So Who Cares? No One Is Reading. The Freedom of Obscurity

Let’s Look On The Positive Side of Obscurity

Now let us be honest. Right. So let me be honest. No one is reading this blog; in the present that is, it is therefore a blog for the future. This gives me a great deal of freedom, as I do not have to worry about self-censorship or backlashes from any groups that were offended by something they read on the blog and are now cyber-heckling me. Nor do I need to worry about any legal action from any commercial concern; if folk who read blogs for entertainment are not going to read it, then why should I worry about commercial concerns with far more important things to do, such as making a profit or failing that a loss which they can shift onto some hapless soul who is not too swift on economics. Or cause even more pressure by expecting to be entertained, informed or enlightened by every blog.

So free of such constraints I am going to take my UK stand against commercial companies who send out junk mail in brown envelopes. For those who live elsewhere, it has been a decades old tradition that correspondence from central or local government should always be sent in brown envelopes. So if a UK citizen sees a brown envelope lying upon the doormat, then they have to prepare themselves for a dose of Officialdom.

But now in a sneaky attempt to get us to read things we don’t care to commercial outfits are sending their tawdry items in brown envelopes in the hope that we will unsuspectingly open them and be caught by snare of their words.

Well let me tell you Sneaky Company as far as I am concerned you take your product and imitate the actions of a suppository with it! How dare you try and use the noble brown envelope for such shabby business. If I had wanted your products I would have sought them out on the net! –


(Y’see any popular blogger would have to spend such a long time worrying about how to present that. Not me. Because no one is reading my blogs. Ha-ah! I am free to say just what I like and it is persevered for….errrr…well it is preserved!)

You see there are benefits to being totally unknown!


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