Chill Winds Refresh

Ok, so starting a blog was another attempt to push my trilogy of Fantasy Books into the public domain.

The idea being to produce these surrealistic part imagined, part fact-based fictional events which readers would find either compellingly odd, strangely funny, or knowingly filled with the truths all to well-known to writers and thus raise my profile and thus make my work known to all

Errrr….didn’t seem to work, well judging by WordPress stats page anyway and no comments. Well with thousands of new blogs turning up, guess that was a risk. And then there was the reading of established blogs; first response being….eeeeek! How do you compete with that?

Then there was the plucking up of courage and showing the books to the harsh light of professional review, and whoops…..Lots of potential but also lots of work to do too…..In fact start from scratch time. (Then there was a UK wide book chain not being able to allow me to sell my books at their store, and getting the short stories based on my books rejected so fast they had cyber friction burns)

So hacking away at this project for something like 15 years and should I give up because of a little thing such as no progress?

Hell no!

There is something which can be quite exhilarating about failing to meet your wishes. In the first case giving it a try and not succeeding is better than not trying at all. Next it’s a question of picking up on the positive; I have been told I have a good imagination; now if you are writing fiction what could be better? (Probably works for those who write non-fiction books of the predictive sort too) The foundation (no, not that Foundation!!) of the world was ok too; that’s nice to know, took me 15 years to get it right (there’s a religious analogy there somewhere, but this an’t place to start on that road!).

Also there’s the age issue, approaching 65 and all. Well, we have to face up to the idea that I am not half-way through my life and time is sort of limited. THUS GET WORKING MAN!! TIME’S A’GOING!!!

So it’s time to let go of the weird blogs and let the dear three volumes sit there with their ISBN numbers in glorious but unknown immortality and on with the serious side of the same project.

And this time read other fantasy writers, not to copy but to learn. But I hate to learn from others because I have my own style and what do they know about that, and…..(pause for breath and medication……)

Oh yes, of course, they are published. (Note to myself- stop ranting an’ get writing.)

If anyone reads this one…..Keep on keeping on….

PS: I quite like Brandon Sanderson’s work.


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