Dan's picI recently read that Amazon is suing a bunch of Fiverr companies that sold fake reviews. There have been a few blog posts about it, too, like this one by Fran Guenette.

I can totally see somebody trying to short cut the process of hard work by using review swaps and other things to get them where they want to go. While I don’t know how I’d go about buying reviews, I’m sure everything’s for sale on Fiverr…

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