Would be Writers. Learn by others follies and mishaps

So this blogging thing? Are there rules and conventions? Or do you make it up as you go along? At this stage should I be including pictures of puppies, kitten or bear cubs doing cute things, or is that best of specific sites; there again I don’t think I know how to upload such pictures, well not with any degree of confidence. But does that matter, because as there are specific sites dedicated to such events, therefore mayhap I should writing about things that I know best.

Which is…..

How not to be a successful writer. In point of fact how not to be a writer with any sort of profile what so ever. I mean be fayre to you the reader, until now had you even had any idea there were a trilogy of books within the series of The Nearly Not Quite Paladins. ? Of course you haven’t. Why should you? I mean you enter the word ‘Paladin’ and there about 29,100,00 hits likely to come up on a search engine, but they are probably mostly to do with RPG (computer and board) sites and who’d think to enter The Nearly Not Quite Paladins  ? unless we are into the realms of random entries and aspects of synchronicity.

So there is a lesson good reader. Make sure folk know about you and your work.

I will not progress any further on lessons as yet but will return to the initial reason as to why I have created this blog. It is to make the would-be writer feel better about themselves.

Yes there are goodly books which offer fine and worthy advice to the writer starting off. They are written by folk who are successful writers, or folk who are good at sounding as if they are successful writers. But does this really help the fragile individual who emerging from the cocoon of indecision now sits there trembling with still damp and untested wings of ambition? Do they really wish to be blasted by the winds of triumph and whisked off into confusing storms of How What Where and When? Being told that one should toil and sweat with a purpose that puts everything else to one side? That one should not visit that elderly relative anymore when one should be writing? And why are you sitting here reading this when you should be writing! And take over a room in the house! What you live in a one room place? Then hurl out your neighbour! Art must not be stifled!! And by the way don’t expect to have best sellers or books made into films, you must settle for far lesser rewards. ‘Tis a hard world of writing! Expect misery and disappointment!

Would that not make the new writer unsettled and fearful and think that maybe they are not quite up to the task yet and perhaps it would be best if they put it off for another year. And anyway does not that book filled with such sage and weighty advice seem a bit too expensive when success might not be certain?

No, far better for the would-be writer to read of the rather tragically comic soul who by various dream-like schemes and hastily patched together notions made so little progress as to make many of today’s governments seem to be thrusting dynamic houses of progress and rationality. Would you not rather learn by some other person’s mistakes? Would you not feel better by thinking ‘Oh dear (chuckle). What a silly thing to do. If I can see that was just plain stupid. Then maybe there is hope for me in my modest ambitions’

So this is the path we will be taking. I will be telling you all about my own efforts and of those of my acquaintances, and hopefully we will make your journey a less fraught and upsetting one, leading to one or two volumes of your own being knowing by more than just yourself and a few sympathetic relatives or friends.

I shall leave now to learn about SEOs, URLs and stuff like that

Up-date…….. And in the spirit of this blog, in this month of September I have finally found Tags & Categories!! This could be the big-breakthrough….which might spoil the nature of the blog…..Ah me…beset by choices


85 thoughts on “Would be Writers. Learn by others follies and mishaps

  1. In the world of blogosphere a lot of time’s last is more
    Yet it does take time to know what works and what doesn’t
    One of my rules is if you don’t have anything nice to say
    Hit the like button and move on
    Thank you for your like
    As always Sheldon

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      1. Thanks for sharing, Roger. Mine was also a faint dream of fortune at first … but you can’t quell the love of writing once you start. I’m sure my friends think I must be earning loads…which is simply not the case. And now my daughter has turned around and said to me, ‘I’ve started writing a book, Mum!’ I LOVE it!!! x

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  2. I believe in play. Why do we write? Why did we start? For passion and joy, usually. As for the rest of life – writing and life are intertwined with one another beyond all separating. It’s all connected. Living the life we’re living, and writing about it – that’s my path.

    Looking forward to seeing more of yours as you spread those wings. =)

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    1. I agree with you all the way.
      Once it was a faint dream of fortune (hah!); that never worked out. Now I write for the fun of it.
      The blog started out as something of a wacky interlude, but on reading other blogs morphed a bit into something I hope is a bit more constructive.
      Being on WordPress is very inspiring, fascinating and enjoyable; reading so many people’s creativity set free to soar.
      Thanks for your encouragement.
      Best wishes

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  3. Oh dear. I think many of us are in the same boat. I’m NOT going to carry a trunkful of books around and try to sell them to everyone I can. Nor will I approach the internet in the same spirit.

    But it can be disheartening–that’s for sure. I’ve even considered making all my books free, in an effort to find a wider audience for my tales. I’m not sure anyone has the answers. Or perhaps their answers were only specific to a time and place. All we can do is keep plugging along.

    I wish you nothing but joy on your journey. Have faith in your work. You cared enough to create it. 🙂

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  4. Well. I got a chuckle out of this. It sounds so familiar. I think I started out with the advantage of being completely clueless and, therefore, missed all the new writer angst and advice. The other advantage of cluelessness is that all the good stuff happens as a complete surprise, and without reference points, it’s all good. Have a great day. Happy Writing. 🙂

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  5. Re humble ambitions. I’d settle for a good contract with Baen books or Tor 🙂 and a few of my stories made into sci fi TV shows for Netflix of Amazon… I’m humble that way. Others can have the Pulitzer, you are welcome, I’ll step aside 🙂 haha

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    1. One should always have modest ambitions, to start with…..And these Pulitzers…well they’re ok in their way, but it’s not a like a publishing or screen writing contract is it? (lol)
      Anyhow; seriously- best wishes with your ventures.
      Nice to be chatting with you

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  6. Ah, great chuckle. When we lived on the homestead, yes they had those way back then, we were very familiar with pullet surprise. It may not have brought fame and fortune, but it fed us all kids. In retrospect, I wonder if it was all those pullet surprises that got me thinking I could string words together and make believe I was writing, just like my heroes whose books I devoured under the desk-top while teacher droned on about mice and men, or was it fractions? The problem these days isn’t the writing of books – there’s plenty of those and more – it’s finding the time to read them. I’ve got about a thousand downloaded from Project Gutenberg waiting to be read, and having an Overdrive (e-books) public library account has put PG in the back burner. I’ve probably read about ten books in the last month, half of those were actually edible. A few kept me reading ’til two and three in the morning. Now that’s writing. Good luck with yours, Roger.

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  7. Hope you are feeling less woebegone and more hopeful. I am now that I’ve been blogging for 1 1/2 years. What a chore I thought at first.I Who needs social media? I’m on the way to self-publishing a book, a task that sadly, leaves me no time to read books anymore. But now blogging is fun. Mine are short, generally with a graphic–i.e. a cat? I just google “cat, Wikimedia Commons” add it to the blog. Prosaic but I’m no photographer and I want to get back to reading. thanks for the like.

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    1. All the best with your book!
      I do enjoy being part of the WordPress Community, there are so many interesting, encouraging and entertaining posts to read; yep blogging hereabouts is fun!
      NIce to hear from you.
      Best wishes


  8. Thanks for helping put things in a light perspective.

    My own book (books) are not written yet – a collection of my poetry is what I wish for first, and the family needs are indeed important, yet nearly mostly accomplished, under graduate school now done too and I see how much work is to be done to improve, improve, raise that bar a bit higher for myself every day.

    Thanks for following my brand new blog. Blessings.

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    1. Glad to help.
      I love writing, but am very chaotic and a bit of a hopeless case in that respect…So I throw a bit of fun into the mix, and if it lightens the day for others , fine by me.
      The only thing I am serious about is trying to encourage others. From my recent time on WordPress, it’s been amazing to see all the talent and potential out there, again if I can help with that…fine by me.
      Al the very best for your future.
      Keep on keeping on.

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      1. Thanks, I am chaotic too, always taking on too many things, playing catch up when others have been pacing themselves and caught up with technology long ago.

        I do love how Nietzsche says it takes a little chaos to create a miracle. Or is it a star?

        Just stopped with gluten and coffee and anxiety meds, the fog is lifting after several years.

        So you have been here for a year and a half?

        I do appreciate the encouragement greatly.

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      2. I started out about a year ago. Originally just goofing around blending humour with underlying wryness (well sort of).
        Then the more blogs I read the more responsible the posts became. It’s difficult for me to keep serious for any length of time (unless we get in ‘raw nerve’ territory), so the words go out and if the encourage or entertain folk, fine by me.
        In seriousness I like to encourage, because there is so much talent out in the ‘WordPresssphere’. I might not make it, but will do my best to help others.
        Keep on keeping is my maxim.
        Best wishes

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  9. If you ever find out the secrets of SEOs and URLs, please let me know. The main techniques I’ve been using over the past year in any effort to increase my readership are a) crossing my fingers and b) praying to any eavesdropping deities who happen to be hovering in the vicinity of my blog.

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  10. Another entertaining article, this blog is fast becoming one of my favourites. My top tip I have only discovered recently is use # as well as normal tags. So if your tag is writing advice also include #writingadvice in your tags. It has got me more hits.

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      1. Step 4 all your followers abandon you and start following my blog

        Step 5 become despondent and start on a downward spiral the results in you ending your days in a drug squat selling your body for your next fix.

        And you thought I was being nice!

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  11. No rules, and there is always more to learn. I can say that you’ve got most everything up and running correctly (especially the most important bit of being able to find your blog after you’ve commented on mine… you wouldn’t believe how many bloggers don’t have their Gravatar fully set up, so I can’t find their site!

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    1. Thanks Alex
      Up until the last few weeks anything I have done right was done by accident! (Blogging by the seat of your pants-that’s me).
      I am now trying (emphasis on ‘trying’) to be more responsible and reader friendly….
      And discovering all sorts of cool things.
      Best wishes
      (whispered ps: I didn’t even know I’d set up a Gravatar….much less correctly….welcome to my world)

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    1. Thanks.
      The blog has developed in ways I hadn’t planned on; but that’s not an unusual experience foe me.
      Whatever improvements made are down to all the fascinating posts from other bloggers, sage advice and kind responses.
      One thing I have truly learnt; never try and write in a ‘bubble’.


  12. Yours is the first blog I’ve read admitting to ignorance and frustration trying to learn the ins and outs of blogging. How that raises my spirit! I first studied a five pound tome from the library re WP which served to confuse me more. Now I have purchased WP for Dummies and managed to understand 1/100th of it. I had blogged for a while before I learned to activate the “follow” and “comment” functions and my dashboard usually hides from me. Imagine driving a car without a dashboard! I’m now about five months in, still a toddler, I guess.
    I was equally ignorant of current publishing; I still have no “brand” or “platform” and may never have them. Like you, I chose wonderful titles. I know that because dozens of others have chosen the same titles! And I rushed into publishing (after writing for about a hundred years) just because I learned I could do it myself. I have a novella on Kindle and a memoir on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com. Now I’m waging a losing battle with Amazon about removing or not publishing reviews I know have been submitted.
    Thanks for your advice to be kind and keep on writing.

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    1. Hello there.
      I’m glad that my words have brought encouragement! Any mistake which could be made…I’ve managed to make them. But in the end having listened to my wife’s advice entered into the WP community. When it comes to following guides or interacting with computer sites, I really should not let out unless in the company of a competent person…odd things happen; when I follow the ‘Howdy…how can we help you’ I find myself in a chat with someone who assumes I know something about the system.
      The best part though, is that other contributors offer advice, support and share their own experiences. Unlike the snapping, snarling, nastiness that abounds social media sites there is a great deal of friendship and neighborliness. For me these are the most important aspects. True some of the more adept folk lose me with ‘brands’, ‘platforms’ ‘marketing’ and so forth, but I do know that if I were to ask they would help me through. In the meantime, it’s a question of blundering along and having fun with the two projects in the pipeline.
      I sympathize with anyone who has work ‘out there’. Amazon can be very quirky at times with reviews, and the oddities of the search engine doesn’t help either…type in my pen name and the first authors to appear are those of very academic works or erotica and my three woeful novels end up somewhere down the list.
      You have my best wishes for your present and future efforts.
      The only true advice I feel competent to hand out. (A). Keep on keeping on (B). Don’t worry about the stats or the targets but enjoy your writing.
      All the very best and thanks for your kind comments.

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  13. I like a nice humorous blog and you carry it off really well Roger. There are times I wish there was an Unsuccessful Writers Club but I know Id never fight my way to the bar. Actually I stopped writing four years ago and haven’t managed to start again. Probably just as well as the editor I used who formatted my books and put them on Lulu and Createspace isn’t available and I could never get my head round doing it.Defeated me every time.

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    1. Hi David.
      Firstly, thank you for your kind words.
      Oh I know those feelings all too well. For years I was fixated with the idea that this was how I could make extra money for our family….of course it failed; mind you that was way back before the computer and media age really took off.
      The discouragement factor can weigh in quite heavily when there seems to be little in the way of rewards for all that effort. Particularly in a world that seems to sometimes shower plenty on shallow effort.
      I as per one type of script went very bitter about the whole business and used to go about taking instant dislike to books by ‘well known’ people and anyone I felt a suitable target for my spleen.
      Then I found that a bit pointless. So I thought ‘What the Heck!. I don’t care. I’m going to write, just because…..’ And been on that road since about 2004 and set the quirky side of my humour to go overload. F’ instance it is a proud boast of mine that I have written a Three Book Fantasy trilogy and sold 1 book.
      It is likely my work will never get anywhere much. That is not the point. As with yours, the work is out there and now belongs to History, you never know who, where, when or when it will be picked up; a kind of immortality if you like.
      WP is a good format for us all to work and experiment. There is the space if write short stories, diaries and if the feedback is good, possibly putting them out on one format or another, or having someone help you.
      You never know when the ‘Writer’ will return.
      All the very best to you.

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      1. Thanks for that. Sometime I have to write a sequel to the first two Barsetshire Diaries Books and finish the story of ‘Orrible Edna the wannabe Mayoress’ and I’d started a second book in the Queen’s Envoy set but ran out of ideas when my wife died.I think my humour ran away from home. I sold a couple of hundred books all told and got some good reviews but I’m not hungry enough to chase agents, I want them to chase me.

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