Starting Out…. Yet again….Journeys, Triumphs and Mishaps

So, here we go a variation of a theme…No that doesn’t read right….Just give me a moment…..

If anyone has read the older blogs, as stated in the previous blog… a change of direction….(I suppose that’s one way of putting it, reads like a bit like I’m re-launching a public company, but it will have to suffice for the present)

My fantasy world…..Pardon?…..No! Not that sort of fantasy world! I meant the one I created for my novels! It seemed to be quite a solid platform to work with, leastways some folk have said. Thus shame to let it go to waste, time to see if it works in a serious novel.

This will be about the sort of challenges a writer of little or no success gets into when they face up to the fact that a new road needs to be taken. You’ll read something about the book I’m working on, but hopefully I will be able to concentrate more on those problems such as character development, structure of the narrative, continuity, spilling….err…spelling (c’mon work with me Spell Checker!) and other facets I’ve not yet thought of but are bound to surface.

Just to clarify this work is a Fantasy Novel but if you don’t care for the genre stick with the blog because, to confirm it will be about writing and being a writer.

Being singularly unsuccessful can sometimes be an advantage; after all if you are in the same position, then it’s nice to know you are not alone, isn’t it? One other quirk of an advantage here is that if  as you are reading you begin to think ‘That doesn’t make sense’, then that’s fine, someone else’s mistakes are better than your own. If you experience that sensation then feel free to take a look at someone else’s more successful blog, make comparisons and take note (literally- memory can be fickle)

Ok, good place to end this post.

Best wishes to all. Keep on keeping on.


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