Things to Do While Waiting for Success (2- Perspective and the Future)

Ok, so nothing is happening to your work, and no one seems to care. There you are with your BLOG and your FACEBOOK account AND your TWITTER (thing?), with a #; but the only person who visits is yourself when you check just what you wrote last night (or three weeks ago, if you had been in a SFW mood).

It is therefore time to consider your work in the context of Human History, after all there will always be someone trying to find out just what ‘we’ were getting up to, during the ‘Past’ (or ‘Present’). Now since the vast amount of written work on paper will be lost, torn, burnt or shredded, any future historian will be so excited when they find a few bits of paper, from ‘long ago’, the more obscure the better. For an obscure person of today is the ‘Common Person’ of tomorrow and the voice of the ordinary person; just the sort the historians like to find.

Now it is very important that if you should wish to take part in this sure-fire way of gaining immortality, it is important to get a print-out of everything you have on the cyber world, because it is possible that (a) Civilisation will crash and how to make the stupid things from the 20th/21st centuries to work properly has been lost OR (b). Civilisation will not crash, but the computer technology will be so advanced that it will not be able to read such primitive stuff and in true programme fashion refuses to co-operate in any attempt to do so OR (c) A.I will flourish and the A.I community will calculate that no one in The Modern Era will be interested in the sort of stuff recorded in the 20th/21st centuries and wipe it clear to make room for the more important modern stuff.

So with this in mind get a good strong container, carefully wrap all your work within several air tight layers and seal it, then having filled a box (Oh come on you must be able to fill a box with your work; as an unsuccessful writer you should have a goodly collection of papers); prepare to fill another one. Thus will all your work be preserved!

Now at this stage before you get too carried away, you will need to plan where you will have your work stored, when you are part of history. Also you should ensure you have started to keep a diary as this will be essential for an Historian when studying the Common Person.

I tell you, it’s a certain way to gain immortality!


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